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Cleaning Tips for Removing Carpet Stains in San Ramon CA; Spot Test, Over Wet Carpet Stain, Vacuum & More

When it comes to preserving the natural beauty of your carpet, removing stains is a must. Blemishes can quickly scar the surfaces of carpets, and if left unattended, stains will start to multiply. In keeping with the pristine appearance of your carpet, regular maintenance is needed and stains need to be lifted out.

Carpet Care 2000 relates some cleaning tips and advice when it comes to carpet stain removal.

Treat carpet stains ASAP. When an accident occurs, tend to it immediately. The longer a stain stands, will give it time to set, resulting in more difficulty to remove the stain.
Blot the carpet stain. With most stains, as a general rule, always blot the stain. Instincts, and often frustration, will tempt you to rub and scrub vigorously. When stains get treated this way, the stain actually gets pushed deeper into the fibers, and spreads it out more so. Blotting with mild, moderate or excessive force is all that you should do when lifting a stain out.
Keep dabbing cloths plain. The paper towels, cloths, or towels you use to blot up stains need to be white and free of prints. If using anything but white, you can subsequently transfer the print design or dye from the cleaning fabric onto the carpet, resulting in a much or troublesome stain.
Avoid the heat. In most cases, using hot temperature water will cause the stain set, becoming near or impossible to remove. Stick with cool water or lukewarm water to contribute to stain removal.
Patch test carpet cleaning solutions. Never skip the patch test. Whether you use commercial premade cleaning products, or use homemade remedy solutions, always conduct your patch test in an inconspicuous area. If the chemical compounds, or natural ingredients compromises the carpets color or overall integrity, it is best to keep it small, contained and out in plain sight.
Stay away from over saturation of carpet. Impulse might make you believe more is better. Not so when it comes to liquids and your carpet. Over saturating your carpet could leave to damage and mold. If a stubborn stain requires repeat attempts, blot the excess moister in between applications to avoid the dangers of over saturation.
Dry carpet stains. It is best to dry the area to the best of your ability once the stain has been lifted. Blot it with dry towels; flip on ceiling fans and floor fans, open windows, or whatever it takes to ensure thorough, quick drying. If the area is still fairly damp, try applying towel with heavy weights on top to help the absorption.
Vacuum carpet. Many people skip the vacuuming step after the area has been treated, and well dried. Vacuuming the area can help the fibers rebound to the original shape and suck away any lingering residue.

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We hope this was an informative take on treating the stains on your carpet. Some carpet materials require specific care and treatment. Be sure to know what carpet you have and how stains need to be dealt with. If you are unsure, or have stubborn and persistent stains, trust in the experts to remove the stains from your carpet. Call Carpet Care 2000 today to schedule your appointment!

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