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When you wake up to several inches of water in your home, it makes any heart sink. Water damage costs Americans thousands and thousands of dollars’ worth in damage every year. Sometimes, accidents happen and water starts to pool inside your home. There are several causes for water damage. Carpet Care 2000 is here to talk about some of the most common sources of water damage.

Bursting & Leaking Pipes

A common culprit for many homeowners that experience water damage lies within their plumbing system. Much of the time, the plumbing is built into your walls and can be incredibly hard to spot until the damage is done. Small leaks can turn into huge problems when they are left and not repaired early. If you have any drains or toilets that have a clog that isn’t taken care of, the pressure can continue to build until the pipe eventually bursts which can mean a great deal of water damage left behind.

Household Appliance Failure

Many of the appliances that keep your house running use water to do so. Over time, the hoses that carry water to the appliance may start to get brittle and crack. This can cause all sorts of problems if you don’t realize it is happening. You should occasionally check these hoses for any signs of failure to avoid having this headache.

Sewer Backup

Having your sewer backup can be more than a disaster. It can cause a serious health risk to have sewage in your home. Sewer backups are usually caused by a blockage or heavy rainfall. Cleanup following a sewer backup should always be performed by a certified professional who has the training and expertise to handle situation without putting themselves or you at risk of any health issues.

Severe Storms & Natural Disasters

Severe storms and natural disasters can cause severe water damage to any structure. Most of the time, you know that severe storms are on their way which allows you to take precautions and prepare for it. Anytime there are flash floods, or water buildup of any kind, you should prepare yourself and your home to face it head on. It’s better to be more prepared than to not be prepared enough.

Remove Moisture Quickly to Avoid Mold & Mildew

If you have sustained water damage in your home, it is imperative that you get started on the cleanup as soon as possible. When standing water and moisture of any kind are left in your home, mold and mildew will start to grow. The sooner you act, the better chance you have of avoiding a mold issue.

Water Damage Restoration in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

Any water damage in your home should be handled by a professional. The experts at Carpet Care 2000 have powerful truck mounted hot water extraction cleaning machines as well as industrial strength dehumidifiers and fans that will ensure you don’t have any moisture left in your home. We can assist you in sanitizing and deodorizing your flooring so there is no trace of water damage left behind. Call us today!

There is a lot to say about professional carpet cleaning. The benefits are staggering and with routine vacuuming, spot removal, and overall care, the carpets in both commercial and residential applications can be kept in remarkable condition, look exceptionally amazing, and flourish far past the projected life expectancy. Unless you keep to an appointed schedule for your deep professional cleaning, you may be uncertain when your carpets might need it most. With that in mind, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to discuss the signs carpet is in need of cleaning.

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth it or is Vacuuming Good Enough?

Before we get into the red flags that carpets need professional care, let’s touch on why. As dirt and debris falls on the surface of the carpets, they begin to penetrate deep beneath padding, especially adding foot traffic. Though regular vacuuming helps remove most of it, there is still some that is lost and with everyday foot traffic causing friction, underneath the carpet, damage is being done; much like a sandpaper effect. Dirt and debris is not the only enemy of carpets, but spills cause stains and odors as well as beloved pets. If not immediately treated, many of these stains and odors can be nothing short of a challenge to remove.

Signs Carpets Need Professional Cleaning

Residential carpets should be cleaned professionally at least once a year, and commercial carpets every 6 months; more so for both applications when needed. Not everyone marks their calendar and considering that, we have listed a few signs your carpets are in need of professional care.
1) Increase in allergy outbreaks. Contaminates that linger in the fibers are often responsible for triggering allergies. If you or multiple residents begin experiencing redundant symptoms, such as; sneezing, difficulty breathing, eyes tearing up, and runny noses more so than normal, than you are due for a professional cleaning. In the event that anyone living in your home has chronic allergies, easily suffers from asthma attacks or has any other additional respiratory problems, routine carpet cleaning provided by a professional should be scheduled.
2) Noticeable odors are becoming more dominant. Odors can be a difficult task to neutralize, especially if you are uncertain where the odors originate from; smelling them should be cause to invest in a professional carpet cleaning. Between pet accident, household spills, daily activity, and chemical use, undesirable odors emerge. Vacuuming, household remedies, or even commercial department store cleaners cannot remove these odors. When these odors and stains manifest, professional deep cleaning is the only fix to restore the carpet’s freshness and remove the spots.
3) Faded carpet colors. As time goes by, carpets will appear to fade. Direct sunlight coming in through windows and daily foot traffic often causes the carpet’s color to lighten. With professional carpet cleaning, much of the fading can be prevented with routine carpet cleaning in conjunction with other preventative applications. Some tips can be to ensure blinds or curtains are closed during peak sunlight hours, runners, area rugs, and walk off mats and so on.

Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

If any of these apply to you, or you know it’s been over a year since your last professional carpet cleaning, call in the experts of Carpet Care 2000 and let our pros do the rest.

When you live in a home that has people and pets living it in you know that cleaning is a never ending chore. You need to keep cleaning up after the family to keep the house presentable. Family members tend to leave their shoes out, dishes on the counter and food on the table. It can be difficult to keep up on all the cleaning that has to be done but one of the areas that needs attention is the carpet. The carpet is on the ground and that means that all the traffic that comes in and out of your home walk on that surface. The carpet is a fabric that has been manufactured into carpeting that is then fitted to your space. Once the carpet has been installed in the house you want to do all that you can to keep it clean. The problem is that over the course of a day your carpet can be spilled on and walked on. You cannot have a professional carpet cleaner out on a daily basis to clean the carpets. One because it will oversoak the flooring and cause damage and two it is not cost effective. You need to be able to handle those small in between spills that will happen to keep your carpet to look its best between professional visits.

Carpet Care 2000 Explains How to Treat Common Pet & Red Liquid Carpet Stains

Pet Stains: One of the most common complaints that people have when they call to have their carpets cleaned is that they have pet stains and odors. Pets are a part of the family and they are allowed to run through the home. We probably love them to a fault and when they make a mess we just get it cleaned up. Even if you have a great pet that doesn’t have accidents on the carpet there are always those occasional problems. Pet stains leave behind odor especially if you don’t get to cleaning them right away. You want to find a way to deodorize the smell as well as clean the spot. This can be done with a paste made from water and baking soda.
Red Liquid: Liquid is spilled on your carpet occasionally. They problem is that if the liquid is red in color it can be more damaging as well as harder to clean off the carpet. That is why red juice and wine is on the list. Mostly because it is difficult for homeowners to get off the carpet and remove. The red dye that is used in the beverage will get in the carpet fibers and start to dye the fibers as well. You can use a mixture of water, vinegar and dish soap to work on the spot. You need to work slowly and never soak the area too much. Dab at the stain with a clean cloth to remove the spot instead of spreading it out.

Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

Carpet Care 2000 offers professional floor and upholstery cleaning as well as many other related services. Contact us today!

Ever wonder what’s underfoot in that carpet? Whether a high or low pile, they typically appear as yarn attached to an open weave canvas backing. But how to they get those interesting shapes in a sculptured carpet?

When Were Rugs Invented & How Long Has Carpet Been Around?

Back in the day the primary method of making carpets were by weaving, usually out of wool. Carpets have been with us for some time, dating of some samples place them as far back as 400 to 500 BC. The thick heavy knotted carpets where probably used by nomadic tribes to cover their floors, isolating them from the ground. They were woven on a horizontal loom. By covering their floors with rugs and carpeting they isolated themselves from direct contact with the ground, and thus negating heat loss. Bedouins and Mongols are two nomadic groups that traditionally used rugs and carpets. Originally natural dyes were used with synthetic dyes introduced around 1860-1870.

Modern & Contemporary Area Rugs & Carpets

Synthetic dyes and fibers are almost exclusively used in modern carpets. The primary backing is polypropylene and is used to hold the fibers. Most carpets utilize a pad or padding between the floor and carpet. High quality padding is what makes a carpet feel soft and promotes long carpet life. Many color designs in modern carpets are printed or sprayed using the dyes to create multi-color patterns. Most carpet fibers are polypropylene or nylon blends.

Tufted Carpet

Tufted carpets are machine made; and incorporate from 800 up to 2000 needles spread across a width of usually 12 feet. As the needles penetrate the backing, hooks on the needles hook the yarn and pull up through the backing. This creates a looped pile carpet. When these loops are cut they create a cut pile carpet, the dominate style used in most homes. The needles are computer guided and capable of creating sculpted look using various pile elevations.

Woven Carpet

In weaving you need to know your warps and wefts. Warps are the long vertical strands that serve as the base fibers for the weave. Wefts are laid horizontally across the yarn locking them in place. Woven carpeting tends to be of a higher quality compared to tufted carpets, and this quality is reflected in the price. Woven carpets are usually made from synthetic fibers, polypropylene, nylon and polyester. Natural fibers are generally wool yarns, the most durable and expensive, but silk and bamboo are used as well. Some carpets may still be hand woven, but most are machine made. Traditional rugs still use a lot of manual labor, but again many are machine woven. After weaving, the carpets are dyed. Single colored carpets are dyed before other processes are complete, but multicolored carpets are dyed after, and multiple steps are used, each step to add a new color using a silk-screening process. The backing is fused to a secondary backing under pressure using a coat of latex as the adhesive. Carpets then have the stain protection applied.

Short VS Long Carpet Fibers

When purchasing a carpet for installation in your home, you need to weigh the cost versus life of the carpet. The higher the quality the longer the life and quality usually also translates to holding its “look” far longer than a cheaper carpets. Shorter fibers weather foot traffic better. Long shags can “mat” and look tatty if not well vacuumed to “fluff” the fibers.

Carpet Installation & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

Your choice, but it will need maintaining and occasional attention by a professional. Call Carpet Care 2000 for any consultation to upkeep your carpet. We handle all your carpet needs from installation and repair to cleaning and stain removal!

Upholstery can wear out faster than the rest of the couch or sofa. To extend the use of your furniture’s upholstery and get the most out of your living room investment, you will want to make sure you care for your upholstery properly. Carpet Care 2000 will share a few tips and considerations to help keep your upholstery clean, long lasting and free of stubborn stains and odors. Most stains occur because some like to use their living room furniture as the dining table and bring food and drinks onto the furniture but there are other reasons as well such as pet accidents.

Upholstered Furniture Cleaning Tips

Vacuum Upholstery – To help prolong the life of and keep your upholstery soft and free of dirt, it is recommended you regularly vacuum your fabric upholsteries. To clean upholstery, use the upholstery vacuum attachment and make sure to vacuum the upholstery once a week to maintain it properly. Make sure to get into the tight spaces to ensure all of the crumbs and dirt have been removed.
Beat Couch Cushions – At least once a month, take the couch or furniture cushions outside and hand beat them to help remove the dust that may be trapped deeper inside the cushion’s fibers. If possible flip the cushions around and rotate them much like a mattress to help balance out the cushions usage.
Be Ready to Clean Spills on Sofas – Always be ready for spills and stains to occur on your furniture. When a spill occurs, it is important to clean it before the stain has had time to soak down deeper into the fibers of the upholstery. Some of the essential cleaning tools are white cloths or paper towels. Depending on the type of cleaner used, some techniques may vary. However, it is important to remember when cleaning a stain always blot and never rub. Also, start on the outside of the stain when blotting and work inwards. Some cleaner may require the use of water to dilute the cleaner. Never use tap water. Only use distilled water. Tap water is filled with minerals that leave behind white rings on your upholstery. There are various types of upholstery cleaners. Make sure that whichever one you choose, you know how it works and the proper steps to use the products safe and effectively.
Deep Cleaning Tips – Once a year it is beneficial for your upholstery to have a professional deep cleaning to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of the material used for the upholstery. Keep in mind that if you rent a deep cleaning machine, in most cases commercial grade carpet or upholstery cleaners don’t penetrate as deep and you don’t get the full benefit of the cleaning. If you are cleaning your upholstery yourself, make sure you read your upholstery’s label and follow the manufactures cleaning instructions. The dye used on some fabrics run easily and create a bigger mess which is why their might be some sensitive chemicals found in different cleaners.

Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

If you need a deep upholstery cleaning on your furniture, contact Carpet Care 2000. We can help revive your upholstery and extend your furniture’s life. Carpet Care 2000 provides a wide range of services. If you find we can help you, contact and schedule for our visit today.

With the New Year comes reorganizing your home. Whether you got spoiled with some new furniture or crave a change in scenery, rearranging your home is quite fitting as you put the holiday possessions away. As you move the heavy furniture, which is beneficial to the overall care of your carpets, you may notice that there are noticeable spots on your carpet, where it has dented in, and leaving pockets of crushed fabric. This is commonplace, and thankfully easily restored. We at Carpet Care 2000 would like to offer some tips on how you can relieve your carpet of those dented eye sores, and restore it to original glory. We have listed three different methods. If the dents are stubborn from long term affects, you may have to try on or more of the methods for ultimate success.
Method #1 – Using a Blow Dryer to Remove Carpet Dents
– Clear away the furniture.
– Generously spray the dents with a water bottle, but do not over saturate the carpet. The carpet should not be soaked, but adequately wetted.
– Get your blow dryer and a fork ready and gently fluff the fibers back into place. Proceed with caution as you do not want to damage your carpet.
– Repeat if the dents are not fully relaxed by the time it is dry. If necessary, apply an additional method for maximum results.
Method #2 – Removing Carpet Dents with Iron & Steam
– Push any bulky furniture out of the way to give yourself adequate space to maneuver.
– Directly on the dented carpet, place a clean, white damp cloth.
– Hover an iron on medium heat approximately 3-4 inches above the moist cloth and allow the heat and steam produced to disperse over the area for 30-60 seconds.
– Do NOT place the hot iron directly on top of carpet, as this could irreversible damage to the fibers by either burning or melting them depending on manufacturing and materials.
– Repeat if dents persist. If dent continues after multiple applications try one of our other methods.
Method #3 – How to Get Dents Out of Carpet with Ice Cubes
Please note, this method is recommended and is most commonly used being that it is the most gentleness way to remove carpet dents and can be done the quickest.
– Slide away any furniture that might restrict your restoration activities.
– Drop one or more ice cubes along the length and width of the dent.
– Allow time for the ice cubes to melt. While the ice cubes gradually melt the carpet fibers will absorb the water and begin to expand and relax.
– Permit the moisture to soak in overnight on the more prominent dents.
– Assess the saturation levels in the morning, if there is excessive liquid, blot up the remaining moisture.
– Using a fork to gently loosen and fluff the carpet fibers back to their original design, do so with caution as you do not want to damage the fibers.
– If the dents persist on the extreme dents, repeat as necessary or utilize one of our other methods.
Following all three methods and once the carpet is thoroughly dry, vacuum the area to further relax the fibers.

Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

If your carpets are in need of a comprehensive cleaning after noticing the obvious traffic patterns in your carpet, contact Carpet Care 2000 today, and let our professionals get your carpet clean and vibrant once again.

With the holiday season in full swing, the last thing you need to worry about is ruining the beautiful carpet cleaning service you had done by Carpet Care 2000. With the business of the activities, you can afford little time to clean messes that can be easily avoided. With that in mind, we at Carpet Care 2000 have provided a few tips and some advice on how you can better protect your carpets from the holiday hustle and bustle.

Best Ways to Keep Carpets Clean at Home

1) No shoes on carpet. Where some have no problem enforcing the “no shoes” policy on carpets, others have difficulty. But keeping the shoes off can spare your carpets from a lot of the dirt and potential stains. If you have a challenge speaking up about guests kicking off their shoes, keep it light and encourage the cozy and intimate affair of having them be relaxed without needing shoes. As an added playful thought, have a Christmas socks theme to drive the request home.
2) Offer white wine to avoid red wine spills. Holiday merriment comes in many forms. Instead of offering red wines, consider switching it up to white wines, champagne, sparkling cider, as well as liquor. This can help you avoid the inevitable dark red stain on the carpets and the lighter stuff is easier to get out, should it spill.
3) Welcome entryway mats. You can get your home a new welcome mat for year round or spread more cheer and get some Christmas walk off mats. This will help any dirt and debris or mud and moisture should the rains come during the festivities. By keeping the majority of filth contained, you can spare your freshly professional cleaned carpets from being bombarded with dirt and debris and potential spots.
4) Give dogs a bath to prevent pet hair on carpet! The pet hair is bound to get everywhere, where some are still shedding especially. To avoid getting a buildup of pet fur on your carpets, and the upholstery, clothing, and so on, consider getting the pup a fresh cut and a doggy shampoo to minimize the pet hair.
5) Contain the kids’ crafting space away from carpet. During the Christmas excitement, many kids love to indulge in the Christmas crafting where the creativity is flowing and they need something to do as an outlet. If possible, designate an area for them to keep busy with their crafting away from the carpets; tile linoleum is best choices and wood flooring is even better than carpets. Just remember no matter where they end up, immediately take care of the spills.
6) Don’t forget to clean up the fireplace. This mostly applies if you have a wood burning fire place. Ensuring the ash is cleaned up after every use is essential to avoid any ash soot, and embers from making contact with your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

There is still plenty of time to get your carpet cleaned before the Christmas fray. If your carpets could use a carpet cleaning to get the stains, odors, and debris from the carpets, call in the experts of Carpet Care 2000 to get your carpets fresh and vibrant for the holiday guests.

When bleach accidentally spills on the carpet, most people will feel like their carpets are doomed forever to have a bleach stain. However, if you act quickly enough, you may be able to prevent or remove the bleach before the stain sets in. Carpet Care 2000 will share a few different methods on how you can get bleach out of the carpet and prevent the dreaded unsightly bleach spots from marring the beauty of your flooring. Each method will depend on how long the bleach has been sitting on your carpet and whether or not the bleach removed the color from your carpets. Below are three methods you can try to prevent or repair the bleach stain from ruining your carpets.

How to Clean & Remove Bleach Spots from Carpet

Method 1. Liquid Dish Soap to Remove Bleach Spots? – This first method is one that most people can easily use when bleach spills on carpets. When the spill occurs, mix together ¼ teaspoon of liquid dish soap with 1 cup of warm water in a cup or bowl. Next you will want to pour the mixture over the bleach spill and let the mixture set on the bleach for about five minutes. Next, with a dry cloth or sponge blot at the stain. Work on the outside edges first and then work your way inward to prevent the bleach from spreading farther out. After most of the moisture has been absorbed into the cloth or sponge, use cold water and rinse the area well.
Method 2. Fix Bleach Spots with White Wine Vinegar? – Again, when a bleach spill occurs on your carpet you can use white wine vinegar to counteract it. Mix together 4 cups of warm water and 2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar. Pour the mixture over the spill. After the mixture has had time to set on the bleach spill for about 5 to 10 minutes, once again blot at the stain with a dry cloth or sponge on the outside edges of the stain and work inwards. Once most of the moisture has been absorbed out of the carpet rinse the area with cold water. Use a dry cloth to remove the water out of the carpet.
Method 3. Carpet Crayon? – As soon as the bleach is discovered or spilled on the carpet, use white paper towels and blot at the bleach. Afterward you will rinse with water. Take a cloth and blot at the spot. Next, find a crayon that is close to the same color as the carpet. With the crayon in hand, color in the lightened area of the carpet. Make sure the color is absorbed into the carpet fibers. With a damp towel blend the color into the carpet. If the bleach removed the color from the carpet before you had time clean the bleach spill, use the crayon to help color in the stain.

Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

If you need professional help cleaning your carpet and removing stubborn stains, contact Carpet Care 2000. We provide a wide range of services including professional bleach spot repair. Contact Carpet Care 2000 today!

The holiday season is truly a busy one. Many enjoy creating this time of year, for personal satisfaction or to share among family friends. Crafting decorations, ornaments, and other such enjoyments as well as baking with the all the glam, especially if you are trying to keep the kids busy next to you. With the buzzing excitement of seeing loved ones, time away from school and possibly work, and the chaos that involves the holiday fun, accidents are inevitable. Some of the holiday creativity can cause stains on carpets. With that in mind, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like share some methods on how to get some of the more common spills out of carpets.

General Carpet Stain Removal Tips

Before we dive in, there are a few basics concerning carpet cleaning we would like to remind you about. No matter what product you use, whether it is DIY or pre-made cleaners, perform the patch test in an inconspicuous area to ensure the chemicals will not damage or lighten the carpet. Avoid using hot water as that can easily influence the stain to set into the carpet. Contain the moisture as over saturation can damage the carpet, padding, and subfloor as well as cause mold to grow. Blot and pat spots as you remove the blemish instead of scrubbing and rubbing as doing so only pushes the stain deeper and spreads it out wider. Stick to using plain white rags, cloths, towels, and paper towels to treat the carpets because the dye and prints can transfer to the carpet during the removal process.

How to Remove Cookie Icing & Frosting from Carpet

1) Use a butter knife or spoon to scoop the bulk off gently, avoid smashing any into the carpet, and smear the lifted icing onto a paper towel for easy disposal.
2) Mix 1 part cool water and 1 part white vinegar in a spray bottle.
3) Dampen a clean cloth with the mixture and carefully blot up the icing residue.
4) Use a dry cloth in between applications to avoid letting the carpet get too wet and repeat until all traces are lifted.
5) Use paper towels or a dry towel to absorb any remaining moisture after the stain is removed.

How to Get Dried Glitter Glue Out of Carpet

1) Use a dull edge; a spoon, butter knife to remove the bulk and smear it onto a paper towel as you go to trash it easily.
2) With a damp sponge, lift way as much of the glue as possible; in many cases, water is all that is needed.
3) In the event the stain persists, saturate a cotton ball mildly with rubbing alcohol and dab out the remaining glitter glue and repeat as cotton ball becomes consumed.
4) Use a damp cloth over the alcohol treated area to rinse away any alcohol residues.
5) With a dry towel, ensure as much of the moisture is dried as possible.

How to Remove Washable Finger Paint from Carpet

1) Use a spoon to clear of the globs off the surface; scrape off onto a few paper towels and discard.
2) After the bulk is removed, use paper towels to gently dab the remaining paint; do not use excessive pressure.
3) In the event the paint has already dried, use a butter knife to scrape off the crust.
4) Mix together 1/2 tsp liquid dish soap and 1 cup warm water in a spray bottle.
5) Spray the solution onto a cloth to dampen it and blot up the stain and repeat as necessary ensuring you use a dry cloth in between applications to contain the moisture.
6) Once stain is dissolved, use water dampens cloth to rinse the soap residue.
7) With a dry towel, dry the spot as much s possible.
8) Only if the stain should not disappear but instead shifts to a brownish color, mix 1 part white vinegar and 2 parts water in a spray bottle and repeat the cleaning process.

Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

Stains can be a challenge to remove, to ensure your carpets look good for holiday guests, call in the experts of Carpet Care 2000 to take care of the stains and leave your carpet clean and fresh.

When you have carpet in your home you know that there is a lot of potential for a stain or spill to occur. Just someone walking in your home with dirty shoes or a child with sticky candy can end up being a stain that needs to be treated and cleaned. The carpet needs to be cared for on a regular basis to keep them looking their best. That also includes knowing the best way to treat very specific types of spills, stains and spots. There are some spots on your carpet that need a very specialized treatment such as chewed gum and paint! When it comes to pets they bring their own series of problems on your carpet. They leave hair and dander, pet stains that cause odor and the bring dirt and mud in your house. These all need their own treatment when cleaning them from your carpets. The mud on their paws is something that comes in often in the winter months because the weather has more precipitation.

Carpet Care 2000 Lists Steps Needed to Remove Mud from Dirty Pet Prints out of Your Carpets

Let Mud Dry on Carpet: Yes, that is the first step that is needed when you have little muddy footprints on your carpet. The urge to grab some cleaning supplies and get started scrubbing will be strong. The reason is because with all other stains in your carpet you need to get to work as soon as you possibly can. It is the best way to stop the stain from soaking down in the backing and padding. But when it comes to mud the dirt has come together with water and that is not a stain but a spot. The spot means that the item on the carpet will stay on the fibers. It is less likely to get in the backing or the padding. You need to refrain from cleaning it when the mud is still wet. Set up a fan and walk away until the water has dried out of the dirt. This will take some time but the cleaning will be much easier after the moisture is out.
Vacuum Dirt from Carpet: Now that you have allowed the water to dry out the dirt is all that is left. The dirt will need to be agitated in order for it to be removed from the carpet. You need to use a hard object like a spoon to break apart the dirt that has compacted. You want to be sure that you have the vacuum ready with the hose attachment. As it breaks apart use the vacuum to suck up the dirt and dust so that it is not left on the carpets. You may need to stop to run the vacuum and continue with the spoon to break the parts that may still be stuck to the fibers.
Spot Clean Remaining Stain: Now that you have the dirt off the carpet you will often see some discoloration. This can be treated using a water bottle that has a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water. You can treat the spot by spritzing the area and using a clean cloth to dab until it is clean.

Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

Carpet Care 2000 offers professional floor and upholstered furniture cleaning. Contact us to have your carpet, tile, rug, sofas and mattresses cleaned before the Christmas holidays!

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

There are two categories of carpet cleaning methods. There is Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction and there is the Low Moisture method often called Dry Cleaning. We offer both services but we prefer Steam Cleaning which is the most recommended by carpet manufacturers. Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning also removes the most soil and leaves the carpet the cleanest.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are beautiful works of art which should not trust just any one to clean. Just as art restoration is a science so too is the meticulous cleaning of Oriental rug restoration. So careful is the process that we need to bring in these beautifully woven masterpieces to our shop to ensure proper care. We will come to your home, carefully remove the antique rug from the premises and expertly transport it to our facility.

Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Care 2000 is well equipped to handle all your upholstery cleaning needs. Usually performed on site in your home or office we come with all the equipment needed to take care of your fabric covered furniture. We place blankets on the floor to protect your furnishings and clean the furniture in place or set it outside on a deck, porch or garage when advantageous.

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