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How Do You Disinfect Carpet Easily Without Steam Cleaning in Carbona, CA? Prep, Treat with Disinfectant & More

Though it has its downsides, there is nothing quite like the soft feel of carpet underfoot. Carpet is not always easy to clean and can be prone to staining as well as contamination, unlike hardwood or vinyl flooring. This could be a true concern particularly if you have small children and/or pets. There are times when you want to disinfect your carpets and you need to get it done in between professional carpet cleaning services. Today, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to offer a method for disinfecting your carpets in between professional steam cleaning services.

Supplies to Kill Germs on Carpet

– White vinegar
– Scrub Brush
– Old Rag
– Liquid Dish Soap
– Bucket
– Baking Soda

How to Disinfect Carpet Without a Steam Cleaner

Prep the Carpet. You will want to remove any furniture and/or smaller rugs from the area before disinfecting your carpet. To remove any loose dust, dirt or debris, you should then vacuum your carpet at this point. After vacuuming, sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and allow it to it sit for about 5 minutes while you make your cleaning mixture.
Create the Carpet Disinfectant Solution. In a bucket, combine equal parts liquid dish soap, vinegar and cold water and mix until it is foamy. To ensure it will not cause discoloration, test it on a small part of your carpet. Continue use if it does not and if it does, consider other methods.
Treat the Carpet. Dip a scrub brush into the bucket containing the mixture and lightly scrub your carpet. Never sponge on too much liquid or you can oversaturate the carpets that can then lead to mold growth and water damage. You should be using just enough moisture to dampen the area; it should never get soaked. Work from one corner of the carpet to the other, when blotting and only apply more solution as needed. Once you are done scrubbing to allow the mixture enough time to work, allow it sit for at least five minutes.
Rinse Carpet with Cold Water. From corner to corner, use a clean rag that is wetted with cold water, and scrub your carpet again. This tactic will collect any dirt or dust that the cleaning solution has loosened or removed from your carpet. Don’t be afraid to change the water if it gets too dirty and you will want to have multiple rags on hand.
Fully Dry the Carpet. This will speed up the drying process it is recommended that you disinfect your carpet on a day that is hot and low in humidity, though this may not always be a possibility. To help with the drying process or even open a window to let it air dry, you can use fans.
Thoroughly Vacuum the Carpet. Though you started vacuuming, you should end with vacuuming. In addition to any debris you might have missed. You can now enjoy your clean and disinfected carpet; vacuuming will remove any excess residue left over from the cleaning mixture

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