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When you choose to tile a surface in your home, whether it is the floor or the walls, the sky is the limit as far as the design, color and shape of your tiles. You can choose from literally hundreds of different tiles that all offer beautiful results. When picking the right tile, you also need to think about what grout you are going to choose for your tiled surface as well. Choosing the right grout color can make or break the look of your tile. Carpet Care 2000 is here to share some tips that will help you choose the right grout color for your tile.

Grout Color Matching

It is almost impossible to choose the right grout color for your tile if you don’t have the tile with you. When you are making this decision, you should have a sample of your tile in hand to make the right selection. There are a lot of different choices, and you could risk choosing the wrong combination when you don’t have a visual to look at and make comparisons with. You always avoid choosing your grout until you have nailed down the tile that you are planning to use in your home or business.

Blending Tile & Grout Color Combinations

Most of the time, when homeowners are choosing the grout for their tile, they choose a shade that will blend in with the color of the tile they chose. You will likely have some neutrals that work into your tiles, even when they are highly decorative. So if your tiles have more grey tones in them, you would probably go with a grey tile. If you have chosen a tile that has tans and browns throughout it, stick with brown; and so on. You will be better off choosing a blending shade that will not distract from the design of the tile.

Contrasting Grout Color

Choosing a contrasting grout, will put the attention on the pattern of the tile rather than the pattern on the tile. If you are wanting attention to be drawn to the pattern the tiles are laid in, choose a contrasting grout. Usually when you have chosen to go this route, the tile floor will stop people in their tracks and that will be the focal point of the room. This can be a dramatic choice, but beautiful nonetheless.

Grout Color Should Accent Tile

Some tiles have a ton of color woven into the design. For these tiles, you should look for a grout color that will accent the tile nicely. Choose a grout color that will match the veins found in the faux marble tile you have chosen. The grout will bring out those shades in the tile and end up accenting them nicely.

Tile & Grout Cleaning & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

No matter what grout you have chosen for your tile floors, you need to have them professionally cleaned as part of regular maintenance. Carpet Care 2000 will extend the life of your tile flooring with our tile and grout cleaning services. Call us today!

Most business owners don’t pay much attention to their carpets unless they have stains on them. Stains on carpets just make the whole space look bad. Caring for the carpets in your business requires more than running a vacuum cleaner over them every now and then. As dust and dirt accumulates in carpets it gets stepped on and breaks down the carpet fibers. This will have you replacing it sooner than you wanted to. Dirty carpets can also start to smell and create unsanitary conditions – that’s bad for business.

What’s in Your Carpet?

Dust & Dirt Trapped in Carpet Fibers. Anything that gets stuck on your shoes will end up on your carpets. The average American home accumulates up to 40 lbs. of dust in a year. It’s likely much more in an office setting. Vacuuming will only remove about 80 % of the dirt and soil in your carpets. The other 20% will need to be removed with commercial carpet cleaning.
Drinks & Food Spills on Carpet. Most office employees eat and drink at their desks. Chances are pretty good that some of it will end up on the carpets. This can lead to stains that just make the carpet look bad. Not to mention the bacteria and odors that can some with drink and food stains. Some drink and food stains are almost impossible to remove without professional help.
Mildew, Mold & Germs in Carpet. It’s easy to throw out food that develops mold, but that’s not possible with your carpets. Carpets can also harbor mildew, E. coli, norovirus, staphylococcus, salmonella, just to name a few. Some can live in your carpets for more than a month! Keep carpets clean and dry with professional cleanings to eliminate any problems.
Outside Chemicals on Carpet. Most employees and customers don’t make an effort to wipe their feet when they enter a business setting. There are lots of chemicals that get stuck on shoes and then end up on your carpets. When vehicle oils, lawn treatment sprays, pesticides and many other chemicals end up on your carpets they can leave stains and/or odors behind.
Skin Flakes in Carpet. Gross to think about, but your carpets may be teeming with skin flakes. The average person will shed about 1 million skin flakes every day. Imagine how much of it ends up in your carpets!
Pests in Carpet. Even if you can’t see pests in your carpet, they are probably there. Fleas, dust mites, and some bugs are microscopic and feed on all those skin flakes that are continually falling on them. Dust mites are known to cause allergies when they shed their skin and leave waste behind. Keep you carpets clean to keep your employees and customers healthy and happy- especially during allergy season.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

It’s important to vacuum regularly but you need to add commercial carpet cleaning to ensure you’re removing all the stuff that’s lurking in them. With regular carpet cleaning, carpets can retain that new look, feel and smell of new carpet for longer- and that’s good for business. Contact Carpet Care 2000 for more information about our carpet cleaning services. We look forward to hearing from you!

One of the most highly recommended types of area rugs are wool rugs. Where wool rugs are considered to be one of the more durable and easier rugs to clean and maintain, you still want to follow proper cleaning and care techniques. Wool rugs, as durable as they are, do have a few weaknesses which needs to be addressed to prolong the life of the rug. Carpet Care 2000 will share how to clean and care for wool rugs.

How to Best Vacuum Area Rugs

Wool rugs are made primarily of wool but are often blended with other natural materials. Due to the natural materials used in wool rugs, they are often found harboring dust mites and can break down under intense sunlight exposure. To properly care for wool area rugs, you will want to vacuum them regularly. Like carpet, you will want to remove as much dirt that may be locked between the knots and fibers of the rug. Those tiny grains of dirt can break down the fibers over time and thin out the rug. When spills occur, the dirt in the rug can harden and cause the rug to look dirty. It is recommended that to keep the rug clean and free of dirt, to vacuum the rug twice a week. When vacuuming, the best results occur when using a vacuum with a beater bar to begin in the center of the rug. To prevent damaging the rug when vacuuming, use an upholstery attachment to clean the edges of the rug. Every three months you should also rotate the rug to spread out the foot traffic patterns.

Deep Cleaning Area Rugs

When deep cleaning an area rug, it is encouraged to always use a professional service as they have the right tools and knowledge to properly clean all types of area rugs, including wool. However, when deep cleaning wool carpet, you will want to make sure to follow proper cleaning techniques or you could damage and/or shrink wool rugs. When deep cleaning wool rugs you will want to thoroughly vacuum the rug and take it to a place where there is plenty of sunlight and have the room to air it dry like the garage, porch or deck. Additionally, make sure the cleaning site is freshly clean before placing the rug on top of it. After vacuuming and placing the rug in an area for cleaning, next you will want to fill a bucket with cool water and add about two tablespoons of Woolite or another gentle detergent. Have a second buck filled with clean plain water for rinsing. Begin cleaning the rug by dipping a sponge into the detergent and clean the rug in three feet sections, starting at the top and moving side to side as you work your way down. When cleaning the rug, never over soak the rug as wool rugs can hold water for prolonged periods of time. After cleaning the rug, take the bucket with plain water and rinse the rug using the same method. Make sure to be thorough when rinsing to make sure there is no soapy residue left in the rug. Blot the rug dry with white towels. You will want to suck up most of the moisture in the rug. Leave the rug to dry. You can use fans to help the rug dry faster. Once the rug is completely dry you can bring it back inside the house.

Area Rug Cleaning & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

If you want the rug to be cleaned professionally, contact Carpet Care 2000. We provide quality carpet, rug, and tile cleaning and so much more. Contact Carpet Care 2000 and schedule our services today.

You may think it’s not very hard to clean your floors yourself, but floor cleaning can be very time-consuming, difficult, and frustrating. Should you hire professionals to do it?

Reasons to Hire Professional Tile Cleaning

1. Professional Cleaners Save You Time. Think about everything you need to get done in a week, your job, the kids and doing the things you love to do in your spare time. You probably don’t have much spare time, right? If you have a never-ending list of things to get done, you can take floor cleaning off your list and let the pros take care of it. They’ll get the job done more quickly and more efficiently than you can.
2. Cleaning Companies Have Experience. They can get it done better than you because of the experience they have. That’s their job and they do it every day. They know the ins and outs of floor types, the stains they can encounter and how to remove them. It will also save you time because you won’t have to research how to do it yourself you also don’t have to buy all the materials and solutions you will need.
3. Professional Tile Cleaning Saves Your Money. This might not sound right because DIY projects are supposed to save you money, right? Let’s break it down. You can actually save money when you hire quality services because they are trained in grout sealing, tile protection and preventative care that can extend the life and quality of your floors. Maintenance is always better than replacement because it’s less expensive to maintain the floors you already have than it is to install new news.
4. Tile Cleaning Companies Can Remove Pet Stains. We love our furry family members and couldn’t imagine our lives without them. But the fur they leave behind can be frustrating. Hiring professionals can eliminate the frustration because having pets will always add time and effort to keep your home clean.
5. Tile Cleaning Lessons Allergies. If you have allergies or allergy sufferers in your home, you know how the sniffling and coughing can start to get you down. Dust and dander should be limited to make life easier. Professionals know exactly how to eliminates dust and dander so you can stop suffering because they have specific cleaning products at their disposal to get your home as clean and healthy as possible.
6. Clean Tile Floors Make House Look Cleaner. You may not think that your floors don’t play a big part in the way your home looks, but they do. If the floors look dirty it can make your whole house look dirty. You know how a car wash can make your car look like new again? The same can happen with your home and a professionally cleaned floor. You’ll feel so good about your home you may want to throw a party!

Tile & Grout Cleaning & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

You do the best you can to keep your floors clean, but you don’t really know how to clean them like professionals can. Contact Carpet Care 2000 to schedule cleaning services today!

When you have a home you have to find ways to keep the house clean and safe. The cleanliness of the house has a lot to do with how you take care of chores and what you do about any minor or major disasters. There are times that your home may end up being flooded in some aspect. It can be a flood that causes a lot of damage and spreads through a large area of the house or it can be cornered into a smaller space. There are not worse disasters that can happen to your carpets than a flood. There are some people that think if your carpets are flooded that they have to be pulled out of the house and replaced. This is not always true and if you use the right methods and professionals you can save your carpets. Floods come in a variety of ways from a storm that sends flood water in to an appliance or a leak in the plumbing that has caused the water to flood the house. No matter the size of the flood you want to make sure that the work is done right to protect you and your family. Carpet Care 2000 outlines what to do when your carpets are flooded and how to restore them.

Extract the Water from Wet Carpets

The first issue that you have when you have carpet that has been flooded is that there is water that has to be removed. The water that is left on the carpet will continue to make a mess as well as create an environment that mold and mildew grows. You need to have all the water extracted from the house to start. The best way to do that is to make sure that you hire a professional that has the ability to remove the water with tools and equipment that can do it in a timely manner. This is a very important step to have done as soon as possible. The sooner that you are able to have this done the better it will be for the end result. There are times that you need to have what caused the flood to occur stopped before any work can be done.

Dry Carpet After a Water Leak

The next step that has to be taken is to make sure that the carpets care given time to dry. The carpets after water extraction still will be damp and need to be dried out. The process is usually done with commercial grade fans as well as open air windows. The drying process is not something that can be given a time because of the nature of the flood as well as the weather that is still in the area. The carpet has to be dried out before they can be treated so that you can then have them cleaned and get you living back in your house.

Cleaning & Deodorizing Carpets After a Flood

The last step that needs to take place will be to clean them and also to treat for any lingering odor. Water that has flooded the carpet can leave a musty and mildew smell that can be off putting for you and your family. Once they are clean they need to be treated for that odor as well as cleaned.

Water Damage Restoration of Carpet in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

To save your carpets after a flood or water damage emergency, it’s imperative you act quickly. Carpet Care 2000 can come out to your house and treat your carpets after water damage. Call us today!

Do you want your furniture to look as good as it did the day you bought it? If you take a minute to think about all the time you spend on your furniture you will realize that the upholstery can really take a beating. Your upholstered furniture can absorb dust, allergens, spills, oils and a host of other contaminants on a daily basis. When was the last time you have your upholstered furniture cleaned? If you don’t know, you’re overdue!

Benefits of Upholstery Cleaning

1. Cleaning enhances the way your upholstered furniture looks. Regular professional cleanings can make a big difference in the way your upholstery looks. It will remove stains and can add to a general radiance. If your furniture has started to look dull and drab, a professional cleaning is in order. Professional cleanings will also maintain color, so they never fade or change.
2. Cleaning can make your upholstery stronger. Upholstery can start to breakdown over time. This can be upsetting to notice as it signals that your upholstery is not as thick and strong as it used to be. Tiny specks of dust that have sharp edges can scrape against upholstery. Professional cleanings can remove destructive dust and lengthen the lifespan of your furniture.
3. Cleaning can remove allergens from couch. Allergens are nasty and can make life miserable. They can cause sneezing, itchiness, watery eyes and breathing problems. You can say goodbye to them when you have your upholstery cleaned by professionals.
4. Cleaning sofa makes your home smell good and fresh. Fabric has a way of holding onto odors. This is the reason that your upholstery might start to smell less than pleasant. Professional cleanings can remove yucky smells and offer deodorization that can make your home smell squeaky clean, not to mention your whole house.
5. Cleaning can protect your upholstery. Furniture can be very expensive, so you’ll want to hold on to it for as long as possible. A good way to do that is to protect it from destruction and wearing out. Professionals know how to clean any type of upholstery safely. The wrong cleaning method or solution can ruin your upholstery.

How Often Should You Have Upholstery Cleaned?

You can damage your upholstered furniture is you over clean the fabric. So, how often should you have it cleaned? Your upholstery should be vacuumed regularly. It’s the best way to keep it free of dust, dirt, and allergens. It’s also an important step to take before you have it cleaned by professionals. As far as how often you need to deep clean it, there are a couple of questions to ask yourself. How frequently is it used? Do you have children or pets? If you do, you will have clean it more often. Professional upholstery cleaning should be done at least once or twice every two years-. More if you notice a musty smell or visible stains.

Upholstery Cleaning & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

Vacuum and spot clean your upholstered furniture on your own but leave the deep cleaning to the professionals. You can count on Carpet Care 2000. Give us a call today!

Most people have some sort of system that they use to help keep their house clean. Clean houses bring so many different benefits that it is worth the effort required to have a system in place that they stick to. As you come up with your system it is important to think about all of the different areas of your house. Sinks, counters, mirrors, laundry, toilets, baths, showers, floors, windows, and so much more all need to be cleaned regularly. Many times as people make this list they forget at least one or two areas that need to be cleaned. One area that gets missed regularly is area rugs. Most homes have at least one area rug in them. If you do not take time to clean and maintain your area rugs they will not last for as long as they should. They will also look dingy. Today Carpet Care 2000 has some easy tips for you to take to help keep your area rugs looking fabulous.

Vacuum Area Rugs Often

First you will want to make sure that you vacuum your area rug on a regular basis. This sounds like a super simple tip but we have found over the years that this is one that is easily missed. If you have your kids doing chores and you have them vacuum the carpet you may know that you also mean rugs but your kids may not. We find this ends up being a common reason that area rugs do not get vacuumed as regularly as they should. The parents assume the kids is doing it and the kid literally has no idea that they are supposed to be doing it. Vacuuming your area rugs on a regular basis will help dirt from building up in the fibers of the rug. It will also prevent your area rug from getting frayed edges and worn edges.

Clean Up Spills on Area Rugs Right Away

Our second tip is that you should make sure that you clean up any spills on your area rugs as soon as you see them. Sometimes this gets tricky because you do not see the spill right away. Other times this is tricky because when you see the spill you simply do not have the time to sit down and clean it up properly. Avoid the urge to walk by the spill and come back to clean it up later. Clean any spills that you see as soon as you see them. If you have kids you will want to encourage them to come and tell you if there is a spill that occurred that they need help cleaning up properly. If you have a spill occur on your area rug that you do not know how to clean go and do some research online. Make sure that you know what kind of material your area rug is made out of when you search.

Area Rug Cleaning & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

Last but not least you should make sure that you routinely have your area rugs professionally cleaned. Just like you have our technicians here at Carpet Care 2000 clean your carpets it is equally important that you have us clean your area rugs. A professional cleaning will get out some of the dirt that you simply cannot reach with a regular vacuum. Contact us today!

Tile is a very durable surface that is used for flooring, countertops, and even siding. Tile itself is usually easy to keep clean, however grout or rough texture tile are not. Over time the grout lines become impacted with dirt and other substances that make the tile look dirty. Trying to keep tile and grout clean can be a major hassle as well as time consuming. However, professional cleaning services can help restore and clean the surface of tile and deep clean grout. Carpet Care 2000 will share the many benefits of professional tile and grout cleaning services.

Cleaner Tile & Grout

There are a lot of benefits when a professional comes to clean your home’s tile and grout. For starters the quality of the clean is far more superior. Professional cleaning services use enhanced cleaning solutions and machines that can clean the tile and grout deeper and with ease. When using a professional tile and grout cleaning service you can avoid hours of scrubbing or investing in expensive rentals and cleaners that don’t work nearly as well. Professional tile and grout cleaning services have invested in all of the quality cleaning equipment as well as the best cleaning solutions that only sold to licensed companies. Being better equipped, professional tile and grout cleaning service can clean the tile more efficiently and taking less of the time to do it.

Tile & Grout Sealer

Another benefit of professional cleaning and grout cleaning is the sealant used that can help keep the tile and grout cleaner longer. Since grout and some tiles can be porous this means liquids, grease, and dirt can get stuck and make the effort of the tile cleaning useless. However, this is why professional cleaning services use a sealant after cleaning the tile which can prevent dirt, grease, and liquids from entering. The sealant can also help prevent germs, and bacteria from contaminating the grout and tile.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Cost

Many homeowners find that using professional tile and grout cleaning service to be surprisingly affordable. Using a professional cleaning service help reduce the cost and time spent on cleaning the tile and grout. One of the biggest challenge is the grout. Grout has a ton of pores and has a rough texture that holds onto greasy, sticky substances that can also hold on to the dirt. This is why grout line are the hardest to maintain and keep clean. To clean the grout yourself require a lot of time and harsh cleaning chemicals. These cleaning chemicals are harsh on the lungs and can irradiates the skin, another more friendlier methods that many DIYers like is vinegar. However, even using vinegar requires a lot of effort and time.

Clean Floors Provide a Healthier Home

Many wonder if it is truly important to keep their tile and grout cleaning? Where tile won’t typically house mold; mildew, and bacteria can be present. Often mildew begin in the grout and spreads to the tile in bathrooms. Without properly cleaning the grout, mildew or mold can return. To have a truly clean and healthier environment the tile and grout should be kept cleaned.

Tile & Grout Cleaning & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

If you have tile and grout that require professional cleaning contact Carpet Care 2000. We provide an number of quality services including tile and grout cleaning. Contact Carpet Care 2000 and schedule our services today!

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

There are two categories of carpet cleaning methods. There is Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction and there is the Low Moisture method often called Dry Cleaning. We offer both services but we prefer Steam Cleaning which is the most recommended by carpet manufacturers. Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning also removes the most soil and leaves the carpet the cleanest.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are beautiful works of art which should not trust just any one to clean. Just as art restoration is a science so too is the meticulous cleaning of Oriental rug restoration. So careful is the process that we need to bring in these beautifully woven masterpieces to our shop to ensure proper care. We will come to your home, carefully remove the antique rug from the premises and expertly transport it to our facility.

Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Care 2000 is well equipped to handle all your upholstery cleaning needs. Usually performed on site in your home or office we come with all the equipment needed to take care of your fabric covered furniture. We place blankets on the floor to protect your furnishings and clean the furniture in place or set it outside on a deck, porch or garage when advantageous.

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