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Air Filtration Soiling Stain Prevention, Remover & How Water Extraction Steam Carpet Cleaning in Dublin, CA

Filtration soiling or draft soiling appears as dark areas or spots along the edge of carpeted rooms and under doorways. In extreme cases it can also be found in areas closer to the middle of rooms. Filtration soiling may also be referred to as fogging or dust marks and is caused by contaminated air blowing across or through the carpet. Think of your carpet as though it were a huge filter which catches dirt and removes it from the air. The resulting dirt and debris not only looks unsightly it can be difficult to remove without professional intervention.

What Causes Carpet Filtration Soiling?

In the majority of cases, the airflow is created by your heating and air system, the thermal expansion or the contraction of air along with natural air currents throughout your homes structure. It can also be caused by air blowing through windows which remain open on a regular basis. Other causes of filtration soiling include:
• Gaps under the baseboard which create black lines
• Gaps between floorboards which can allow dust to travel upwards
• Holes in the carpet caused by nails
• Gaps under doors
• Gaps under between drapery and the carpet
• Air vents

How to Prevent Soil Filtration from Occurring in Your Home or Business

Dirt and debris can become deposited deep down in the carpet pile, even as far down as the backing of your carpet. To help prevent the damage from soil filtration, vacuum and wipe the edges of your carpet regularly along with scheduling your professional carpet cleaning appointment with your Carpet Care 2000 carpet cleaning specialist. Filtration soiling is further amplified by items that produce smoke such as cigarettes and burning candles. Leaving your inside doors open as much as possible will also help prevent filtration soil from accumulating in doorways.

Preserve Your Carpets with a Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning

In addition to your regular vacuuming protocol, your Carpet Care 2000 carpet cleaning specialist recommends deep cleaning your carpets at least twice a year. Our revolutionary cleaning protocols are designed to remove the sticky soil and oily build up that vacuuming alone won’t remove. Oils from cooking vapors, air pollution, pet dander and dirt tracked into your home and deposited onto the fibers of your carpets can cause a gradual and significant change in the colors of your carpeting. While the color of your carpet is in no way lost completely, it is buried under a film which will continue to allow dry soil to be attracted and buried in the carpet fibers.

Hot Water Exaction Removes Filtration Soiling & Ground In Dirt from Carpets

Your Carpet Care 2000 carpet cleaning specialists recommend the use of specially formulated cleaning solutions combined with a powerful hot water extraction system which is specially designed to remove all traces of dirt and other debris from your carpets. The hot water extraction process consists of applying the cleaning solution deep into the carpet pile before using the extractor to remove all traces of soil and cleaning solutions which are then deposited into a truck mounted unit parked outside your home. One of the many benefits of this system is that it only requires a short period of down time which means your carpets will be cleaned and sanitized and ready for use again almost immediately. Our professional carpet cleaning is designed to remove at least 97% of dirt and bacteria from your carpeting along with dramatically increasing the lifespan of your carpets.

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