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Dangers of DIY Deep Carpet Cleaning Methods in Livermore, CA; By Hand or Machine Rental

Everyone wants to save money but there are some areas that you really don’t want to cut corners. When it comes to carpet cleaning you want to always use a professional. If you make a mistake cleaning the carpets you can end up ruining them and needing to replace the entire area. That is a very costly mistake since it is not cheap to install new carpet. A professional carpet cleaning company has the tools and experience to clean the carpets, remove the stains and set in odors.

Carpet Care 2000 Lists the Dangers When Trying to Clean Your Own Carpets.

Carpet Not Clean: If you decide that you are going to try your hand at carpet cleaning you may end up renting a machine that claims to be a professional grade but it is far from. It also comes with some very vague instructions to tell you what you need to do to use the machine. The issue is that if you are not trained with the machine you are not going to end up cleaning the carpets and you will end up with dirty carpets.
Wet Carpets: When you hire a professional to come out and clean your carpets we are trained to have them cleaned and leave them dry to very slightly damp. The problem that you will come across when renting a machine is that you are spraying the right amount of water but the suction is severely lacking so there is too much moisture left in the carpet. When there is water left on the carpet it can end up lasting several days and could cause an odor that is similar to mildew. It can also cause more dirt to get on the carpet fibers as people walk across the wet carpets.
Re-Soiling of Carpet: This is what happens when the carpets become dirty much faster than you may have anticipated. A rental carpet cleaner does not have the capability to wet the carpet then follow up and remove the wetness fully. That leaves the carpet damp as well as the soap or cleaner that you used to settle in the fibers. Then when you walk past the area the fibers will grab onto the dirt from your shoes, clothes and out of the air and attach. This will make the carpets look and feel dirty much faster. A professional is able to come out and leave the carpet fresh, clean and dry so that you can go back to living your life.
Carpet Feels Grimy: This is when the cleaning solution is put on the carpet to potentially clean them but it has to be removed. If the cleaner is not removed the carpet can start to look mashed down and it will feel thick and grimy with the residual soap from the rented cleaning machine. A professional can clean the carpets and remove all the cleaner off the fibers.

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