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How are Carpets Maintained to Stay Clean After Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning in Altamont, CA?

Your carpets were just not looking great anymore. They start to look dirty and maybe even develop a smell. It happens all the time with carpet that is why they need to be professionally cleaned every year, or at least every 18 months. You finally decide to get them professionally cleaned, your carpets now look amazing. How do you keep it looking amazing for a long time? Carpet Care 2000 wants to give you some pointers on how to keep your carpets looking like they did when they were professionally cleaned.

How Long Should You Stay Off Carpet After Steam Cleaning?

After a professional has come and cleaned your carpets you will want to make sure you stay off the carpet. The carpet will still be wet so walking on it or even moving furniture back on it when wet can make it dirty again. Your feet and your furniture are dirty so when you walk on a wet carpet, that carpet will get dirty. Because the carpet is wet the dirt from your feet and furniture can be rubbed off on the clean carpet. Make sure you wait until it’s dry before doing anything on your carpet. You can speed up the drying process by turning on fans and your ceiling fans.

Vacuum Carpet Often

Once your carpet is clean and dry you will want to remember to vacuum your carpet very regularly, maybe daily. If you don’t remove the surface dirt and debris it will go down deep into the carpet fibers and cause friction, getting trapped and prematurely wearing out your carpet. Help your carpet to last longer and look nicer by continuing to vacuum and getting that dirt out of your carpet.

Use Entry Rugs & Keep Shoes Off Carpet

Your shoes collect a lot of dirt and debris outside, so when you come inside and walk on your carpet that is right where that dirt will settle in. If you make your home a shoe-free area, this can help keep a lot of dirt out of your home and off your carpet. You should also want to utilize doormats. Put them in your entryways so people can wipe their feet before coming into your home. This will also help minimize dirt being brought onto your carpet.

Carpet Protector

Some great news is when you have your carpet steam cleaned and have Carpet Care 2000 do it, they will apply a carpet protectant to your carpet. This will help protect your carpet and help it continue to look nice and last longer.

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Your carpet can get very dirty and depending on the color you might not even realize it. The dirt and hair are very good at getting down inside the carpet and getting stuck there. Having it professionally cleaned can help make your carpet and your home look and feel so much better. Carpet Care 2000 wants to help you get your carpets in your home looking great again. They are also here to help you continue to learn how to help your carpets stay looking great.

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