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Carpet Care Myths in Dublin, CA; DIY Carpet Shampooing is Just as Good as Hiring a Professional Cleaner, New Carpets Don’t Need Cleaning & More

There are a surprising number of myths floating around the carpet cleaning industry. Filtering through them all could possibly take a lifetime. Carpet Care 2000 would like to take the opportunity to take the most common carpet cleaning myths and set the record straight!

Carpet Care & Cleaning Myths

Myth: The carpet always quickly becomes filthier following a professional cleaning.
Fact: Maybe once in the earlier years of carpet shampooing, this myth was true. It would leave behind a residue that attracted dirt. With modern advances, the detergents and equipment used by professionals are now designed to extract the filth and detergents to eliminate the residue that attracts the dirt.
Myth: Too much vacuuming ruins carpet.
Fact: There isn’t a possibility that any amount of vacuuming can expedite the deterioration of your carpet. If you house attracts a lot of dirt, dust, and debris, vacuuming twice a day will help suction out the dirt before it has time to penetrate deep into the carpet.
Myth: DIY carpet shampooing is just as good as a professional.
Fact: The standardized carpet cleaners for ownership or rent can adequately disperse the water and detergents, but is challenged by extracting all the moisture and dirt. Water left to fester can be the beginning of mold growth. Professionals utilize industrial strength, premium grade equipment and products to ensure maximum cleaning.
Myth: You can save money by purchasing cheaper carpeting.
Fact: An unfortunate myth. The cheaper the carpet is the lower quality fibers and poor manufacturing was executed, resulting in carpets that don’t last long. Investing in the higher quality carpets is optimal for long term use.
Myth: Steam cleaning treatments damage carpets.
Fact: The amateur can misuse the equipment and use wrong detergents that will ruin carpets during a steam cleaning. Professionals however, have advanced training and knowledge concerning carpet types as well as equipment and detergent use; leaving your carpets well preserved and cleaned.
Myth: Carpets that don’t look filthy or carry any stains, don’t need a professional cleaning.
Fact: Carpets can mask the dirt better than others and the filth can be lingering deep in the fibers and after time the dirt, bacteria, and debris builds up. Dirt is abrasive to carpets and with normal walking traffic, sandpaper like effect occurs that will wear the carpet out much sooner.
Myth: New carpets don’t need professional cleaning for years.
Fact: Carpets should be cleaned annually. Once new carpet reaches a year old, a professional cleaning should be applied. Dirt and soil that has not reached the surface are building up. Once carpets appear dingy and dull, the buildup has already done some damage. By investing in the professional cleaning sooner you can extract the dirt and debris before the deterioration occurs. Your carpet can last longer while maintaining its vibrancy and freshness.
Myth: To keep carpets clean and fresh, and application of carpet deodorizer powder is enough.
Fact: Carpet powders cause unnecessary damage if they are over used. It is impossible for the vacuum to collect all the powder, and the particles left behind penetrate down in the surface, causing the sandpaper like effect dirt and grit creates.
Myth: Because professional cleaning is expensive, it should only be done when necessary.
Fact: Professional carpet cleaning has become a common service in recent decades. With the market being competitive, prices of most carpet cleaning professionals are quite affordable. A regularly scheduled professional cleaning prolongs carpet life, controls allergen containments, and reduces bacteria to improve the indoor air quality.
Myth: Hard surface floors can eliminate allergies.
Fact: Actually, carpet fibers trap more allergy components that can be easily extracted by regular cleaning, where hard surface floors just wafts the contaminates back into the air with daily activities.

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