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Carpet Cleaning Facts in Tracy, CA; Pretreatment, pH Cleaners, Stain Protection & More

Carpets act a lot like filters that trap all sorts of nasty debris like dust, dirt and allergens that can cause problems. You need professional carpet cleaning to remove this debris. Carpet fibers age and will wear down over time. When carpets get worn down, they won’t feel so soft on your feet anymore. The soil that becomes embedded in the fibers will make it feel like sandpaper and will continue to wear away at it every time you walk on it. There are some facts about carpet that can make cleaning them easier and more effective.

Carpet Cleaning Facts

1. Carpet Pretreatment. Pre-treating carpet is an important step if you’re cleaning your carpet yourself or hiring professionals. The process of pre-treating loosens and softens the dirt and debris that is trapped in your carpet. It’s easy for these to get embedded because we walk on our carets every day.
2. Less Carpet Cleaning Solution is Best. The idea that more is better doesn’t apply to carpet cleaning solutions. Using more cleaning solutions can be bad for your carpet. Leftover cleaning residue can cause your carpet to stain more easily because it attracts more dirt and debris. Foam solutions and powder detergents can be used but need to vacuumed out completely. Otherwise soil particles will bond to the chemicals, making stain worse.
3. PH Factor of Carpet Cleaners. The pH tolerance of cleaning solutions is important in cleaning carpets. When you hire professionals, they can determine the right pH for your carpet type and the condition it’s in. The fibers and the color of your carpet can be changed permanently if you use cleaning solutions that are too acidic or too alkali. Carpets that are stain resistant are even more sensitive to the wrong solutions.
4. Brush Carpet Stains Lightly. It makes sense that some stains will need a lot of scrubbing to remove them, but there isn’t really much scrubbing needed to remove spots and stains. Blotting is important along with working from the outside of the stain in. If you aren’t happy with the results after you have cleaned, it’s important not to use a carpet protector on the area. All this does is “glues the dirt in” and will make it even harder to remove in the future. Try to remove it again or call in the professionals.
5. Carpet Stain Protection. Even if your carpets are stain-resistant, these protectants will eventually wear down. The best way to keep your carpets looking their best is to use a stain protectant after each professional clearing or at least once a year. If you buy it yourself, remember to do a patch test to see if it affects your carpet.
6. Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solutions. If professional cleaning isn’t in your budget, there are some solutions you can mix up. Liquid detergent and cold water, white vinegar and cold water or vinegar, dishwashing detergent and baking soda.

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Hopefully these facts help you understand carpet cleaning better. Carpet Care 2000 is ready to professionally clean your carpets. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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