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How Do I Protect My Home from Water Leaks & Needing Carpet Drying, Cleaning & Deodorizing in Danville, CA

Whenever you own a home, there is a great deal that you have to worry about to keep things running and in good condition. One part of your home that many people don’t give much thought to is the plumbing system. When something goes wrong with your plumbing system and you don’t catch it, it can lead to water damage that can be expensive and devastating. Carpet Care 2000 is here to share some of our best tips to help you avoid water damage in your home.

What Causes Most Water Leaks in House?

There are a several issues that lead to water leaking. Here are some common ones.
– Gutter Clogs: If water can’t freely flow from your gutters and downspouts, it can lead to water damage in your home as water starts to overflow and run down the sides of your house. Your gutters should be cleaned seasonally to avoid this problem.
– Sump Pump Issues: When the water table is high in your area, you may have a sump pump installed around your foundation to pump out any excess water from your basement to avoid water damage. If the sump pump fails for any reason, you could be left with a big water issue.
– Roof Damage: The roof on your home is your first line of defense against the elements. When there is damage or weakness with your roof, you could be facing water damage the next time a large storm hits.
– Failed Appliances: There are several appliances in your home that use water to function. Appliances like the dishwasher, clothing washing machine and fridge can leave you with a great deal of water on your floor if they fail for any reason.
– Plumbing Leaks: One of the most common causes of water damage in homes comes from the plumbing system. There are countless pipes throughout your home that could fail at any given time. If you have a leak that goes undetected, it can cause significant water damage that is expensive to fix.

How to Avoid Water Damage in Your Home

Most homeowners want to do everything in their power to avoid water damage in their house. Here are some tips to help you avoid it.
– Know where the main shut off valve is located
– Check hoses and faucets in your home on a regular basis
– Check shower and tub drains
– Consider purchasing a water flow monitoring system

Water Damage Restoration, Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

If you have water damage in your home, you need to act quickly to get rid of it and dry things out. You can turn to Carpet Care 2000 to help you salvage your flooring and furniture with our water damage restoration services. Mold and mildew can start growing quickly, so time is of the essence. It is our goal to help you recover well from any water damage the occurs in your home. Call us today!

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