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Can a Water Damaged Mattress Be Saved in Pleasanton, CA? How to Deep Clean & Sanitize

If you have had a major roof leak or a pipe break and your mattress just got soaked, you may wonder if you can recover your mattress or if you will need to replace it. When your mattress gets soaked, there are some situations where you may be able to restore the mattress. Carpet Care 2000 will break down how to restore a mattress that has water damaged.

Assess Mattress Water Damage

When a mattress has been soaked by water, you will need to assess how much water is in the mattress. Not only will you need to determine how much water is in the mattress, but how long the water has been setting inside. The longer water has been sitting inside your mattress the harder it will be to recover it. Mold and bacteria will begin to bloom inside the mattress within about 48 hours after intense moisture exposure. If your mattress has been soaked for an extended period of time, you will need to throw it out and buy a new mattress. If the mattress was super soaked or was submerged in water, it can be very difficult to extract all of the moisture. If your mattress was submerged, you will want to seek professional mattress cleaning. Additionally, recovering a water damaged mattress can be very intense and often homeowners do not have all of the tools needed. If you find yourself in that situation, do not hesitate to seek professional mattress cleaning services. On a side note, if the mattress was damaged by dirty water, such as sewer water or dirty water that flood inside from outside of the home, simply get rid of the mattress.

How to Recover a Water Damaged Mattress

When you want to recover a mattress after has had recent water damage, you will need to act quickly to save the mattress. You will need to prevent mold and bacteria from developing in the mattress. When the mattress has been soaked, you will need to dry the mattress out quickly. You will want to use a dry cloth or towel and press down on the saturated areas. If the entire mattress got wet you will need an extraction machine to suck out the water. A professional service will have them if you do not. Once most of the moisture has been removed, move the mattress into a sunny spot, either in front of the window or if it is a sunny day outside works to. Sunlight is great as it can speed up the drying process and even prevent bacteria and mold. You will want to use a lot of baking soda and cover the top of the mattress. The baking soda will help absorb any remaining moisture and help prevent the development of mold.

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A professional mattress cleaning service can help by deep cleaning the mattress and using cleaning agents that kill and prevent mold. For your best chances of preventing mold, you may want to consider hiring a professional mattress cleaning service at this point. By taking steps to dry and treat the mattress with baking soda, a professional service can help do the rest. If you need help deep cleaning and recovering a mattress exposed to water damage, contact Carpet Care 2000 today.

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