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Causes of Carpet Ripples, Wrinkles, Bulging & Bubbling Up in Tracy, CA & How to Flatten

Do you have bumps and ripples throughout your carpets? Some may wonder why this occurs and what can be done to help their carpets lay flat and smooth. Carpet Care 2000 will share the number of causes as to why your carpet may have ripples or bumps. You might be surprised to learn what can cause this natural phenomenon and what can be done to correct the problem.

Why Does My Carpet Have Ripples, Wrinkles, Bulging & Bubbling Up Areas?

Humidity – When you’re looking to point the finger to the culprit of bumps and ripples in your carpet it could be due to humidity. Especially in the state of California, most people know that we’re affected by humidity pretty regularly. Additionally, our temperatures remain rather constant all year around. Our warmer, humid days and cooler nights can cause the carpets to retain moisture which in turn, cause the carpet fibers to swell and then relax. With this constant expanding and retracting, the carpet can become stretched out leaving the bumps and ripples behind.
Sliding Heavy Items on Carpet – For those that slide dressers, entertainment centers, beds, or etc. you can cause the ripples to occur. As you pull or slide the heavy items across the carpets you’re causing the edges to pull away from the carpet stripping that holds the carpet in place. Additionally you’re also stretching the carpet which also causes the ripples to appear. If you need to move heavy furniture or items around and you don’t have help, make sure you use a hand cart or something to wheel the item across the carpet.
Improper Carpet Installation – Occasionally your carpet may have been installed improperly or poorly. When carpets are installed, the installers pull the carpet tight and then secure the edges down to the carpet strips. If the carpet wasn’t pulled, or if placed down too loosely, your carpet will begin to ripple as the household members walk across it.
Wrong Carpet Under-Padding – The padding under the carpet is important to help it stay firm and in place. When the padding is too thin, the carpet will have too much give when walked on. This causes the carpets to stretch or have slack which obviously leads to the ripples. Some people will try to save money by buying a cheaper padding and don’t realize the effects. Make sure when replacing your carpet to use the correct under-padding to avoid future rippling.
Water Exposure – Often exposure to water can also cause the carpet to have rippling. Just like exposure to humidity, the carpet can expand or swell and retract which leaves ripples and bumps in your carpet. Exposure to water can come from a flooding or from broken or leaking plumbing. However it can also be caused by a thorough cleaning of their carpet with a steam cleaner as well. Some people will over saturate their carpet when using a carpet cleaning machine and often use water that is too hot. Hot water, just like on your clothing, can cause carpets to shrink and pull away from the secure strips. This leaves the rest of your carpet loose and saggy.

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To correct carpet rippling, you can contact Carpet Care 2000. We provide carpet stretching services, where we will tighten and re-secure your carpet. If you want flat, straight, beautiful carpets again, Carpet Care 2000 can help. Contact us today.

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