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Do Shoes Ruin Carpet or Should You Use Doormats, Wear Shoes & Schedule Carpet Cleaning in Your Tracy, CA House?

For years people have debated about the best way to keep your home clean. Everyone has their own opinion about what products and cleaners work the best for every surface in your home. You probably know what works best for you at this point. One area that Carpet Care 2000 finds people waffle on is whether or not they should allow shoes to be worn on their carpets. We are going to talk about some of the pros and cons of wearing your shoes on the carpet in your home.

Should You Wear Shoes on the Carpet in the House?

Those in the shoes on camp have a few arguments that they use to support their opinion. One of the most frequently used arguments is that doormats will help get rid of the dirt that is on your shoes before you come into your home. They state that they teach their family to thoroughly wipe their feet off before they come inside so that they can keep their carpets clean.
Perhaps the biggest issue that some people have with asking people to remove their shoes is that they feel like it is rude. Why ask someone to come to your house if you are going to make them remove their shoes before they come all the way into your home? Asking your guests to take their shoes off could make your guests uncomfortable. People with this opinion would rather clean regularly instead of being seen as rude. The third reason that the shoes on camp will give is that if they regularly vacuum their carpets and have Carpet Care 2000 come out and professionally clean their carpets then their carpets will stay clean no matter what. They truly feel like routine cleaning will compensate for any dirt that finds its way onto your carpets from the shoes that people wear on it.

Take Your Shoes Off when Walking on Carpet

The shoes off side of the debate has some standard arguments that they use as well. They state that you wear your shoes on dirty surfaces throughout your day. When you come home and wear your shoes inside you are tracking all of that dirt and grime onto your carpets. All of this dirt and grime will ruin your carpet. In rebuttal to the doormat argument used by the shoes on people, this group will state that the doormat is not effective for a variety of reasons. First the mat is outside. Simply by being outside, the mat is dirty. Wiping your feet on a dirty mat will not truly clean your shoes. They also state that when you wipe your shoes on your doormat the dirt and grime stay in your doormat. Then the next person that uses the doormat to wipe their feet gets that dirt on your shoes anyways.

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So, what side of the debate are you on? No matter what side of the argument you fall on, you will want to make sure that you vacuum your carpet on a regular basis. You will also want to have Carpet Care 2000 come out and professionally clean your carpet routinely. Give us a call to schedule your appointment.

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