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How Do You Maintain Clean Carpets in Tracy, CA? Vacuum, Use Mats, Steam Cleaning & More

When you get new carpets or just got them professionally cleaned you want to keep those carpets looking clean for a long time. So how do you do that? What are the best things you can do to help your carpets look cleaner longer? Carpet Care 2000 will go over some tips to help you know what to do so that you can keep your carpet looking great.

Vacuuming Carpets

You must vacuum your carpets. Your carpet can get just as dirty as other floorings. If you do not vacuum your carpet then that pet hair or dirt that has been tracked in from your shoes can get down inside your carpet making it harder to clean. Vacuuming your carpet several times a week, if not daily can help eliminate that dirt from getting down inside your carpet keeping your carpets clean. But sometimes it is hard to vacuum that often so make sure you vacuum at least once a week.

Use Mats to Keep Carpet Clean

When you place mats at any entrance to your house this can reduce the amount of dirt that gets tracked across your floor and into your carpet. When people walk into their house they will wipe their feet on those mats and this will help eliminate the dirt that comes into their home.

No Shoes on Carpet or in House

Try to have a no-shoe policy in your home. While this may not eliminate all the dirt that comes into your home it can eliminate the dirt and bacteria that comes from the bottom of your shoes. This can help keep your carpets healthier and less dirty. Also having shoes on the carpet can wear down your carpet faster. Having a no-shoe policy can help your carpet last longer.

Trim Any Snags on Carpet

Some carpets snag easier than others. If your carpet starts snagging it can make your carpet look old, dirty and not look as nice. The best thing you can do for snags on your carpet is to get scissors and cut them. Never pull a snag you can be at risk of unraveling the carpet making it look worse. Cutting the snag on the carpet can help your carpet look smoother.

Clean Spills ASAP

The longer you wait to clean a spill the harder it will be. When you see a spill clean it up right away. This way it is easier on you and better for your carpet. When you see a spill that has just occurred dab the carpet rather than rub it. Dabbing the carpet will lift the spill rather than rubbing it deeper into the carpet. If you have spills that do not come out then make sure you contact a professional to come to check it out.

Regular Deep Carpet Cleaning

One of the best things you can do for your carpet is schedule a deep cleaning by a professional. This can be done once or twice a year depending on if you have pets or how dirty your carpet can get. Frequent professional cleaning can help your carpets look nice and last longer. They can get rid of those stains, dirt, and bacteria that get into your carpet and are hard to remove.

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If it is time for you to get a professional carpet cleaning then give Carpet Care 2000 a call and we can come to help you get your carpet clean again.

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