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Guide to Carpet Types & Fibers

Commercial and residential properties throughout Tracy, Ripon, San Ramon, Pleasanton and the tri-city area of Livermore, Dublin and Danville California have a trusted resource when it comes to carpet cleaning and related services with Carpet Care 2000. Being completely licensed and insured and locally owned and operated, we are dedicated to bringing our customers our professional expertise at affordable rates. Understanding that customers are our biggest asset, you will find nothing but friendly customer service, traditional values, and superior execution on all services rendered on a consistent basis. Carpet Care 2000 technicians have the attributes and use high-end equipment and products to ensure maximum results.

Types of Carpet for Home & Business Premises

Carpet Care 2000 expands our customer services online and we have compiled a list of types of carpet and fibers for your consideration. Carpet types are pile fiber ends that are cut unevenly, which include several types:
Berber: Usually made from wool, nylon or olefin, Berber features large, uncut loops of natural-tone fibers that vary in size. It’s extremely stain resistant and a lot denser than most other carpets. Homes that have pets should avoid Berber however, as their claws can snag on the fibers.
Frieze: Frequently used for commercial settings carpets, the fibers have a short, durable, twisted pile fiber that is ideal for places that endure heavy foot traffic. The fibers of a frieze carpet curl in different directions, though it presents an informal look, they hide footprints and other common carpet marks.
Level loop: With a very smooth surface, the carpet contains tufted, uncut loops of equal height. Level loop provides easy to maintenance and increased durability because of the harder and stiffer fibers make this ideal for high-traffic areas and informal rooms.
Loop pile: Ideal for high traffic areas because of the durability stemming from the yarns that are looped and fastened to the backing. There are two types of loop pile carpeting; cut and loop or pattern.
Cut and Loop or Pattern: This allows for more options of textures and patterns. Sculptured pattern with varied levels of uncut low loops and sheared top loops are achieved by cut and loop. Considered softer, cut and loop doesn’t necessarily hold up as well as loop pile and the change in colors hide the soiling.
Saxony: Saxony is level-cut pile clipped to about 1/2 inch and its density offers soft yarn, smooth surfaces that offer a more formal presentation. Often referred to as plush, Saxony carpet can show footprints, seams, and vacuum marks.
Textured: Offering dense tuft, Textured has a very soft feel. Suited for any application with the casual appearance due to the two-toned yarn and an uneven surface, the Texture’s tight-twist construction contributes to soil resistance, and is the most popular carpet option.

Carpet Fibers

Acrylic: Out of any of the synthetic fibers, acrylic is the closest to wool. Because of the resistance to static, moths, soil, and mildew as well as its simplistic cleaning nature, acrylic is manufactured primarily for commercial use. Being less likely to fade in bright sunlight than nylon or polyester, acrylic is also available in a wide choice of colors to offer more diversity.
Nylon: With the strong fibers, ideal for heavy-traffic areas, nylon is the most common carpet material used. Easy maintenance, simple cleaning and the most durable of the synthetics, the nylon is soil and mildew resistant, but prone to static.
Olefin (polypropylene): Resistance to moisture, staining, pilling, shedding, mildew, water damage, and static makes it ideal for outdoor carpeting and basements. The durability and wool-like feel and appearance make it widely used for other applications.
Polyester: Polyester is versatile; having many textures and colors to choose from. It’s non-allergenic, resists moths and mildew, sheds moisture, and cleans easily. But the drawback is that it is susceptible to pilling and shedding and not as durable or as stain resistant as some of the other choices.
Triexta: Noted for its durability and stain resistance, Triexta is a newer carpet yarn that is a good option for households with children or pets.
Wool: With excellent resilience and durability due to the tightly packed, wool offers a deep, rich look and feel. Wool carpet tends to be more expensive than the synthetic options.

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