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Carpet Cleaner Myths in Altamont, CA; Is Dry as Good as Steam Cleaning to Remove Dirt, Stains & More?

We all know what it feels like to have sand in between our toes. The way it feels as we scrunch our toes together. Dirt in your carpet will do the same thing to the fibers of your carpet when we walk on it. This damages it and breaks the fibers down. When carpets are dirty, they don’t last as long as they are designed to. Did you know that you should have your carpets professionally cleaned every six months? You may even have it do it more often than that depending on whether or not you have children and/or pets or if it receives a lot of foot traffic. It’s important to vacuum on a regular basis because dirt can actually scratch carpet fibers. Dirt and oils will then stick to these scratches and become harder to remove with your vacuum cleaner, leaving it looking dirty. The longer you go in-between vacuuming the more damage there will be and you may be left with traffic lanes and permanent soiling. You may find yourself spending money to replace your carpet sooner than you thought.

Is Carpet Cleaning Only to Remove Dirt?

Wrong. There are many pollutants that end up in and on your carpets. Pollen, bacteria, fungus, cigarette smoke to name a few. Your family and friends track them into your home every time they enter. Think about how often you clean your kitchen floor. Doesn’t your carpet deserve to be cleaned at least twice a year? Clean your carpets for hygienic reasons not just because it looks dirty. Carpet cleaning is also done to remove allergens. Carpeting acts like a giant filter, trapping allergens so you’re not breathing them in. When that giant filter becomes full it can no longer do that and you’ll be breathing in dust, pollen, fungus, spores and other gross stuff.

Is Dry Carpet Cleaning as Good as Steam Cleaning?

Wrong. Dry cleaning methods are great for in between cleanings, but they will not rinse your carpet in any way. That means you’ll have soil left behind to attract more dirt and your carpet will feel half clean. The best way to have your carpets cleaned is with the hot water extraction method- that means a hot water solution, under high pressure. The most effective hot water extraction cleaning comes with truck-mounted equipment. Water is heated to higher temperatures that will break up dirt, bacteria, pollen and other chemicals in your carpet. The machine will then use a powerful suction to draw all the dirt and chemicals out of the carpet.

Is the Right Cleaning Equipment All it Takes to Clean Carpets Properly?

Wrong. A company can have the best equipment in the world but if the technician isn’t trained properly your carpets will not be cleaned in the best way possible. Along with the right equipment comes the right solutions. Hire professionals to ensure the best and most effective products are used on your carpets.

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