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Wool, Silk & Cotton Antique Oriental & Persian Area Rug Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning 2000 has been providing a number of cleaning and restoration services throughout the Tracy, Ripon, San Ramon, Pleasanton and the tri-city area of Livermore, Dublin and Danville California for years. We are fully insured and licensed to give our valued customers unbeatable prices and high quality work. Each or our experienced technicians has advanced training in all areas of services we offer and every service we perform is done thoroughly.

Well Maintained Area Rug Equipment & High Quality Cleaning Detergents

Carpet Cleaning 2000 utilizes exclusive professional grade equipment and products to achieve superior clean. In conjunction with premium products and equipment, our rising star technicians are diligent in their work, and strive to make each service a lasting impression.

Wool, Silk & Cotton Antique Oriental & Persian Rug Cleaning

Just as carpets need periodic professionals cleaning, so do your rugs. Rugs are generally made with specifics fibers, and they require special cleaning protocols, that Carpet Care 2000 professionals are well familiar with. Here is a general breakdown.
Wool Rug Cleaning. Wool is often chosen due to its durability, water and stain resistance and, good heating insulation properties and pleasant feel. Wool rugs are optimal in high traffic areas. As a result, they need a good deep clean every so often to pull up the deep rooted soil and debris along with moisture it draws in.
– Silk Rug Cleaning. Rugs manufactured with silken materials offer a delightful sheen and soft touch. They are tear resistant and extremely luxurious. Where they offer sophistication and elegance, they do not do well in rooms that emit high moisture levels and their less sturdy vulnerability makes them unable to take on high traffic areas. Silk rug cleaning should be executed by professionals as their sensitive nature could cause unsuspecting damage to the untrained person.
Cotton Rug Cleaning. Strong and stable but soft and appealing, these natural fibers make cotton rugs commonplace in any California home. Cotton absorbs and attracts dirt. Periodic professional cleaning services can completely remove the dirt buildup, revealing the natural beauty of your cotton rug.
Antique Rug Cleaning. Antique rugs are especially sensitive, and need the soft caress of the professional handler in cleaning them. Antique rugs are aged and therefore sensitive to cleaning aids. Carpet Care 2000 professionals have extensive training when caring for antique rugs. When yours is in need of cleaning, don’t look any further.
Oriental Rug Cleaning. Oriental rugs are designed to be bold and vibrant. With carpet fibers engineered into the manufacturing, they too need exceptional tender love and care. Carpet Care 2000 specialists can care for your oriental rugs with sensitivity and gentleness.

Professional Rug Cleaning in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & The East Bay of California

Other carpet rug materials include leather, bamboo, jute, sisal, seagrass, synthetic, polypropylene, sheepskin and chenille. No matter the materials, age or composition of your area rugs, you can have peace of mind that Carpet Care 2000 is cleaning them with precision and care. Each requires its own technique and specially formulated detergents to achieve a full clean, sanitized and deodorized treatment, to expel freshness and vibrancy. For all your area rugs, count on Carpet Care 2000 to provide the ultimate cleaning service. Call us today for all your floor and upholstery cleaning and restoration services.

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