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Carpet Cleaning FAQ in San Ramon, CA; How Long Do Professional Cleaners Take & More

As many manufacturers recommend, carpets should be professionally deep cleaned one or two times a year. Being the demand is high across the nation, there are many carpet cleaning companies that offer such services. With your routine maintenance in conjunction with deep cleaning from a professional, your carpets are in better health, condition, and look good for far longer than neglected maintenance. Today, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to answer the most common of the frequently asked questions regarding consumer carpet cleaning services.

FAQ Regarding Carpet Cleaning

Is professional carpet cleaning pricey?
Most reputable carpet cleaning companies offer affordable rates, as this is a competitive industry. In comparison to having to replace the carpets with neglected maintenance, carpet cleaning once or twice a year is not much.
How long does professional carpet cleaning take?
There are many factors that detail the length of time it takes to clean carpets, so it is not a definitive answer; the size of the area needing to be cleaned, the method used, and how dirty the carpets are a few examples. Your technician can estimate the time it takes after evaluating the project.
Will carpet cleaning interfere with family daily activities?
Daily routine can be minimally interfered with as the technicians clean and you have to wait until the carpets are dried to resume foot traffic. However, most companies are flexible and will come for the service according to your convenient schedule.
How often should you clean your carpets?
Carpet manufacturers recommend every 6 to 12 months to clean the carpets professionally, and those in the industry agree to keep the carpets in optimal condition. Additionally, in order to validate the warranty, many times scheduled professional cleaning is mandatory.
How long to wait to walk on carpet after cleaning?
No one should be on the carpet for 6-8 hours; as long as it takes to dry and experts recommend waiting 48 hours to replace any heavy furniture.
What to do before the carpet cleaning crew arrive?
In any room getting a carpet cleaning, clear any fragile items off the furniture surfaces and ensure all the objects are removed, like rugs, dog beds, toys, and so on. Pre-vacuuming before hand can expedite the process and increase results. For maximum results, removing the furniture is also encouraged. Few companies will move heavy furniture, others will move lighter furniture, checking with the company before hand is ideal.
Will professional carpet cleaning remove pet odors?
Combating pet odors is ultimately better suited for professional carpet cleaning, however, depending on the severity of the pet accidents and the extent of the damage, caused more so by urine, most professionals cannot guarantee the removal of pet odors.

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