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When it comes to keeping your carpets in pristine condition, floors are vacuumed regularly and potential stain causing agents are immediately cleaned and treated and you do all you can to keep the presentation of your carpets looking phenomenal. But despite your greatest efforts, there are many stains that occur to carpets, which you may be able to lighten, are typically only completely removed by professional products, equipment, and expertise. We at Carpet Care 2000 would like to list the top common stains that you should instantly call a professional for efficient removal.

How to Remove Blood Carpet Stains

If blood stains are not immediately treated, their discolored reminder will be carried on the carpets without being defeated by everyday products or home remedies. The primary reasons that blood stains are left to penetrate the carpets is because generally, the priority is treating the injury that caused the blood in the first place. As the blood dries, it absorbs in the fibers and the longer it stains, the more difficult it is to remove. Where hydrogen peroxide, or similar products, can remove the blood, it can potentially discolor your carpet permanently. In order to effectively remove a blood stain completely, professionals utilize special formulated products and with the industrial strength equipment, the blood stain absolves.

How to Remove Old Coffee Stains from Carpet

Coffee stains are one of the most notorious stains to befall carpets. This is a stain that will get lighter as you treat it, giving you the false notion of removal, but the results typically leave behind a yellowish-brown color that is rather unsightly. Unbearable odors are also attached to coffee stains, especially if milk was within the coffee. When the pungent coffee stain is too much for your average products, the experts are readily available and equipped with all of the paraphernalia needed to effectively remove coffee stains and lingering odors.

Removing Ink & Permanent Marker Carpet Stains

Ink pens or markers that break and bleed ink everywhere or the little ones got a hold of, is much like blood; it will penetrate deep in the fibers and be a challenge to remove, and much like blood, the longer it lingers the tougher it is to remove. Harsh and abrasive chemicals that have the best chance of removing these stains will leave your carpets damaged, at best and more often than not, partial stains will exist. To ensure the marker or ink is completely removed, trust in the experts to take care of this problem.

How to Remove Set in Pet Urine Stains from Carpet

Pet stains prove to be the toughest to remove as the odors attached can be difficult as well. The homeowner may get lucky enough in removing the stain and neutralizing the odors for the occasional accident that gets treated right away, but the stains that sat and the chronic accidents are not always resolved. To guarantee that the deeply absorbed stains and odors are removed, call in the professionals that have enzyme enhanced cleaners and powerful equipment to pull the stains and odors out of the carpets and the padding.

Removing Dried Red Wine & Juice Stains from Carpet

Of the most common of stains, wine and juices tops the list and is among the stubborn. As they quickly absorb into the fibers, if not immediately treated, the carpets could be potentially lost. In order to get these stains out, it will take professional strength cleaners and equipment to get the stain out.

Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

If your carpets are marred with coffee, ink or marker, blood, or pet stains call in the specialists of Carpet Care 2000 and let us get these stubborn stains and odors removed promptly.

Whenever there is a stain with a bad odor accompanying it, many people will advise you to sprinkle baking soda on the stain. Others will also say to sprinkle baking soda all over your carpet to eliminate bad odors and bacteria. Where all of these uses for baking are actually good and do work wonders when it comes to removing nasty odors, sometimes it can be harder to remove the baking soda once it’s completed its job, than you may realize. If other fluids mixed with the baking soda, it can also cause a stain. For those areas where the baking soda is being a bit stubborn to remove, Carpet Care 2000 will share a few different methods on how to remove baking soda and baking soda stains out of carpet.

Vinegar Can Help Remove Baking Soda Stains on Carpet

In this first method, you will want to start by mixing in a bowl 3 parts water to 1 part vinegar. Next you will want to use a fresh sponge and soak it into the mixture. With the sponge fully saturated put the sponge over the baking soda stain. You should see some bubbling or fizzing as this is a common reaction when vinegar and baking soda meet. After the fizzing begins to recede, take a dry white towel or white paper towel and apply gentle pressure on the damp area to help absorb the moisture out of the carpet. You may need to repeat these steps a few times to fully remove the baking soda out of the carpet. After the carpet has had time to dry, you can vacuum the carpet to help freshen the carpet’s pile.

Vacuum to Remove Baking Soda from Carpet

Another way to deal with baking soda is to first vacuum the area with baking soda. Make sure you vacuum in different directions to suck up as much of the baking soda as possible. You may need a scrub brush to help loosen the baking soda that is deep inside the carpet while you vacuum it up. Some may even use a bristled vacuum attachment to achieve this same goal. After vacuuming the baking soda, apply a damp cloth over the affected area to help break down the rest of the baking soda.

Steam Carpet Cleaning to Remove Baking Soda Stains

If none of these methods work for you, you can rent (if you don’t own) a steam carpet cleaning machine. Mix warm water with vinegar the same as before, with 3 parts water and 1 part vinegar and put into the steamer. The steamer should be able to penetrate deeper into the carpet dissolving the baking soda out of the carpet. However, make sure to vacuum thoroughly before you begin using the streamer. Make sure to rinse your carpets afterwards. You can use the steamer again, but use room temperature water to rinse the carpets.

Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

These are some basic methods to remove stubborn baking soda stains and powder from out of your carpets. However, if you need your carpet professionally cleaned, Carpet Care 2000 comes with powerful carpet cleaning equipment that can deep clean and extract dirt, stains and even stubborn baking soda. Carpet Care 2000 provides many valuable services to help improve your home. Contact us to schedule an appointment to help clean your home’s flooring today!

When it comes to commercial grade carpet and residential grade carpet, there are some distinct differences. Both of these types of carpet have been designed to suit certain purposes. Carpet Care 2000 is here to talk about the biggest differences between commercial and residential grade carpeting and why they are designed the way they are.

Aesthetic Differences Between Commercial & Residential Carpet

By and large, residential carpet comes with a much bigger variety of color choices than commercial carpeting. Most businesses and other commercial settings prefer to have dark colored carpeting to hide the high amount of traffic the carpet must endure. Residential spaces usually want a lighter colored carpet to try and create a wide-open space. Light colors tend to create an illusion of more space than there really might be.

Residential Carpet Focuses on Thickness & Comfort

For the most part, homeowners are looking for a carpet that will be as comfortable as possible beneath their feet. It is often times, much more luxurious than commercial carpeting. Residential carpet is made up of a greater pile weight. This gives it that plush feeling when coupled with the thick carpet pad commonly used underneath residential carpet.

High Traffic Commercial Grade Carpet & Durability

While residential carpet focuses on comfort, commercial carpeting focuses on durability. Most commercial settings have a great deal of heavy traffic throughout the day, and for this reason, a shorter pile is used most of the time. When the pile is short, there isn’t as a great a chance for the fibers to unwind and show signs of damage.

Differences in Cleaning & Maintaining Residential Versus Commercial Carpet

To keep residential and commercial carpeting clean, regular and frequent vacuuming must be taking place. As a general rule, because there is so much more foot traffic in commercial settings, the cleaning that takes place there needs to happen more frequently than residential settings. Residential settings can get away with vacuuming less frequently than commercial as well as deep cleaning. Commercial settings should be deep cleaned professionally once every quarter to keep high traffic areas clean from the high amount of dirt and debris left behind from customers. Residential spaces need to be vacuumed often, but not necessarily every single day. They should be professionally cleaned at least once a year to extend their life and beauty.

Commercial & Residential Carpet Life Expectancy

When commercial carpeting is purchased, the buyer expects the carpet to last for a minimum of ten years, often even more. Residential carpet isn’t expected to last as long since the fibers aren’t made with as much durability. It doesn’t matter if you have commercial grade carpet or residential grade, the carpet cleaning professionals at Carpet Care 2000 can help you keep them clean.

Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

Having your carpet cleaned by professionals will extend its life and help maintain a beauty like the day they were installed. Call us today for more information about out commercial and residential carpet cleaning services.

We want makeup to stay on our face but not on our carpet if it ends up there. Like any stain, different kinds of makeup will require different methods to get them out. Always test the solution you plan to use on a hidden area to make sure it won’t affect your carpet. If the fiber fades or changes color, use something different. When you’re done using a water-based solution, use a spray bottle filled with cool, clean water and spray the areas to rinse the solution out and then blot to remove excess moisture and residue.

How to Remove Eyeshadow, Blush, Bronzer & Other Powder Makeup Products from Carpet

Powder makeup products like blush, eyeshadow and finishing powders that are spilled on your carpet need to be cleaned up right away. If it sits on the carpet too long it will work its way deeper into the carpet fibers and is more likely to stain and set. Place a paper towel next to the spill and brush the extra powder onto the paper towel with a butter knife. Make a solution of ¼ tsp. mild, clear dish-washing detergent with a cup of lukewarm water. Use a clean white towel and dab it in the solution. Then blot the stain with it and always work from the outside in. Let it sit for a few minutes and then repeat until there isn’t any color remaining. Always use a clean part of the towel so you’re not putting the stain color back onto the carpet!

Removing Creamy Lip, Cheek & Foundation Makeup Stains from Carpet

Creamy products have an oil base for the purpose to moisturize. The oil works to blur fine lines and reduce the amount of flaking. The downfall for your carpet with these products is that it will cling to them. The first thing you’ll need to do is take a butter knife and gently scrape as much of the extra product as you can. The solution you’ll use for this stain is a mixture of ¼ tsp. of white distilled vinegar and a cup of warm water. Start at the outer edge of the stain and blot it with the solution. Wait a few minutes to allow the acid in the vinegar to break down the creamy makeup base. If this doesn’t work, take a white paper towel and put it over the stain. Take an iron set to the lowest setting and iron over the paper towel briefly and lift the paper towel up to see if the color transferred to it. Repeat as needed until the stain is gone.

How to Remove Liquid Foundation Makeup Carpet Spills

If the liquid foundation you use is meant for 12 to 24 hours of wear than it will be hard to get out of carpet and will need stronger products with chemicals to remove it. Use a solution of 1 tbsp. of ammonia and 1 cup of water. Blot the stain with a cloth until you don’t see the makeup anymore. If this doesn’t work for you then use a dry-cleaning solvent to try and get it out. Get a white cloth damp and blot the stain to see if it will lift. If you see that it will work then go ahead and use more of the product, wait 30 minutes and then blot again. You can also try clear, waterproof makeup remover.

Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

Makeup can be difficult to get out of carpet. If you’re unsuccessful on your own then contact Carpet Care 2000 for professional carpet cleaning and stain removal!

As homeowners and even business owners that feature carpets in our homes or buildings, we sometimes forget the importance of daily maintenance. Whether what was once habit has been lost because of busy life schedules, or you never were properly taught, there are some things everyone should to take better care of their carpets to make it look good every day of the year, preserve the overall condition, and extend the longevity. With that in mind, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to share some tips and advice on the different ways you should be maintaining your carpets. By performing these tips on a routine bases, you can keep your carpets looking clean, vibrant and reduce the wear and tear your carpet endures.

Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

1) If your life is too hectic to vacuum the carpet, at least in the high traffic areas, at the end of every night, vacuum heavy traffic areas a minimum of two to three times a week, and all other areas of your carpet need to be vacuumed once a week.
2) Implement the use of both indoor and outdoor walk-off mats to reduce the amount of dirt and debris tracked in on the bottom of shoes.
3) Immediately treat spots and stains that occur with your favorite carpet stain remover cleaner or combine 1 cup of cool water with ¼ tsp of a bleach-free liquid detergent.
4) Always test your preferred cleaning agent in an inconspicuous area to ensure the carpet’s color or integrity is not compromised with the chemicals in your cleaner.
5) Regularly re-apply the stain-resistant protector to your carpets following a professional cleaning and as often as necessary as they dissipate over time. These applications only help resistant staining and so stains and spots need to be immediately removed as soon as possible.
6) Keep in mind any area rugs, runners, or walk-off mats can bleed their colors onto your carpet; test the rugs for colorfastness before placing them on the carpet to ensure
7) Once a week, or more frequently if necessary, vacuum under the various rugs. Removing the loose dirt that is trapped between the rug and the carpet needs to be periodically removed before any damage occurs.
8) Clean your vacuum once a month to ensure efficiency when vacuuming.
9) Rearrange the furniture once or twice a year to create new foot traffic pathways to even out wear. Utilize blinds or curtains to block the direct sunlight to avoid fading.
10) Invest in professional cleaning 1-2 times a year and include upholstery cleaning at the same time to avoid cross contamination.

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Applying these steps to regular the care of your carpet can keep you carpet looking in pristine condition. Colors will stay vibrant, spots won’t mar the aesthetics, and the carpets will stay in optimal condition for past the projected lifespan. When your carpets are ready for deep professional cleaning, contact the experts of Carpet Care 2000 and let our professional remove the deep rooted soil, any stubborn stains and attached odors quickly and efficiently.

If you or your children have recently experienced a nasty flu bug that has left any of the mattresses in your home filled with vomit stains and that nauseating odor, Carpet Care 2000 is here to help. We will share a step by step method on how to remove both the stains and odors left behind from that unfortunate flu virus. These are simple methods that don’t require the use of any harsh chemicals. This is important especially for those mattresses that your children sleep on.

How to Remove Vomit Stains & Odors from Mattresses

Step 1. Remove Bedding
Whether you’re attempting to maintain a clean bed during an illness or you’re dealing with the aftermath of one, you will want to strip the mattress of all the bedding and coverings and wash them. Hopefully most of the discoloration and associated odor was trapped in the bedding and not your mattress.
Step 2. Cleaning the Mattress
For those dealing with vomit that may have gotten onto the mattress, make sure you remove all solid pieces with a paper towel. Next, blot at the stain with a clean paper towel in the event the stain is fresh. This will help to absorb as much of the fluid as possible. You can also begin cleaning the stain by mixing together warm water and liquid dish soap. Soak a cloth in the soapy mixture then ring the water out so the rag is damp. Start on the outside of the stain and work your way inward as you blot the stain with the damp cloth. Continue to rinse the cloth in the soapy water and blot at the stain. The stain should begin to dissipate over time. One the stain is gone, use a dry cloth and press down on the damp areas of the mattress to help absorb the moisture inside the mattress.
Step 3. Killing the Bacteria on Mattress
After cleaning the stain, you will want to kill any and all the bacteria that is left inside the mattress. Do this by mixing together one part cold water to three parts vinegar into a bucket or bowl. You can apply the water and vinegar mixture by blotting it onto the affected areas with a cloth or you can also use a spray bottle and spray the mixture onto the stain. Both methods work well. Leave the vinegar on the mattress to dry. Hint: you can use fans to help quicken the drying process.
Step 4. Deodorizing Mattress
After the mattress has been cleaned and you’ve killed off any remaining bacteria, you will want to remove the last of the odor by sprinkling baking soda over your mattress. Allow the baking soda to set on the mattress for at least 30 minutes to an hour so as to give it time to absorb the odor. After the baking soda has had time to absorb the odor on the mattress, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda from off your mattress.

Mattress Cleaning & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

You can now put your bedding back on the mattress and have a clean and odor free mattress to sleep on. If your mattress needs a deep cleaning, contact Carpet Care 2000. We can provide you with high quality mattress cleaning services.

Moving is such an involved ordeal that the last thing on your mind might be your flooring. It might not be on your mind at all. You don’t want to find yourself wondering what happened to your floors once the dust has settled. Carpet Care 2000 is here to share some tips to help protect your carpet and hardwood flooring when you are in the process of moving.

Protecting Hardwood Floors During a Move

Hardwood flooring brings with it an organic beauty you can’t find elsewhere. To protect this beauty, here are some tips to keep it safe during your move:
Line High Traffic Areas with Paper– You can buy paper in large rolls that works perfectly for your high traffic areas. Taping them down will keep the dirt and debris from the bottom of the mover’s feet from scratching your wood flooring.
Plywood Helps Move Appliances– Appliances are heavy and easily scratch wood flooring. Laying a large piece of plywood on the floor underneath the appliances makes moving them easy and keeps your floors safe.
Protect Furniture Legs– Before you move your furniture, cover the legs with towels or other protective materials so they don’t damage your flooring.
Use Rugs at Entrances– Make sure that all the entrances to your home have a rug outside for the mover’s to wipe off the bottom of their feet before entering your home.

How to Protect Carpet When Moving

Your carpet is a big investment; one that you don’t want damaged beyond repair after you move in. Here are some tips to help protect it for your move:
Film Protector– You can purchase plastic film protector that has an adhesive side to stick to your carpet. This thin plastic is a great barrier between shoes and your carpet.
Blankets & Sheets– If you don’t want to spend the money on film protector, you can use old blankets and sheets to cover your flooring.
Avoid Dragging Furniture– You should never allow movers to drag furniture across the floor. The legs can leave snags in your carpet.
Extra Cardboard– You most likely have extra cardboard when moving. Breaking down extra boxes and laying them on your carpet is a great protector against the dirt and debris tracked into your home on the bottom of mover’s shoes.
Shoe Booties– You may want to protect your carpet by providing shoe booties for your mover’s feet. Then you don’t have to worry about their shoes leaving tracks behind in your home.

Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

After the aftermath of a move, you may find that your carpets have taken a beating. Before you settle into your new home, it’s a good idea to have the carpets freshly cleaned. The carpet cleaning professionals at Carpet Care 2000 have the expertise needed to remove any trace of any movers or heavy traffic from the flooring of your new home. Start out your life in your new home with freshly cleaned carpets. Call us today!

Your mattress is one of the largest purchases you will make for your home. You can spend anywhere from $300 to $5000 on a mattress, so it’s no wonder people want to do what they can to get as many years out of it as possible. Not only that, but you spend a good chunk of your time laying on it. Carpet Care 2000 is here to share some tips to help you extend the life of your mattress.

Protect from Stains with a Covered Mattress

While you are sleeping, the average person does a decent amount of sweating and shedding of dead skins. All of that is absorbed into your mattress if it doesn’t have a good quality mattress cover on it. This is one of the most important steps in extending the life of your mattress. Spills and liquids may also happen, and when they do, they can degrade the foam your mattress is made out of. Your mattress cover will make cleaning up any spills or bodily fluids quick and easy.

Mattress Rotation Schedule

To avoid getting body impressions in your mattress, you should rotate your bed. This will help your mattress wear evenly. A mattress should be rotated about every three months to avoid any permanent impressions.

Wash Your Sheets, Blankets, Comforter, Duvet etc

To keep the dust mite population down as well as keep your mattress from contracting strange, unwanted odors, wash your bedding every couple of weeks. If you happen to suffer from severe allergies, consider washing your bedding every week to keep the dust mites at bay.

Train Your Dog to Sleep in a Dog Bed Rather than Yours

Although your furry companions might may good snuggle buddies, encourage them to sleep in their own bed to protect your mattress. Pet dander builds up in your mattress, and pets are also prone to having accidents which will ruin your mattress quickly.

Bed Frames & Box Springs Give Your Mattress Support

If your mattress isn’t supported properly, you will likely start to notice there will be areas that sag. Your mattress can’t offer you the support you need if it isn’t getting enough support. Using a high-quality frame as well as a box spring will help you avoid this problem. Just like your mattress, a box spring can wear out. Make sure your box spring isn’t sagging or constructed wood slats that are damaged or broken.

Clean Your Mattress with Baking Soda

One way to extend the life of your mattress is to clean it regularly. About once every month, you should be using the attachments on your vacuum to get rid of unwanted dust and debris that has made its way to your mattress. Baking soda can assist you in getting rid of any unwanted odors. Sprinkle it generously on your mattress and allow it to sit for several hours before using your vacuum to clean it up.

Mattress Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning & More in Tracy, Carbona, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

Having your mattress professionally cleaned once a year is a great way to extend its life. At Carpet Care 2000, we have trained technicians with the appropriate equipment to thoroughly clean your mattress so you can rest easy. Call us today!

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

There are two categories of carpet cleaning methods. There is Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction and there is the Low Moisture method often called Dry Cleaning. We offer both services but we prefer Steam Cleaning which is the most recommended by carpet manufacturers. Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning also removes the most soil and leaves the carpet the cleanest.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are beautiful works of art which should not trust just any one to clean. Just as art restoration is a science so too is the meticulous cleaning of Oriental rug restoration. So careful is the process that we need to bring in these beautifully woven masterpieces to our shop to ensure proper care. We will come to your home, carefully remove the antique rug from the premises and expertly transport it to our facility.

Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Care 2000 is well equipped to handle all your upholstery cleaning needs. Usually performed on site in your home or office we come with all the equipment needed to take care of your fabric covered furniture. We place blankets on the floor to protect your furnishings and clean the furniture in place or set it outside on a deck, porch or garage when advantageous.

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