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DIY VS Professional Bleach Spot Repair in Lyoth, CA; Carpet Dye Sticks, Kits or Perfect Color Match?

When you have bleach spots on your carpets you may be looking online for a good solution to those pale spots on your carpets. You will find a number of fast bleach spot repairs. However, are they worth the effort and do they even last? There are many DIY bleach spot repairs online. Carpet Care 2000 would like to share why they may not be what you are looking for and how professional bleach spot repairs are worth the investment.

Carpet Crayons or Dye Sticks for Bleach Spots?

When searching online you will find a number of bleach spot repair remedies. One oddly popular solution is the color crayon. You have a ton of color crayons and one may match your carpet and you simply color in the bleach spot. Seems simple enough, however the result looks terrible and it does not last. After cleaning the carpet the crayon will wash out and you will need to repair the spot again. Some DIY repairs may involve using paints, ink, and markers. However, we strongly discourage these methods as well. It is always better to seek an alternative solution.

Bleach Spot Repair Kits

For those who want to repair their own carpets the only do it yourself method that is vindicated is the use of a bleach spot repair kit. You can order these kits online. Some have a pre-made dye or dye to mix yourself. These kits also include a bleach neutralizer which is essential when repairing bleach spots. What most people do not know is that bleach remains active in the carpet and it needs to be neutralized or the repair will fail. However, there is a downside of a kit. One, they range around $70 or more. For those who do have experience repairing bleach spots, you may find it an expensive mistake. Although the pre-made dye may come close to matching your carpet color, it will not match perfectly. The best chances to perfectly match your carpet is to make the dye by hand. For those who are not familiar with mixing dyes, matching your carpet color may be more difficult if not impossible.

Professional Bleach Spot Repair

When you have bleach spots on your carpet and you want a perfect repair, then seek out professional services. A professional will take all of the steps needed to repair the bleach spot including neutralizing the bleach and making the dye to ensure they match the rest of the carpet. Once the dye has been mixed they will add the proper amount of dye slowly by applying it in layers. This is an important step when it comes to repairing the bleach spot or the repair will look off. Additionally, a professional can repair the bleach spot fast and you will find the repair rather affordable. When you need your carpets repaired, you will find that a professional bleach spot repair is the perfect solution.

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Bleach spots are not an easy problem to correct. However, with professional bleach spot repairs you can reclaim your carpets. For bleach spot repair, carpet cleaning and much more, contact Carpet Care 2000 today.

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