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Burnt Carpet from Matches, Hot Iron, Hair Dryers or Straighteners in Dublin CA? How to Remove Burn Marks & Fix Melted Carpet

Have your little ones inadvertently found some matches, or did your carpets get singed from a cigarette or candle? Regardless as to the cause of the incident, you now have a burn mark on your carpets. Most believe it is hopeless and that you can’t fix carpet that has been burned. However, depending on the severity of the burn, you could actually repair your carpet and remove the burn stain. Carpet Care 2000 will share a few methods on how to remove burn marks and get them out of your carpets.

Cut Out Burnt Carpet Fibers & Replace with Remnant

The first and easiest way if the carpet hasn’t been burned too badly is to start by using some scissors and cut out the burned part of the carpet. Afterward, use some remnants of the carpet if you have them or cut out a corner or edge piece that won’t be seen and glue it into the carpet fibers, where the burn spot was removed. Whenever you replace carpet it is always wise to keep a few of the left over pieces in the event you need to make some of these types of repairs.

Carpet Patching

If a remnant doesn’t exist, there is another method. Once again cut out the burned part of the carpet like before. Use a mild detergent and clean around the affected area with a sponge. Then cut out a larger piece of carpet, bigger than the burned spot in an unseen area or with left over pieces. Then trim the piece or carpet until it fits snugly into the burned area. Once finished, place the new piece of carpet on top of the burned area. When trimming the new or replacement pieces use a utility knife, and then glue it down. Here is where things change up. After waiting a few hours for the glue to dry, check to make sure it is secured in place. Use a pet brush or comb to blend the edges together. Take some hot water and a cloth. Dip the cloth into the hot water and rub the areas to help blend the two colors together.

How to Fix Cigarette Burn Holes in Carpet

Here’s a method for cigarette burns. Typically cigarette burns are much more mild burns and easier to deal with. First use sand paper and rub away the top of the burned surface. Then vacuum up the residue. If a few of the fibers were scorched deeper than the rest of the burned area, cut those pieces out, but not the whole spot like deeper burn marks we just talked about. Now there should be some mild discoloration. Create a cleaning solution of 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 10 parts water. Blot at the stain with a cloth. Make sure you start from the outside and work your way towards the center of the stain. Finally, rinse by blotting with straight water and then allow the area to dry.

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When carpets get burned, it can be a challenge to repair the affected area. If possible always keep the left over carpet pieces on hand for these types of repairs. If you find you need assistance in repairing or cleaning your carpets, upholstery and other surfaces, Carpet Care 2000 provides a wide range of services. Contact us today.

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