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How Do You Extend Professional Upholstery Cleaning in San Ramon, CA; Fabric Protector, Stain Removal & More

Having the upholstery deep cleaned by a professional is not only beneficial to prolong the life of the furniture along with the other advantages, but it rejuvenates, brightens, and makes the upholstery fresh. With the like-new feeling brought back to the upholstery and the time and money invested into getting refreshed, you are likely going to want your upholstery cleaning to last as long as possible and look as fresh as it did when it got. Though placing plastic covers on your furniture will go a long way toward preserving it, few want to live that way. With this in mind, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to offer tips for prolonging a professional cleaning without resorting to plastic.

How to Keep Upholstered Furniture Clean for Longer

Slip and Arm Rest Covers. You can avoid sitting on plastic but use armrest and slipcovers help to protect the most wear-prone parts of your furniture. Since they absorb the brunt of the wear, dirt, and oils, you can sacrifice these items to daily use. To go a long way toward preserving your furniture, staying vigilant about keeping these items in place.
Routine Cleaning and Care. On a regular basis, be sure to give the upholstery a light cleaning. Especially when furniture is used regularly, dirt and oils will erode the fabric if left in. Use a vacuum with the hose and upholstery cleaning tools to thoroughly remove the surface dirt and debris. For any spills and spots, use a damp rage to blot them away.
Consider Scotchgard Fabric Protector. Basically, servicing as an invisible barrier, Scotchgard is a great product that you can use according to the label’s directions. You can prevent dirt and oils from working their ways into the fine fibers where it can grind and decompose your upholstery from the inside as Scotchgard is a plasticizing agent that seeps into the fabric.
Create New Habits. Your family may be use to eating and drinking, and putting their feet on the upholstery while still wearing shoes. Implement new rules that prevent unnecessary buildup and stains on your upholstery. Keep eating at the dining room table and ensure beverages are either in a spill proof container or also left in the kitchen. Make sure feet is not on the upholstery while wearing shoes.
Investing in Professional Services with Your Upholstery Cleaning. Though surface cleaning contributes to the overall condition, aesthetics, and longevity of your upholstery, professional deep cleaning is necessary as well. Generally, the upholstery should be deep cleaned once a year, but if it sees a lot of use, you may need to schedule professional deep cleaning services more often.

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When your upholstery needs the deep cleaning upholstery services from a professional in Tracy, California and surrounding areas, trust in Carpet Care 2000 to ensure it is done efficiently. Our team of trained, experienced, and skilled technicians have the expertise to perform safe and efficient upholstery cleaning services, among other. To maximize our efforts, we use powerful, advanced equipment and premium products to ensure quality results. Call us today!

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