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Archives: June 2020

There are many types of flooring that people have in their homes. There are some people that love the look of hardwood and have it throughout the house. There are other people that like to mix the flooring options with a beautiful stone in some areas and carpet in rooms they want to add more comfort. When it comes to the flooring it is a good idea to know what the best way is to keep them clean. Carpets can be hard to clean because they tend to soak up spills and collect dirt, dust and debris. As a homeowner you know that you need to do your part to clean the floors but it is also a great idea to talk with a professional to have them cleaned as well. When you call to have your carpets cleaned professionally you want to make sure that you are prepared. There are some things that you can do to get ready for your carpet cleaning appointment. Carpet Care 2000 outlines how to prepare for your carpet cleaning appointment.

Clear Carpets of Heavy Furniture Before Cleaning

When you are getting ready to have your carpets cleaned you want to make sure that you pick a date that is best for you. The date should be one that you have time to do some work before the cleaning crew arrives at your house. Once you call and schedule your appointment it is a good idea to create space for them to clean. You want to do what you can to remove any furniture and rugs from the carpet. You can have them moved onto the tile or other hard flooring. The more that you can move from the carpet the more area the cleaners are able to treat. It can seem difficult to move all these things from the carpet but you will benefit in the end. There may be some that are not able to be moved and may have to stay in place.

Vacuum Carpets

You want to make sure that you get the most out of your professional services. When it comes to your carpets they are picking up dirt, dust and other particles that can be stuck in the carpet and should be removed before they are cleaned. One way to get the most out of your carpet cleaning service is to make sure that you clear the path then run your vacuum. This will help to get most of the mess off the carpet so that you can see what needs extra treatment.

Point Out Stains to Carpet Cleaners

You also want to make sure that you look around at the carpet and take notes about any problem areas. This might be spots that you know are prone to high traffic. It can be spots that you know that your pet has had accidents or where you spilled your cup of coffee. These areas should be pre-treated and that is why you need to be ready to let the professional know when they arrive.

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Carpet Care 2000 can come out to your house and clean your carpets and treat for unwanted stains. Call us today!

Granite is a very popular natural stone in many homes. Granite is a harder stone that is more scratch and stain resistant. However, just because it is more stain resistant than other stones doesn’t mean they will never get stains. As the granite’s sealer wears down, water and other stains can occur. When granite develops a stain there are steps you can take to remove the stain. Carpet Care 2000 will share how to remove stains on granite.

What is Etching & Stains on Granite?

Even though granite is a harder stone it is considered more delicate than synthetic countertop materials. Granite stone can develop etching or stains. It is important to be able to tell the difference between etching and stains. Etching is caused due to a reaction from an acidic or alkaline substance that came in contact with the stone. Etching often leaves an imprint into the stone and requires a professional repair service to remove the etching marks on the stone. Stain is when a liquid was absorbed into the stone. Water is the most common type of stain on granite which leaves behind a permanent wet spot on the stone. However, water is not always the cause of stains on granite.

Granite Stain Remover Poultice

A granite stain is caused by the absorption of moisture deep in the pores of granite. You will need a poultice based cleaner to remove the moisture in the stone. Poultice is super absorbent and can remove the moisture in the granite causing the stain. To remove the stain you will want to get a granite stain remover that is poultice based. One recommended granite stain remover that is poultice based is: Stone Care International Stain Remover. When removing a stain you will want to follow the granite stain removal directions. However, general rules apply. When applying the stain remover you will want to apply a ¼ inch thick application of the stain removing paste. You will want to cover the paste with a piece of plastic and then tape the edges to hold the plastic down. Poke a few tiny holes with a pin at the top of the plastic to allow air to escape. The paste will then need to time dry. Leave the poultice paste on the stain until it is fully dry which can take 12 to 24 hours. You can test the paste by poking it in the center. If it feels like dough, it is not dry enough. If the paste is hard, it is dry. When the paste is dry you can remove the plastic wrap. Gently remove the dried paste with a plastic scraper. After the paste is removed, clean the site with your preferred granite stone cleaner. Use a microfiber cloth and slowly rub the cleaner into the stone.

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Having a stain occur means the stone’s sealer has worn down. Water stains are a good sign that is it time to reseal your granite. However, make sure all of the stains are removed before resealing the stone or the stain will remain in the stone. Make sure before resealing your stone that all of the stains are removed first. For professional natural stone cleaning, sealing and much more, contact Carpet Care 2000 today.

Part of caring for your carpets to help extend their life and protect your investment is to vacuum on a regular basis. What most people don’t realize, is that there are some vacuuming mistakes that they could be making without even realizing it. This is why Carpet Care 2000 is here to share some vacuuming tips so that you can enjoy cleaner carpets that will last longer.

Vacuum in Both Directions

It can be easy to get into the habit of vacuuming your home using the same patterns. You likely do this task often enough that it becomes something you don’t give a lot of thought. When a task becomes simple muscle memory, you can work at it without even thinking about it. When vacuuming, you should avoid vacuuming in the same direction every time. When you choose to vacuum in the opposite direction that you did the last time, there is fine dirt and dust that is picked up that wouldn’t have been picked up otherwise.

Slow Down While Vacuuming

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when you are vacuuming. Vacuuming should be something that you take your time doing. If you are moving too fast, your vacuum doesn’t have the time to suck up all the debris that is in the fibers of your carpet. You will get more out of your vacuum if you take it a bit slower.

Use Your Dust Brush & Other Attachments

Your vacuum likely came with a bunch of attachments that you aren’t using on a regular basis. Without using them, you are probably not picking up all the debris that is found along the outer edges of your rooms. Using those edging tools at least once a month will increase the effectiveness of your vacuuming.

Vacuum Height Adjustment

Did you know that the beater bar in your vacuum can be adjusted according to the height of your carpet pile? If you have shaggy carpet with a high pile, you will need to have your beater bar set much higher than when you have a shorter pile. Many people don’t realize that they need to adjust their vacuum when switching between rooms with different flooring.

Dust Before You Vacuum

If your home is looking dusty, don’t dust the surfaces in your home before you vacuum your flooring. When you dust your home, it usually stirs up dust in the air and it lands on the carpet. If you have already vacuumed, that dust will settle down into the fibers and will be more difficult to remove later.

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Another part of maintaining your carpet is to have it professionally cleaned. If it has been a while since you last had your carpet professionally cleaned, call on the professionals at Carpet Care 2000 to keep your carpets in like new condition. Call us today!

When you choose to rent rather than buy, one of the driving forces is the fact that you don’t have to handle the repairs that come with regular wear and tear on a house or apartment. It is the responsibility of the landlord to make sure the house is a safe place for their tenants. However, there are some things that are a little blurry when it comes to the responsibility of the tenant versus the responsibility of the landlord to fix in a rental. Carpet Care 2000 is here to talk about whether or not carpet cleaning is the responsibility of a tenant or a landlord.

Are Dirty Carpets Unlivable?

There are definitely instances where the cleanliness of the carpet in your rental can be dirty enough that the place is considered unlivable. Honestly though, most people are talking about normal stains that happen on a daily basis. If you allow food and drink to be consumed in areas that have carpeted flooring, it can increase your risk of a spill happening and cleaning needing to be done. It is important to note that a spill or stain on the carpet from every day use, isn’t something that landlords tend to be in charge of cleaning. If a spill occurs on the carpet, it is a mess caused by the tenant and the tenant is therefore, in charge of cleaning it up.

Landlord Tenant Carpet Cleaning Law

If there is any question as to whether or not the landlord is responsible for cleaning it or you are, it is important that you know what your rights are and what your landlord is legally responsible for. Some of the most common places that you can look to find this information may be:
– County Building Codes
– State Tenant-Landlord Laws
– Terms of Your Lease
– Written or Oral Promises Made by the Landlord

Ideas to Get Your Carpet Cleaned

Following are a few ideas to get the ball rolling on getting your carpets cleaned.
– Talk to Your Landlord: If you have been a good tenant, your landlord may be more than willing to work with you to get your carpets taken care of.
– Repair Request: Sometimes it helps a landlord to see a request in writing. It may be worth your time to shoot and email or a text explaining what the problem is and what needs to be done to fix it.
– Mediation: Sometimes a third party that isn’t biased can be helpful in finding a solution that works for everyone. This is an avenue to take when nothing else has worked.

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If you are living in a home or apartment that is in dire need of carpet cleaning, you can turn to the experts at Carpet Care 2000 to help you get the filth out of your flooring. We are well versed in working with landlords and tenants alike. Call us today!

When buying an area rug it is important to know how to properly clean and care for the new decorative and functional piece in your home. Area rugs can range in their own care and needs. As each type of rug is made with a diverse blend of fabrics you must know the needs of your rugs. All too often homeowners will invest in a new area rug and make all too many cleaning mistakes. To ensure your area rug is properly cleaned and cared for, Carpet Care 2000 would like to share a few tips on how to care for area rugs and what mistakes to avoid.

Don’t Scrub an Area Rug Stain to Remove It

One of the most common mistakes made when cleaning area rugs and even carpets is scrubbing too hard at a stain. When cleaning area rugs you never scrub the stain. When you scrub a stain you don’t remove it you are only pushing the stain deeper into the rug and the stain will begin to spread out. When a stain occurs on an area rug you should use a blotting or dabbing motion to soak up and remove the stains. It can be hard to resist the urge to scrub at a stain but it only makes the matter worse.

Avoid Using the Wrong Rug Stain Remover

Not all area rugs will use the same fabrics or blend of fabrics. Due to various blends of fabrics it is important to use the right stain remover or area rug cleaner. If you use the wrong cleaner, it can damage the fibers of the area rug or cause color bleeding or discoloration. When cleaning stains or cleaning the rug in general, it is important to get the right type of cleaner. Most area rugs will have a tag with the fabric type and cleaning recommendations.

Never Skip Vacuuming Area Rugs

Both rugs and carpets need to be vacuumed to remove loose dirt and to stay clean. Too many homeowners neglect vacuuming their area rugs. When you need to remove stains or have the area rug cleaned it is essential that it is vacuumed first. If not vacuumed, the dirt will turn to mud and make the rug stiff and more dirty. Rugs need to be vacuumed just as much as carpets. When caring for area rugs it is important to vacuum them once a week just like you would carpet.

Skipping Rug Spot Test

When cleaning your area rug with a commercial cleaner or a homemade one, many people will not test it before using it. When cleaning your area rug it is very important to test your cleaners before using them as they can have a negative effect on the fabric. Some fabrics will become discolored or the dyes can bleed even when advertised to be safe on your types of rug. It is better to be safe than sorry. When using a cleaner for the first time, make sure to test it in a small discrete spot on the rug. Give it 30 minutes to see if there is any negative reaction.

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Area rugs can be a major investment, depending on its quality. If you wish to leave cleaning and caring of the rug to the professionals, contact Carpet Care 2000 today.

There are some areas of your life that you will use professionals for. You want to call your dentist when you have a tooth ache. You buy a ticket when you need to fly to a new city or state. You also would call to make an appointment with a vet when your pet is sick. There are many areas that you do not want to take on the task yourself but rather leave the work to a person that has expertise as well as training in that area. This is to make sure that the end result is something you are happy with. When it comes to some of the cleaning you need to do in your house, this should also be done by professionals. There are some great reasons that you should use a professional to clean your tile and your grout. Carpet Care 2000 outlines why you should call a professional to clean your tile and grout surfaces.

Professional Tile Cleaners Save You Time

When it comes to something that most people are trying to save is time. It seems that the work that is needed to be done by any individual outweighs the time that exists in a day. This is why people are busier than ever and need to find ways to cut down on the things they need to do. When it comes to cleaning your tile and your grout you will quickly find that it is time consuming and takes much more effort than you might have originally thought. That is why you want to hire a professional that can come out and use proper equipment to clean your tile and your grout. They have the tools that are needed to not only do a great job but also can do it in a fraction of the time that it would take you to do it yourself.

Remove Buildup from Grout with Professional Cleaning

A problem that you will find on your tile and your grout is that there is buildup. This can be dirt, dust, grime and even the cleaning products that you use. Over time these things will build up and cause the tile and the grout to look old and dingy. This build up can be removed when you hire a professional to come out. They can work to remove the buildup and polish the floors so that they look their best and can be sealed as well.

Avoid DIY Chemicals that Can Danage Tile Floors

When you clean your own tile and your grout you might be using chemicals that can cause some damage to the tile and the grout. The chemicals in the cleaners are harsh a
and can be problematic to the tile and the grout. The chemicals will break down the tile and can start to eat away at the grout. When you use a professional to clean your tile and your grout you can avoid these harsh chemicals.

Tile & Grout Cleaning in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California.

Carpet Care 2000 can come out to your house to clean your tile and grout. Call us today!

Did you just have your mattresses professionally cleaned? It is recommended by professionals to have your mattress deep cleaned by a professional every 3 to 5 years. However, in between professional cleanings the mattress will need to be maintained and have basic cleaning procedures to ensure a healthy night’s sleep. For those who do not know how to keep your mattresses cleaned properly, Carpet Care 2000 will share how to do basic mattress cleanings to ensure your mattress stays clean in between professional cleanings. Mattresses should have a maintenance cleaning about every three months. Mattresses can quickly accumulate dirt, dead skin, body oils, dust mites and more. This is why bedding should be washed once a week and the mattress cleaned every three months. After each maintenance cleaning it is also recommended to rotate the mattress to help extend its life.

Vacuum Mattress & Treat Stains

When cleaning a mattress, the first step is to vacuum the top and sides thoroughly. Using the upholstery attachment, vacuum the surface of your mattress. In so doing, make sure you go in different directions to remove the most amount of dirt and dust mites inside the mattress. Next, you will want to attend to any stains on the mattress. You don’t need to clean the entire surface unless desired. Only clean the stain with a stain remover. You can also use your own cleaning mixtures. Mix hydrogen peroxide with liquid dish soap and baking soda in a spray bottle and apply it to the stain. Use a cleaning cloth to blot or rub the stain. After the stains are cleaned and dry, you will want to deodorize the surface with baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and let it stand for 30 minutes. Then vacuum the baking soda off of the mattress. You will then want to flip and rotate the mattress around to avoid wearing down the inside of the springs in one place.

Disinfect Mattress

If the mattress was exposed to someone who had been sick or is prone to skin allergies, it is recommended to use a disinfectant and an antibacterial fabric spray. You can find a number of fabric cleaners that can disinfect and kill bacteria on a mattress. You can spray the mattress down and let it air out until bedtime. This will help keep the mattress free of bacteria. For those exposed to colds, flus, and other viruses, you can find a fabric spray that can kill viruses such as Dettol All in One Spray or Lysol Disinfectant Max Cover Spray.

How to Clean a Memory Foam Mattress

For those with memory foam mattresses you can use the same cleaning steps of vacuuming, spot cleaning and deodorizing. However, avoid using harsh cleaners especially when spot cleaning. When cleaning memory foam use a liquid dish soap and a touch of vinegar with water in a spray bottle. Memory foam will take much longer to dry so never soak the stains. Additionally, never use a blow dryer to attempt to speed up the drying process, it will melt the memory foam. Instead, you can use fans to help dry out the memory foam.

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For professional mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning and much, more contact Carpet Care 2000 and schedule our services today.

Having kids in the house rarely causes a dull moment. With the fun and excitement, the tantrums, and the fits, and everything in between, accidents on the carpets are bound to happen. Today, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to share a few of the common carpet stains that happen and how to address them.

How to Remove Orange & Other Color Soda Spills on Carpet

Kids love their brightly colored drinks. Purple, red, orange, and blue drinks are scary to see splattered across the carpets. Addressing these spills immediately makes removing more effective. Promptly blot the moisture with paper towels. Never scrub or rub to avoid increasing the mess. Mix 1 cup white vinegar, 1tsp mild dish soap and 1 cup of water in a misting spray bottle and spray on the spot once the drink is absorbed. Allow it to set 10 minutes, blot with a water-damp cloth and ensure it dries.

How to Get Chocolate Stains Out of Carpet

With too much sugar giving the kids extra energy, the chocolate is easily smeared on the carpet’s surface. Never avoid addressing the chocolate fingerprints or melted bars in the carpet, the longer it sits the harder it is to remove. If the chocolate is firm, scoop up and blot as much of the residue as possible, then vacuum any dry particles. Any residues left behind can be treated with 1/4 teaspoon of mild liquid dish soap with one cup of warm water use the mixture to dampen a clean cloth. From the outer edges towards the center, gently blot the chocolate. Make sure to rinse the area with a water damp cloth and dry well with a dry towel.

How to Get Gum Out of Carpet

When gum gets stuck on the carpet, it can almost break your spirits. Dab an ice cube on the gum and let it sit there for 1 minute, or until it becomes hard. You should be able to pull it off the carpet carefully once it is hard. If necessary, use a dull edged tool, such as spatula, to scrape the hard gum off.

Dried Blood Stain Removal from Carpet

Kids are just as accident prone as adults, sometimes more so. When a boo-boo strikes, the blood is likely to drip onto the carpets. Once the little ones are bandaged, treat the stain by mixing cold water with a grease-fighting dish detergent in a spray bottle and follow the steps described in the colored drinks. A cotton ball dabbed in hydrogen peroxide can also be effective, but it can potentially lighten the carpet.

How to Remove Ink from Carpet

Kids can find that ink pen the moment your back is turned. When they use your carpet as a notebook, the ink can be terrifying to see. Treat a few cotton balls with rubbing alcohol and gently sponge the alcohol on the carpet. Let it break up for about 30 minutes. Rinse the area with warm water and white vinegar mixture. Use a dry towel to blot the moisture as dry as possible.

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For any stubborn stains, you can count on Carpet Care 2000 to assist you with ensuring the stains are effectively removed.

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

There are two categories of carpet cleaning methods. There is Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction and there is the Low Moisture method often called Dry Cleaning. We offer both services but we prefer Steam Cleaning which is the most recommended by carpet manufacturers. Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning also removes the most soil and leaves the carpet the cleanest.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are beautiful works of art which should not trust just any one to clean. Just as art restoration is a science so too is the meticulous cleaning of Oriental rug restoration. So careful is the process that we need to bring in these beautifully woven masterpieces to our shop to ensure proper care. We will come to your home, carefully remove the antique rug from the premises and expertly transport it to our facility.

Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Care 2000 is well equipped to handle all your upholstery cleaning needs. Usually performed on site in your home or office we come with all the equipment needed to take care of your fabric covered furniture. We place blankets on the floor to protect your furnishings and clean the furniture in place or set it outside on a deck, porch or garage when advantageous.

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