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Can You Use Bleach or Acid on Porcelain Tiles in San Ramon, CA? Are You Using the Wrong Tile & Grout Cleaning Products?

There seems to be shelves of cleaners that claim to be specialized towards every area of your life. You can buy a bottle of cleaner to use on your bathtub while another claims to work on mirrors. Then you have kitchen cleaners for stone counters, stainless steel sinks and hardwood floors. It can be extremely difficult to get through the amount of cleaners and choose the best ones for your cleaning needs. One of the issues is that you want the product to do what it is supposed to do. You also assume that the cleaner being sold to you is safe and won’t cause damage to your surfaces they are used on. The problem is that some of the chemicals that are in these cleaners can be damaging to your tile, grout, hardwood, stone and carpet. You need to take good care with what products you use on a particular surface.

Carpet Care 2000 List Things You May Be Cleaning With That Could Be Damaging Your Tile & Grout

Can You Use Bleach on Porcelain Tiles?: When you want to clean something as well as sanitize, most people reach for the bleach. Bleach is a great cleaner to use for whitening clothes as well as sanitizing surfaces. The biggest problem is that the tile may be able to withstand the extreme chemicals but the grout will suffer for sure. The grout is much more porous and once the bleach soaks into the grout lines, it can easily start to loosen and break down the grout. Once the grout has been compromised it no longer is holding the tile in place and keeping out spills and water. If you use bleach, the tile over time will start to lose the shine that once existed.
Using Acid To Clean Tile: It may seem weird to use acid to clean your floors but it happens. When you buy a cleaner at the store and choose to use it be sure that you read the ingredients. It may surprise you to find that there is acid in the cleaner. The issue is that acid will break down the grout extremely fast and can make a hug impact on it within two applications.
Can You Use Dish Soap to Mop Tile?: If you think about your mother washing the floors the memory is most likely a mop bucket that has warm water and dish soap from the sink. Soap is soap and is used in many cleaning products so what could possibly be the problem? The issue is that dish soap is a very hard substance to remove completely. That means that once you think your done there is still soap residue on the tile and grout. This will allow dirt to accumulate faster and that can end up causing the grout to deteriorate and the floors to get dirty faster.

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The best way to ensure that your tile and grout is cleaned properly call a professional. We have the equipment as well as cleaners that are safe to use on tile and grout. Carpet Care 2000 can handle your floor and upholstered furniture cleaning needs.

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