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How Do You Clean a Large, Thick Heavy Area Rug in Banta, CA? Vacuum, Steam Cleaning & More

A quality area rug is a major investment and one you will not want to make again any time soon. When you invest in a quality area rug such as a Persian or Oriental rug, you will want to ensure you clean and care for it properly. Unfortunately many mistakes are made when cleaning an area rug. To help ensure your investment lasts, Carpet Care 2000 will share some of these common mistakes to help homeowners avoid ruining their expensive area rugs.

How Do You Vacuum a Thick Area Rug?

To care for an area rug you must vacuum the rug just as often as you vacuum carpets. The rug must be protected from the dirt and other particles that contacts the area rug. Many homeowners will neglect to vacuum the area rug or not do it as often as they should. An area rug should be vacuumed once a week to ensure the rug is free of dirt. Additionally, just like carpets, an area rug should be vacuumed in multiple directions to remove the most amount of dirt in the rug.

Area Rug Cleaners

A number of homeowners will use the wrong type of cleaner on their area rug. An area rug comes in a lot of different fabric blends and each is sensitive to the different chemical in cleaners, including vinegar and other natural cleaners. First, you will need to know what type of area rug you have and use the right cleaner for your type of rug. Never use any other cleaner besides the cleaner that is safe for the area rug.

Test Cleaner on Area Rug

Another common mistake is not testing your cleaner before using it. When using a cleaner on an area rug, you should test in a small spot that is out of site before cleaning the rug. Testing the cleaner is your final check on how the cleaner will affect the area rug. The wrong cleaner can cause the dye to bleed out or discolor the area rug. Never skip or forget to test your cleaners.

Don’t Scrub Area Rug

When a spill or stain develops on your area rug, you will want to clean it up as soon as it occurs. The faster you remove a stain the better your chances are of getting the stain out. However, you will want to use proper spot cleaning techniques. For example, one of the most common mistakes done when cleaning a stain, is that the homeowner will scrub at the stain. You should never scrub at a stain as you will damage the fiber of the rug and spread the stain. When you clean a stain, always use a blotting motion. For larger stains, blot on the outside of the stain and work your way inward and you will not spread the stain.

DIY Area Rug Cleaning

When the time comes to deep clean an area rug many homeowners will clean their rug themselves. This can lead to an unfortunate outcome. Deep cleaning an area rug requires space, proper drainage and cleaning materials. Most homeowners do not have the means or space to deep clean an area rug properly. Many area rugs will fade or develop odors after it has been deep cleaned improperly. When an area rug needs a thorough cleaning, it is worth seeking the aid of a professional service.

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