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Upholstery & Sofa Cleaning

Did you know that your couches, sofas and upholstered chairs can be just as dirty as your carpets? You and your family are out for a long day at work or school and come home to relax on the sofas and couches to unwind. This means that all the dirt, dust and debris that you collect being outside is now getting on your upholstery. People also shed skin particles and many families have furry pets that shed hair and dander.

Sofa Cleaning Removes Dust, Allergens, Pollutants & Contaminants

Just think about all the microscopic dust that is constantly flowing through most homes. These particles and dust will land on the surfaces in your home which is why you take time to vacuum, dust and wipe down counters regularly. The problem is that often homeowners and renters miss a huge area that still has the same dust and dirt. Every time you sit down, the dirt is being disturbed and can float back in the air making your attempt to clean nearly pointless. Just like you would not shower and throw on some dirty clothes, you should not skip having your upholstery cleaned on a regular basis.

Hire a Professional To Clean Your Upholstery

If you want to be sure that you have clean upholstery such as couches and chairs you want to hire a professional. This is not a task that is recommended to do on your own. You can easily damage the fabric and possibly over soak the padding which can lead to mold and mildew to grow. A professional has the experience and the tools to do the job right and be sure to remove any spots or stains on the fabric.

Can Professional Upholstery Cleaning Remove Pet Stains, Hair & Dander?

Removing pet stains, hair and dander is one of the biggest bonuses to hiring a professional to clean your couch and sofa. It is also one of the top complaints among pet owners. If you have a pet that spends time on your upholstery you are sure to have a pet hair problem at the least. This can be rectified by a good upholstery cleaning company. The technician can also treat odor and pet urine stains too.

Carpet Care 2000 can clean any upholstered piece of furniture that is in your home or business. Call Carpet Care 2000 to make your appointment today!

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