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Are Carpet Powder Deodorizers Safe or Bad to Breathe & Harmful for Your Vacuum in Walnut Creek, CA?

We have all been there; you notice an unpleasant smell permeating from your carpets so so run to the nearest grocery store and grad a carpet deodorizer in the hopes it will get rid of the unpleasant smell once and for all. In theory, this quick fix sounds like a great idea; after all, it’s cost-effective and easy to apply. The reality is, you could be damaging your carpets and rugs and, even worse, cause harm to your family and pets. Carpet Care 2000 outlines why you should call a professional to deodorize your carpets rather than resort to harmful powder deodorizers.

Is Carpet Powder Bad for Your Vacuum?

According to one local vacuum repair shop owner, carpet powders, even those containing baking soda, can damage your expensive vacuum and filters. Carpet powder is extremely fine and can easily slip through the carpet to your subflooring, making it next to impossible to remove with a residential vacuum cleaner. Worse still, if the powder comes in contact with any moisture such as a spilled soda or pet urine, it will form a paste that will become trapped under the carpet pad, causing a terrible odor that is impossible to get rid of without removing the carpet altogether.

Is Carpet Powder Toxic?

Carpet powders and deodorizers have been available at your local grocery store for many years. They are a popular choice for neutralizing smells and making homes smell clean and fresh, but do they cause damage to your carpets and harm you and your family? Despite their popularity, carpet deodorizers have several drawbacks, including damaging the carpet fibers and exasperating illness in humans and pets, making them susceptible to allergies and breathing issues.
• Trapped in Fibers: Unless you have a high-tech or industrial vacuum, the carpet powder will stick and become trapped in the carpet fibers over time. When this happens, dirt sticks to powder residue and becomes further trapped within the fibers creating a petri dish for bacteria to grow. Bacteria affect the air quality within your home, causing respiratory issues in those prone to allergies and other illnesses.
• Children & Pets: Children and pets often spend time on the floor playing, and pets particularly love to roll on the carpet. Several of the chemicals found in carpet deodorizers are toxic and can cause skin irritation and allergies in your children and furry family members.
• Liquid Freshener Spray Deodorizers: Don’t be lulled into a force sense of security with liquid deodorizers. In fact, according to carpet manufacturers, liquid deodorizers can cause substantial damage to your carpet and, in some cases, even void the manufacturers warranty.

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You must understand what chemicals you are using on your carpets and furnishings to ensure they are safe for your carpets and family members. It’s easy to be lulled into a false sense of security by the alluring aromas; after all, how can something that smells so amazing be so wrong? Instead of purchasing inferior products that mask the smell and damage carpet fibers, contact Carpet Care 2000 and schedule an appointment for professional carpet cleaning and deodorizing. The experts at Carpet Care 2000 use high-quality products recommended by carpet manufacturers that are deemed safe for your flooring, pets, and you and your family. To learn more about residential and commercial carpet cleaning, deodorizing, pet stain & odor removal, area rug cleaning, and much more, contact the experts at Carpet Care 2000 today.

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