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When it is time for the carpets to be cleaned most people will move smaller pieces of furniture and roll up the rugs. They normally want to have as much carpet cleaned as possible. This is a great idea so that if there are any stains that are being hidden under a rug or a piece of furniture, they also get cleaned up. What many people don’t realize is that the rugs you have around your home need to be professionally cleaned as well!

Carpet Care 2000 has some of the reasons that you do not want to dismiss rug cleaning.

Clean Rugs: The most important thing that rug cleaning can do for your rug is getting it clean. Your rug is actually getting all the dirt that would have fallen on the carpeting under it. If you roll up the rug and clean only the carpet, you are missing a huge part of your floor cleaning. When you unroll the rug and replace it in its spot you are opening a pile of dirt. When you start to walk across the rug and onto the newly cleaned carpet you are transferring the dirt from the rug back onto the carpet. If you want to keep your carpets cleaned longer, then you need to add rug cleaning to your next professional service visit.
Potential Rug Damage: Many people believe that rug cleaning can be done at home with no trouble. The problem is that most rugs are patterned with intricate or even simple designs. If you are cleaning it too rough you could be causing the rugs fibers to fray. This will make the rug seem less crisp in the color and they will start to blend together. Also cleaning a rug can cause damage to the rug if it is not done correctly. The cleaners that are used need to be sensitive to that particular type of rug. The other area that can receive damage is around the edging. The edge or fringe can be damaged if you are not careful and can start to unravel and come apart. This will then have you getting the rug repaired which will cost more money if it can be fixed at all.
Longer Lasting Rugs: Just like the carpets, your rugs will last longer when they are cleaned regularly. The fibers can be damaged as long as the edging if it is cleaned wrong. If you hire a professional to clean the rugs they tend to last longer which in turn will save you money.

For Professional Rug Cleaning, Contact Carpet Care 2000 in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House & Danville California!

When you have decided that it is time to replace your old carpet with new, you may be thinking that this is a job you could do on your own to save you a little extra cash. Installing carpet may seem like an easy task to take on, and if you know what you are doing, you may be able to render the results you desire. However, installing carpet is definitely not as easy as you would think. Most homeowners picture simply laying a new sheet of carpet down on the floor and maybe a few extra steps after that. Unfortunately it is not that simple and if not done properly, will leave a great deal of lumps, bumps, creases and uneven areas throughout the carpet in your home.

Learn how to Remove Old Carpet

Not only are there very specific steps to take when it comes to professional level carpet installation, but it can be extremely taxing on your knees, back and other areas of your body if you are not up for the job. One of the first steps to take when installing new carpet is to first get rid of your existing carpet. You must first remove the moldings around your floor and take of the door from the entrance. You will need a place to store your base boards and doors until after you have installed your new carpet. The garage is usually a good place to store them.

Thoroughly Vacuum Carpet to Remove Dust, Dirt & Allergens

Before you being pulling up your old carpet, be sure to give it a very thorough vacuuming, you do not want to be breathing in the dust that has settled into your old carpet when you are pulling it up.

Cut Old Carpet into Strips, Roll & Remove

Use a utility knife to cut the carpet into strips, measuring about three to four feet wide. After you have cut the strips, you must roll them up tightly and bind them so they are easy to carry and take out of the home.

Remove Old Carpet Underlayment or Padding

Some home owners think that the underlay of the carpet (or carpet padding) is fine and does not need to be replaced, however, it is most likely worn out just as much as your old carpet and should be replaced with new underlay or padding before you install your new carpet. Cut the underlayment or padding into strips like you did with the carpet. On a concrete floor, the pad is glued in place, so large areas of underlayment or padding will remain stuck to the floor. Removing these remaining pieces is going to require a large floor scraper and a lot of elbow grease!

Remove old Carpet Staples & Tack Strips

If you have a wood subfloor, you are also going to need to remove all of the staples; a tedious and time consuming job. Next, those old tack strips have to go. Loosen the tack strips around the room’s perimeter by tapping a mini crowbar under the strips with a hammer until they are knocked loose from the subfloor. Use a crowbar to pry the tack strips and loosen them before throwing them away. Finally, use a shop vacuum to thoroughly clean the subfloor.

Professional Floor Inspection & Carpet Installation

After you have removed your old carpet and the underlay, it is a great time to inspect your floor, making sure it is dry and that all the floor boards are tightly secured and not loose. The best and most effective way to install new carpet successfully is to hire a professional. This will save you a great deal of time, energy and money when it comes to the proper tools and materials that must be used in order to install the carpet correctly. Contact Carpet Care 2000 today for professional carpet installation done right.

Pets often become a close knit member of the family and provide us with companionship, happiness and loyalty. Pets are great friends to kids and reliable companions for their owners, providing love to those who reside in the home. Although we do love our pets, often times we forget the filth that they bring into our homes on a daily basis. A pet is like a vehicle for dirt, dust, grime, bacteria, feces and other undesirable materials to enter into our homes. While we will always love our pets, we do not love the messes that they bring into the house, not to mention the sometimes never ending pet hair that can be found everywhere in the house.

High Traffic Area Carpet Cleaning

The dust, dirt and other filth that pets bring into a home have a negative effect on floors and carpet. Just like us, pets are generally creatures of habit, and so probably take the same pathways throughout the house each day. This will put more of an impact on specific areas in the home that are getting dirty from pet’s paws tracking in dust and dirt every day. High foot traffic areas can make carpet dull and gray, leaving a dark shadowed stain behind if not properly cared for.

Dust & Dander Allergies

Pets can leave a handful of materials behind that you may not think of, this includes spit or saliva. A dog has at least twenty species of bacteria in its mouth and who knows how those will affect you and your family if you come into contact with it. Dogs drool all of the time and chances are there is a great deal of saliva present in your carpet that you are unaware of. Although it’s something we do not like to think about, pet feces can make it into your home; there are twenty three million fecal coliform bacteria in a single gram of pet waste. Pets also acts as transport for fleas and other bugs that can easily hitch a ride into your home and settle down into your carpet.

Professional Carpet Cleaning, Pet Hair, Odor & Stain Removal in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House & Danville CA

Dust and dirt are tramped into houses on pets paws, and that dust and dirt will fall right into your carpet. Studies have shown that one square foot of carpet can hold up to an entire pound of dirt. Now think of all these materials residing in your carpet with a layer of your pet’s hair on top of that; a pet can cause quite a bit of damage to your carpets. Keeping carpets clean while having a happy pet is still possible. Regular carpet cleaning done by a professional each year will lengthen the life of your carpet and keep the filth your pet brings in your home, out of your carpet. Contact Carpet Care 2000 for excellent carpet cleaning service that will remove all pet dander and dust.

Taking care of your carpet in your home is a nonstop process. Most of the work comes when you need a normal cleaning. This can be running the vacuum each day or doing some spot cleaning when there is a spill. There is also the regular professional cleaning that should happen on a normal basis in order to ensure that your carpet lasts as long as possible. No matter how much cleaning and care you give your carpet there are always things that can go wrong, but they can be repaired.

Carpet Care 2000 has some ways that a professional stretching or patch repair can help your carpets.

Carpet Stretching: If you start to notice that your carpet has some bulges, bumps or ripples you may need to have them stretched. There are several reasons that the carpet can start to bulge up and one main reason is that the carpet was not installed properly. This could be that the glue on the tack strips are not set correctly. This can cause the carpet to lift and eventually pull away from the area that it is supposed to be secured to. When a professional like Carpet Care 2000 comes out to stretch the carpet we will use a tool that pulls the carpet back to the edge that it is pulled from and reattach it securely; preventing future bulging and rippling problems. Some homeowners try to just deal with the bulging believing that it can only be fixed when the carpet is replaced, but stretching can repair this and it does not cost that much. We use the same tools that we would have used during the installation process but the carpet is already cut and laid.

Carpet Patching: This is a process that could be needed if you come across specific stained or damaged carpet areas. If you have an area that has a stain that cannot be removed by cleaning you may need to have that area patched. If you have a pet that has gotten stuck in a room and scratched the carpeting until it has torn or you dropped a hot iron on the carpet for example, then you may need to have a patch. Even if you don’t have extra carpet in the garage you can still get carpet from an area that cannot be seen as much such as a closet. If you have an area that is more noticeable and it needs to be fixed with a patch, it is better to leave a closet with a piece missing.

Professional Carpet Installation, Stretching, Patching Repair Care & Cleaning in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House & Danville CA

Whether you need carpet installation, cleaning, stretching or patching repairs, contact Carpet Care 2000 for expert service. We treat your home like it’s our own!

Cleaning our homes is a daily ritual. Most days are light; the “daily list” or surface layer. We typically pick up any messes made, dishes of course, and our floors need daily attention. Then most have the weekly chores. Consisting of scrubbing bathrooms, a good dust and polish, window cleaning, and any other chores we care to do. Next there is the spring cleaning where we dive into each room, letting go of clutter and dividing it into trash or donation piles and deeply cleaning and sanitizing. But sometimes the quarterly cleaning gets over looked. Cleaning our mattresses should be included in this ceremony. But how do we clean our mattresses? Besides the obvious of ensuring fresh linens are rotated weekly or bi-weekly, there is plenty we can do.

Carpet Care 2000 has prepared the following tips and ideas on how to care for your mattresses.

Vacuuming. We begin our mattress cleaning adventure by vacuuming. This little duty will require using the hoses and a few of the attachments. You want to pick the appropriate tool for the job at hand. Make sure you vacuum every nook and crevice and get all the surface debris hiding in the embroidery and seems.
Pre-Stain Treatment. After the mattress is thoroughly vacuumed, apply upholstery cleaner and wipe down. Upholstery cleaner is generally safe on skin, but if you have ultra sensitive skin, do not use. By doing this little step, it will enhance your efforts at removing dust mites and their refuse.
Stain Removal. Before we help attack different stains found on a mattress, it is a good idea to hit them with an enzyme cleaner. Doing so is an effective way to breaking down most stains making them easier to deal with. Apply your enzyme cleaner and follow the labels directions.
~Unidentifiable stains. Many people have that questionable stain. You have no clue how it got there or even what it is. Try spraying it with your favorite citrus cleaner and let it soak approximately five minutes. Blot the spot with a clean, absorbent cloth.

~ Blood stains. Apply hydrogen peroxide to the stain and blot with a clean, absorbent cloth while it is still bubbling. The stain may not fully lift up if the stain has set in or if it’s a heavy blood stain, but it will at least improve the stain to less obvious status. If the stain is fresh and the hydrogen peroxide didn’t fully remove the stain you can apply cool water and a pinch of salt. DO NOT use warm or hot water as this will set in the proteins and the stain will be next to impossible to remove. The last option for removing blood is using a baking soda solution. Mix one part baking soda to two parts water. Using a clean cloth, apply mixture to stain and let it absorb for thirty minutes. Use plain clean water and a separate clean cloth to rinse the area, and dry with a clean towel until damp, then allow to air dry.

~ Cigarette odor. The baking soda solution will come in handy; just apply the mixture to the entire mattress. Detergent will work for this issue as well. Mix one tablespoon liquid dishwashing detergent with two cups cold, clean water. Apply to mattress with a clean cloth. Rinse by blotting water with a clean cloth throughout and allow to air dry after removing excess water with a clean dry towel. If you often smoke in bed it is wise to wash your linens frequently to keep the odor from being so pervasive. If you’re not inclined to use DYI formulas for cleaning, use a large can on each side of the mattress with Lysol spray generously. After it is dry apply Febreze. Once dry, be sure to use a hypoallergenic mattress pad cover on.

~ Mold and Mildew. If there was a moisture problem, there could be mold and mildew stains. If you want to save that perfect mattress you know won’t be so easily replaced, begin by putting outside on a particularly sunny day. After the mold and mildew is dried out much of it can be easily swept or wiped away. Be sure to vacuum the excess in detail. Mix equal parts warm water and isopropyl alcohol. Sponge to mattress and rinse with warm water. A common disinfectant such as Lysol should follow. By doing this will kill any spores still lingering.

~ Urine Stains. For best results use enzyme based cleaners. Generously spray the area and methodically blot. Running Lysol, and Febreze will reduce odor.

Professional Mattress Cleaning in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House & Danville CA

If all these things seem taxing, and you simply don’t have time or energy, let the specialists handle it. At Carpet Care 2000, one of our specialty services is mattress cleaning. Our technicians can get your mattress cleaned, sanitized and smelling fresh too! Contact us today for fresh clean mattresses you can feel good about.

Tile is one of the more popular flooring choices that home owners turn to when installing a floor into their home. Tile is a great floor option due to its stability, variety of color options and sizes. Tile looks wonderful in a home when properly cared for, making every room look new and welcoming. Keeping tile clean can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially if it is not cleaned as often as it should be. Tile can fall victim to scuff marks, stains from certain spills and dirty grout that sometimes seems impossible to get clean. Scrubbing your tile on your own can be a big job that will feel never ending if there are areas that just won’t come clean no matter how hard you scrub.

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

The best way to tackle the cleanliness of your tile floors is to hire a professional tile cleaning service to take care of your floor properly. It takes a great deal of time and energy to clean your tile floors on your own. Busy schedules very rarely allow time for rigorous household chores that go undone for longer than they should. With a professional tile and grout cleaning, you will have clean floors throughout your home and time to attend the more important appointments in your daily schedule.

Grout Cleaning & Sealing

The grout in between your tile is extremely porous and in rooms that experience high levels of moisture, like the bathroom and kitchen; mildew and mold can begin to form. Grout that is not properly sealed can be stained from spills, dirt, dust and grease. Materials that are tracked into your home from the outdoors can do a significant amount of damage on your grout if not professionally sealed. A bacterium that forms in your grout survives solely on moisture. To eliminate the mold or mildew on your tile, eliminate the moisture by wiping down showers, sinks and floors with a dry towel.

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning; Bacteria Mold & Mildew Removal in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House & Danville CA

The best way to eliminate bacteria, mildew and mold from your grout and tile is to have your floors cleaned by a professional. Hiring a professional to clean your floor will save you time, energy and money in materials that you would have to purchase yourself to get the job done right. A professional tile cleaning company will clean your floors in a timely manner, where as doing it yourself would take much longer. If you are ready to get your tile floor looking like new again, contact Carpet Care 2000 for superb tile and grout cleaning service.

When it comes to your carpet there are always areas that seem to look a bit darker than other areas. This is usually referred to as high traffic areas. This can be in a hallway area or in front of the couch or your favorite chair. The darker carpet can be one of two things dirt or damage. You probably think that you keep the carpet pretty clean and neat but when it comes to these dark spots there is always a reason. Carpet Care 2000 has a breakdown about these areas and what they are and what you need to do to take care of them.

Definition of High Traffic Area

What is making these areas look darker? These areas are darker for two main reasons. The first reason is that you have more dirt built up in these areas. This can be from walking in these same areas or sitting in these areas on a regular basis. The dirt and grime from your shoes are deposited onto the carpet fiber and the dirt will make the carpet seem darker. Even if you are careful and wipe your shoes on the mat before coming in the shoes will still have dirt on them. Most people are creatures of habit and will come inside in the same manner each day even if it is just to remove their shoes. You might sit in a chair or on the couch and the dirt will be left right where you are. Dirt can also be accumulated from bare feet on carpet. Bare feet have natural oils that are on the skin that can cause dirt to build up on the carpet. The second reason for the darker color is from actual damage to the carpet fibers. When dirt is left on the carpet and you walk on it, it acts like sandpaper and will tear down the fibers. The fibers when they are new are like a nice smooth cylinder and are able to reflect light. When they are damaged the less amount of light can be reflected and therefore will seem darker.

Preventing Dark Carpet Discoloration in High Traffic Areas

What can you do to stop this from happening? There are several ways you can stop carpet from being damaged and building up dirt. The first thing to do is to remove your shoes before you enter the carpeted area. This means that all the dirt that is on the shoes from being outside will be left off the carpet. The next thing is to get everyone at home to wear cotton socks when walking around. This will protect the carpet from the oils on their feet. Another way to stop it is to vacuum every day. This will be what removes the majority of that dirt that acts as an abrasive when walked on.

Professional Carpet Cleaning for High Traffic Areas in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House & Danville CA

The last and the most important way to stop this from happening is to have your carpets cleaned professionally on a regular basis. Contact Carpet Care 2000 to schedule an appointment today!

The carpet in your home covers most of the interior flooring of any house. Carpets are in most bedrooms, living rooms and hallways. Carpeting is a great option for comfort and a great way to add warmth to a home. Most carpets pick up stains and spills throughout the life of the carpet and it can be hard to keep up with. When a spill happens most of the time you know about it or someone tells you when it happens. There are some stains that can sneak up on you and you may not notice right away. We are talking about pets!
Pets are a great part of any family and add love and fun. They also add to the carpet stains and dirt in several ways. One of the hardest things to clean up is urine from a dog or cat. If it is left for too long it will soak in and leave a smell that is hard to reverse. Carpet Care 2000 has some tips on how to keep your carpets clean with pets in the house.
Pet Hair & Fur: If you are a pet owner, you know that one of the biggest problems is the fur that is left on pretty much every surface in your house. It is easy to see and take care of the pet hair on your clothes or counters but the amount of fur that sticks to the carpet could be more than you thought. When fur is left on the floor it can start to buildup and become something that activates your allergies. To take care of fur that has fallen to the floor and on to the carpet, you want to use a vacuum that has a good filter and great suction. It is best to use a vacuum each day so that you don’t allow the fur to build up.
Urine: The hard part about pet urine is that pets don’t come and tell you what happened. This means that you find it by chance. When you find a stain you want to soak up whatever excess moisture there is as soon as possible. You can do this by dabbing with a cloth. The next step is to use a cleaner that you have already spot tested and don’t scrub but dab into the stain. You can allow the cleaner to sit for a few minutes before trying to soak it back up.

Professional Carpet Cleaning & Pet Odor & Stain Removal in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House & Danville CA

The best way to be sure that your pets are not ruining your carpets is to have them professionally cleaned once a month. The professional equipment can suck up any dirt and fur that your pet has dragged in and can take care of stains and odor from urine. Contact Carpet Care 2000 today!

This is part two of our two-part series on carpet cleaning scams. Here we cover “the best method“, upselling you on services you don’t need or not providing the services you do (for example surface cleaning when you needed deep cleaning) and so called ‘carpet cleaners’ claiming to provide services that they aren’t! Please see below more information.

Carpet Cleaning Scams & Rip-offs

The Best Method: The next common scam is “the best method“. There are several ways to get those carpets cleaned. The two most popular are steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Steam cleaning is when the technician uses hot clean water and a cleaning detergent. The water and detergent are working together being pushed through the carpet fibers with high powered tools, and the now dirty water is pulled out with a special vacuum. Dry cleaning uses a minimal amount of water and specific chemicals to pull stains out and refresh your carpet. Some may use this technique to make you believe it is the best method is necessary for your carpet that comes with a scary bill. Where some rugs and carpet may be antiques or are unique, be sure you are not being had.
The advice: The best way to make sure you’re not being taken for ride is to simply ask the prospective carpet cleaner exactly what the method they want to use involves. If they can’t explain the method, or act offended you asked, it may be wise to thank them for their time and look elsewhere.
Surface Clean or Unnecessary Deep Clean: The last common scam is the “surface clean“. This scam may not have been done on purpose; often times we allow the technician to do the work and let the carpet dry. We run errands, or take the kids for a field trip to get the foot traffic out of the way, and allow the carpet to dry. The accidental scam may be faulty equipment, where the technician did their job but didn’t realize their equipment wasn’t up to par and only did the top layer, exposing stains after a couple of days. Other times the technician will do an unprofessional, quick job; and the stains you thought were gone come back to haunt you a few days later. Generally if it was unintentional the company will make the problem right and send someone to get the job done accordingly. Another common practice is to overcharge by deep cleaning areas that simply do not need to be cleaned. A carpet cleaner who is interested providing the best service for your needs and in saving you the most money will evaluate your carpet, tell you what you can expect in advance and then do as they say they will do!
The advice: Simply do your homework and look for honest reviews. Find the business with a highly regarded reputation. Always be sure to find out the fees for not just cleaning but also moving heavy furniture. Get all the details needed and the decision becomes stress free.
Protecting While Cleaning: Many carpet cleaners will claim to add Teflon into the carpet cleaning solution so that it “protects while it cleans”. These carpet cleaners are either deliberately cheating you or just don’t know what they are doing. You cannot clean and protect both at the same time. Teflon carpet protectant is not a cheap service that anyone is going to give away for free!
The advice: Don’t believe them. If a carpet cleaner is willing to tell this lie, you can’t believe anything they have to say!

Trusted, Reliable Professional Carpet Cleaning in Danville California

Carpet Care 2000 urges you to watch out for these scams and not fall a victim to them. Contact us for honest and reliable service today!

With many options for professionals to help care for homes, the competition can be ruthless. When specific desires surface, we as the consumer, begin to shop around for the best quality work; for the optimal price. It’s no different when we want our carpets cleaned. The listings are almost dizzying as we search to find the right specialist. We all have our means of looking for that carpet care technician that we trust to come in our homes and do the job we expect. Search engines, yellow pages, even pleading for recommendations from our social media friends aide us in that endeavor. But sometimes it would seem the fates are smiling on us and we have pleased the carpet gods and intercept carpet cleaning coupons. Sometimes too good to be true, the coupon reads any room for under ten dollars. We jump for joy and immediately contact the company in hopes of claiming bragging rights to such an awesome deal. Unfortunately though, that’s where a lot of scams take seed and what seems like a good deal, ends up being one of the worst home improvement decisions ever. There are so many carpet cleaning scams out there, we’ve had to divide this weeks blog into two parts. Stay tuned for Part 2 later this week!

Carpet Care 2000 has prepared this guide to one of the most common carpet cleaning scams and how to avoid it!

Free or Very Low Priced Carpet Cleaning: As mentioned before sometimes that coupon is so ridiculously low you think you would be a fool not to jump on the outrageous deal. The coupon for “free or crazy low priced carpet cleaning” is left on your car, you receive it the mail or the deal might even find its way to you by an alluring door to door salesman. Depending on the company, the sales or customer service specialist comes to your home and makes you feel comfortable in signing on the dotted line to the unbelievable price, and then you schedule the professional to handle the cleaning. Once the “pro” comes, suddenly the price is jacked sky high. You have thicker or unique carpet, there are excessive stains and odors, the layout of the room is oddly shaped or your rooms are too big. Price should always be estimated by the square foot. Many carpet cleaners will give you prices for rooms over the phone. They do this because these prices are typically low but once the cleaner comes to your home, they tell you that the price quoted was only for two rooms for example. An honest carpet cleaner like Carpet Care 2000 will get the square footage in advance and quote you an accurate price before they come to your home. Whatever the excuses, your bill went from “wow” to” “ow”. Many believe that “free” or inexpensive carpet cleaning is to try to sell you an outrageously expensive vacuum that you don’t want or need; or even worse – just a way for thieves to case your house.
The advice: Never agree to anything from the sales associate, especially if they use words like “limited time only” or “we will never offer this deal again”. Be sure the specialist coming to your home is also the carpet technician and they do not begin their work until the price is agreeable. Or if the company has a separate customer service rep, don’t let the technician begin until they confirm the price.

Trusted Carpet Cleaning in Tracy, San Ramon, Danville, Livermore, Dublin, Ripon & Mountain House CA

Carpet Care 2000 is an excellent choice with a large number of testimonials from past customers that agree! We will get the job done to perfection with an affordable cost. We have a variety of cleaning and restoration services to best fit your needs and we will gladly discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Be sure to check our blog later in the week for information on other common carpet cleaning scams and how to avoid them!

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

There are two categories of carpet cleaning methods. There is Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction and there is the Low Moisture method often called Dry Cleaning. We offer both services but we prefer Steam Cleaning which is the most recommended by carpet manufacturers. Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning also removes the most soil and leaves the carpet the cleanest.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are beautiful works of art which should not trust just any one to clean. Just as art restoration is a science so too is the meticulous cleaning of Oriental rug restoration. So careful is the process that we need to bring in these beautifully woven masterpieces to our shop to ensure proper care. We will come to your home, carefully remove the antique rug from the premises and expertly transport it to our facility.

Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Care 2000 is well equipped to handle all your upholstery cleaning needs. Usually performed on site in your home or office we come with all the equipment needed to take care of your fabric covered furniture. We place blankets on the floor to protect your furnishings and clean the furniture in place or set it outside on a deck, porch or garage when advantageous.

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