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Dog & Cat Pet Urine, Feces & Vomit Protein Stain Odor Cleaning & Removal from Carpet in Livermore, CA

Pets are truly a delight and welcome addition to most any family. They are loyal, loving, and have the potential of providing countless hours of entertainment and companionship. But no one is perfect, not even our beloved animals. Whether it is an isolated incident or a chronic problem, the pet stains and associated odors are typically stubborn, and difficult to remove.

Carpet Care 2000 Relate Some Tips & Advice to Remove Pet Stains & Pungent Odors from Your Carpet

Note: When tending to stains of any kind there are a few things to avoid, as well as perform. Carpets can be temperamental, and if the wrong steps are taken, permanent damage can result.
– Do not use HOT water, it can set in stains.
– All home remedy solutions as well as department store cleaners should all be tested in an inconspicuous area to ensure it does not compromise the integrity or color of your carpet.
– Use white paper towels, cloths, rags, or towels when treating stains. Any dyes or print from the cleaning tool and transfer to carpet.
– Never rub or scrub vigorously as it on spreads out the stain and pushes it deeper into the carpets.

Pet Stain & Odor Remover Supplies Needed

Gather the following supplies:
– Distilled Vinegar – 2 Cups
– Lukewarm Water – 2 Cups
– Baking Soda – 4 Heaping Tablespoons
– Spray Bottle (optimal) or bowl/bucket

Pet Urine, Feces & Vomit Stain & Odor Removal Treatment

1. Treating the pet stains can make the job of removal a million times easier, do so whenever possible. With a rag or paper towel (or a series of them) begin by blotting the excess liquid. After you have blotted what you can, use an additional dry rag and place a heavy weight on it. Stand or put pressure on the weight for a couple minutes, the more you absorb the better.
2. In a squirt bottle, bucket or bowl, combine white distilled vinegar and lukewarm water, mix well. Add the baking soda; it will fizz so add little bits at a time to control the mess. After the mixture is well blended spray the infected area generously, do not over saturate. Allow to set for approximately 5 minutes.
3. Blot the area well with a dry cloth.
4. Allow to dry and vacuum.
Note: On dry spots, spray lightly with water, sprinkle the baking soda to the area and allow to see in the area until it is dried (10 minutes or so) vacuum and apply the solution without the baking soda, unless the odor is still prominent.

Carpet Cleaning, Pet Stain & Odor Removal in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & The East Bay of California

Pet stains are protein based stains. If you opt to use a commercial pre-made product cleaner, be sure enzymes are included in the formula. Enzymes possess the capability to break down protein stains. If your pet stains and odors are resilient, contact professional assistance. Carpet Care 2000 professionals are skilled experts with years of experience under our belts. With the use of our high-end quality products and equipment, we can get the toughest pest stains and odors removed from your carpets. Call us today to get started!

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