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Carpet Cleaning Hints and Trade Secrets in Livermore California

When it comes to cleaning there are many people that will give you advice on what the best way is to get this out and clean that off. Some of the ideas can be useful but some of them can actually cause damage. When it comes to your carpets you don’t want to try something that can cause more damage. The carpets make up a large area and need to be taken care of so that they can last a long time. If you make a mistake on cleaning them it can become very costly and can make it so that you have to replace or repair areas of the carpeting. Take time to learn these secrets of carpet cleaning from us at Carpet Care 2000.

Carpet Cleaning Care Tips

Vacuum: This is not just a way to make the carpet just look better; it is actually doing a lot for the cleanliness of the carpet and fibers. The dirt and soil that are on the carpet become abrasive to the fibers. The fibers will start to look more worn out and this is what makes the high traffic areas worse. Removing the dry dirt and soil can slow down the damage.
Clean Spills Quickly: This may seem silly, but the longer that spill stay, the harder they will be to clean. Even a few minutes can make a difference so being quick to clean is the best way to combat a spill from turning into a stain. The best way to start is to use tap water. The more chemicals you use, the more damage that can be caused. Also trying to use at home cleaning machines could cause the stain to set in and make it more difficult to remove.
DON’T Scrub: The first that you want to do when you see a spill is to grab a wash cloth and start to scrub. When you start to scrub the spot you are spreading it out and pushing it deeper into the carpet fibers. You always want to start by blotting the spot to remove all the excess liquid that you can first. This is when you take a soft cloth and place it over the spill and gently apply pressure to the area.
NO Bare Feet: Most people are concerned about shoes on the carpet. Having all your guests take off their shoes is a very good idea and can help to eliminate the dirt that comes from outside and is left in the carpeting. The one thing that most people don’t know is that bare feet can also cause trouble for your carpet. Feet like all skin have oils on them and when the oil is left on the carpet it can cause the carpet to not only feel gross but it can attract more dirt to cling to the fibers. Ask that people wear socks in the house when walking on the carpet.

Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning Service

These are four great tips that can make it easier to keep a nice, clean carpet in between professional carpet cleanings. Call Carpet Care 2000 for deep steam cleaning today!

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