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Carpet Cleaning Myths in Livermore, CA; You Can Steam Clean Carpets Yourself & Get Same Results, Only Need When Carpet Looks Dirty & More

There are some myths that are widespread when it comes to the necessity of carpet care and carpet cleaning. These myths are a problem because carpet is not a cheap addition to a home. That means that if you are one of the millions that want to save money, you need to care for your carpet properly. If you take steps to keep it cleared of debris and dirt, as well as clean potentially damaging causing stains as they happen, you are on the right track. That is really the only path to long lasting carpets but getting there is the problem for many people. Some are not sure about the best way to clean spots, stains and debris. Using the correct techniques also plays a huge role in the care of carpet cleaning.

Carpet Care 2000 Lists Myths About Carpet Care So You Can Avoid Them

I Can Clean My Own Carpets: This is a huge mistake and many feel confused about it. You can go to a home improvement store and find a rental kiosk that has machines that claim to clean like a professional. You can get the cleaning solutions that go the machine as well and take it all home. Not only do you need to know how to use the actual machine but the power behind a rentable carpet is not even close to a professional carpet cleaner. If you are not sure what you are doing, you can potentially over wet the carpet which can quickly lead to mildew and even mold. If you don’t have a machine that is strong enough to extract the water, cleaning solutions and dirt; this is the outcome. If you need to have your carpets cleaned you need to call a professional company to ensure that it is done right.
I Had Protectant Added So I Don’t Need Carpet Cleaning: There are many carpets that have a protectant on them when they come from the manufacturer. There are other aftermarket protectants that can be added to a carpet to help with cleaning spots and stains. Although there is a protectant on the carpet that does not mean you are free from professional carpet cleaning needs. The protectant makes it much easier to remove spills on the carpet because it holds the spills off the fibers. You can dab away the moisture before it sets in. You still need to have the carpet cleaned professionally to remove any set in stains as well as general dirt and debris from everyday traffic.
My Carpets Don’t Look Dirty So I Don’t Need To Have Them Cleaned: There are some people that think because carpets don’t have visible stains and dirt, there is no need to clean them. That is far from the truth since there is every day dirt that is settling on the carpet. The carpet will have dirt from shoes, skin and the air that is in the house. These things may not end up not looking like much but they are still there. Over time the dirt will start to compact on the carpet and cause a much harder mess to clean. It is always best to have the carpets cleaned on a regular basis even if they seem to not look dirty.

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