Carpet Care 2000 diligently supplies a number of services to the commercial businesses and residential homes of Tracy, Ripon, San Ramon, Pleasanton and the tri-city area of Livermore, Dublin and Danville of California. Being fully licensed and insured gives us the opportunity to offer up our professional expertise and do so with affordable prices. Our technicians have been masterfully trained, possess years of experience, and have remarkable skills that permit them to be more than qualified to tackle any project assigned to them that is associated with our service menu. Carpet Care 2000 leading professionals utilize premium products and equipment sold only to licensed professionals to ensure our valued customers get the most effective and maximum results. Carpet Care 2000 not only executes phenomenal services, but we are committed to high morals and work ethics and applying friendly customer service.

Best Upholstery Cleaners for Old Dog Urine, Feces, Vomit & Saliva Stains

Carpet Care 2000 offers pet stain and odor removal to local homes and if need be, businesses. Pet odors and stains, particularly from dogs, can occur in any home, or even commercial establishments, as long as animals are present. Whether you have pets that have chronic accidents or the occasional dribble, having the stains and odors can be a challenge to remove. Urine, droppings, and even vomit can blemish the upholstery. The odors attached can be very potent. More often than not, treating the pet accident in your home or business can increase the odds of removing the stain and residing odors without any issues, however for the accidents that have a chance to set, or multiple accidents, the stains and odors can dominate your home.

Enzyme Cleaner for Dog & Cat Urine Stains

In order to effectively lift a stain and defeat odors, understanding the properties of pet stains and odors is essential. Pet expulsions are protein based, and with protein based stains, enzymes are required to remove the stains and neutralize the odors. With Carpet Care 2000 the commercial businesses and residential homes can rely on our pet stain and odor removal service to use our specially formulated enzyme upholstery formula to extract pet stains and dissolve the attached odors. The acid found in pet urine can alter certain upholstery dyes, in which it can permanently distort the color; as a result, it is important to get these stains and odors removed as quickly as possible. When your pet’s byproducts penetrate your upholstery; it spreads out more so than what the surface stain suggests, especially if your pet is a repeat offender and tends to urinate in the same general area. Pet urine doesn’t just contaminate the surface layer, but it will also soil the upholstery padding. Carpet Care 2000 treats pet stains with enzyme and deodorizing agent formula that saturates the upholstery to fully and efficiently extract stains and odors, along with being environmentally friendly and safe for people and pets.

Dog & Cat Pet Hair Urine, Poop, Vomit & Saliva; Sofa & Couch Upholstery Stain Removal & Odor Neutralizer in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

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