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Health Risks of Old Dirty Carpet in Pleasanton, CA; Bacteria, Dog Urine & Feces, Mold & More

Most people will spend a lot of time keeping their carpet clean for aesthetic reasons. However, clean carpets don’t just look good, they also help prevent damages to sub flooring and create a healthier indoor environment. Home owners aren’t the only ones who are concerned with clean carpet. Commercial properties are concerned as well. Offices, retails, hotels etc. all must maintain clean carpet or they may have a major liability problem, even with possible lawsuits in the future. Carpet Care 2000 would like to share the risks of dirty carpets in home or commercial settings.

Bacteria & Mold in Carpet

Carpets in the home, at the office or other commercial properties all are prone to developing bacteria and mold within the fibers when neglected or not properly cleaned. Improper carpet cleaning can lead to mold development, especially if the water wasn’t properly extracted. Bacteria can be introduced in any environment. One common type of bacteria found in carpet is Mycotoxin which can trigger severe asthma attacks. For the home or a public setting bacteria or mold in the carpet poses a serious health concern especially those with low immune systems and respiratory problems. Especially in a public setting, carpets that are neglected or are found with dangerous bacteria or mold can be a major liability risk as well as promote health problems. It is essential to regularly and properly maintain clean carpets at home and in any public setting.

Health Hazards of Dog & Cat Urine & Feces on Carpet

There are a number of risks when pets are in the home and on the carpet. Pets that are prone to have accidents or those who insist on marking their territory inside the home can become a major problem. Pet urine is mostly a household problem. However, there are some commercial settings that are exposed to dogs and cats and they too find that at times, they have a problem as well. Urine contains high levels of ammonia that develop into bacteria which causes the odors. That bacteria in the carpet due to urine can cause health problems such as symptoms of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and affect those with asthma. For those with pets it is essential to quickly tend to their little messes.

Subfloor Water Damage from Improper Carpet Cleaning

Dirty carpet can lead to subfloor damages if not kept cleaned. One of the many culprits that cause sub floor damage is actually improper carpet cleaning when too much water was used and not properly extracted. Sometimes water damages occur in the walls where the water leaks down and soaks the carpet, which at times is neglected. Carpet can retain moisture for long periods of time which can then soak into the subfloor and slowly damage it over time. If the wooden subfloor becomes damaged due to rot, the wood can give way and serious injuries can occur. Subfloor damages can occur in residential and commercial settings. In a commercial setting a damaged subfloor can become a major liability to say the least. By regularly cleaning the carpets you help maintain and monitor the carpet for potential subfloor damages.

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Dirty carpets pose a risk for commercial and residential buildings and should be properly maintained and cleaned. Carpet Care 2000 is dedicated to quality carpet care, cleaning, and more. To schedule our services, contact Carpet Care 2000 today.

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