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Can Your Wrinkled Carpet Be Repaired With Stretching in San Ramon CA or Your Damaged Carpet with Patching?

The cost to replace the carpets in any home is substantial. Most people assume that as their carpets gets old or damaged that the only option is to replace them completely and start fresh. This is an option that you can go with if you have the money set aside and can afford to have new carpets added. The cost of new carpets doesn’t end with just the carpet though – you have to also pay for the padding and installation as well. It is actually a reasonable option if you carpets are over 10 years old but another option you can go with is much more cost effective and can have your carpets looking better in less time and with much less money out of your pocket. This option is to have the carpet stretched or patched. These are both ways to improve the look of the carpet and have the carpets lasting longer.

Carpet Care 2000 outlines how carpet stretching and carpet patching can extend the life of your carpets.


Carpet Stretching Services to Remove Wrinkles

When you come home and start to notice that there are areas of the carpet that have lifted from the padding or tack strips you might need to have it stretched. You may notice small bumps and lumps in the carpet, sometimes even right in the middle of the room. The carpet may have come unattached from the securing system and has moved around so much that it is causing the carpet to bunch up. The carpet bunching can be a tripping hazard and even cause trouble when opening and closing doors. A professional that has the ability and expertise in stretching carpet can repair these issues for a fraction of the cost of replacing it. Stretching is where the technician will use specialized tools to hit the carpet and pull it from the center and over to the edges. They will be tacked back down to the edge and secured so that it should not lift up again.

Carpet Patching Service

If you have ever had someone drop some bleach, nail polish or other stain that is impossible to remove, you may need to have a patch done. If you have a pet that has scratched a hole in the carpet and caused damage that can be seen in an area that you want to look nice, you also will need to have a patch done. When the professional carpet repairman comes out and patches an area, we will often find a small closet or other inconspicuous area that a piece of carpet can be removed from. The piece that has been removed can be replaced in the damaged area and sealed so that it looks completely finished and blends in seamlessly. This is called almost invisible patchwork!

If you have a damaged piece of carpet that needs patching or a loose piece of carpet that needs stretch call Carpet Care 2000 in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House & Danville California Today!

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