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Cleaning Residential Home VS High Traffic Commercial Business Grade Carpet in Ulmar, CA

When it comes to commercial grade carpet and residential grade carpet, there are some distinct differences. Both of these types of carpet have been designed to suit certain purposes. Carpet Care 2000 is here to talk about the biggest differences between commercial and residential grade carpeting and why they are designed the way they are.

Aesthetic Differences Between Commercial & Residential Carpet

By and large, residential carpet comes with a much bigger variety of color choices than commercial carpeting. Most businesses and other commercial settings prefer to have dark colored carpeting to hide the high amount of traffic the carpet must endure. Residential spaces usually want a lighter colored carpet to try and create a wide-open space. Light colors tend to create an illusion of more space than there really might be.

Residential Carpet Focuses on Thickness & Comfort

For the most part, homeowners are looking for a carpet that will be as comfortable as possible beneath their feet. It is often times, much more luxurious than commercial carpeting. Residential carpet is made up of a greater pile weight. This gives it that plush feeling when coupled with the thick carpet pad commonly used underneath residential carpet.

High Traffic Commercial Grade Carpet & Durability

While residential carpet focuses on comfort, commercial carpeting focuses on durability. Most commercial settings have a great deal of heavy traffic throughout the day, and for this reason, a shorter pile is used most of the time. When the pile is short, there isn’t as a great a chance for the fibers to unwind and show signs of damage.

Differences in Cleaning & Maintaining Residential Versus Commercial Carpet

To keep residential and commercial carpeting clean, regular and frequent vacuuming must be taking place. As a general rule, because there is so much more foot traffic in commercial settings, the cleaning that takes place there needs to happen more frequently than residential settings. Residential settings can get away with vacuuming less frequently than commercial as well as deep cleaning. Commercial settings should be deep cleaned professionally once every quarter to keep high traffic areas clean from the high amount of dirt and debris left behind from customers. Residential spaces need to be vacuumed often, but not necessarily every single day. They should be professionally cleaned at least once a year to extend their life and beauty.

Commercial & Residential Carpet Life Expectancy

When commercial carpeting is purchased, the buyer expects the carpet to last for a minimum of ten years, often even more. Residential carpet isn’t expected to last as long since the fibers aren’t made with as much durability. It doesn’t matter if you have commercial grade carpet or residential grade, the carpet cleaning professionals at Carpet Care 2000 can help you keep them clean.

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Having your carpet cleaned by professionals will extend its life and help maintain a beauty like the day they were installed. Call us today for more information about out commercial and residential carpet cleaning services.

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