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How Does a Steam Cleaner Work on Carpet in Pleasanton, CA? Benefits of Steam Cleaning & More

There are a number of carpet cleaning methods used by professionals. The most popular methods are steam and dry carpet cleaning. However, many homeowners prefer the steam cleaning method and see it as superior among all the other carpet cleaning methods. For those who don’t know how steam cleaning works, Carpet Care 2000 will explain the way steam cleaning works, its many benefits, and why it is becoming one of the most popular methods of carpet cleaning.

How the Best Carpet Cleaning Method Works

As the name suggests, steam cleaning uses steam, or vaporized water to clean the carpets. A specialized vacuum cleaner recreates heat from water that is injected into the carpet. When the heat meets the carpet fibers, it breaks down the dirt as well as the contaminants within the carpets. This make removing the dirt easier. Dry steam is then used which collects the dirt and other particles up and out of the carpets. The steam can also kill a number of germs and bacteria living inside. As expected, this makes the carpet just as clean as it looks. The technology behind steam cleaning is simple but also effective.

Benefit of Steam Cleaning Carpets

Carpet Stain & Dirt Removal – The heat vapor is an excellent way to remove and extract dirt and other stains. The vapor can reach deep into the carpet, not only cleaning the surface, but cleans deep within the carpet. This helps when removing stains and makes the entire carpet look cleaner.
Kills Bacteria & Carpet Pests – Many homeowners never know that pests and bacteria is thriving inside their carpets. Dust mites thrive in rugs and carpets. Now, dust mites are simply part of life. Where there is people, you will find dust mites. However, when dust mite populations explode, it can lead to indoor allergies. You can help keep dust mites in check by steam cleaning the carpets which can kill both dust mites and their eggs. There are other carpet pests as well, such as a species of beetle or moth that can actually feed and eat the carpet fibers, leaving nasty bald spots. To make sure your carpet doesn’t get infested with carpet damaging pests, steam cleaning can kill the pests since most are sensitive to the heat. Other microorganisms such as bacteria and mold often can develop inside carpets which can become a major health concern. When you want your carpets to actually be as clean as they look, steam cleaning is an answer. Steam cleaning can also treat carpets of bacteria and viruses.
Reduces Indoor Allergies – The many sources of indoor allergies is contained in the home air ducts and the carpets. Carpets can easily hold in dirt, pollen and house pests which can lead to indoor pollutants. Steam cleaning can sterilize the carpet, removing and killing any source of pollutants which leads to indoor allergies. Steam cleaning often doesn’t require any chemicals which ensures there is no chemical reaction and is a clean and safe method of cleaning carpets.

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All carpet cleaning methods can help clean carpet and benefit the home. However, steam cleaning is becoming one of the most preferred methods of carpet cleaning. For professional steam carpet cleaning, contact Carpet Care 2000 and see the benefits for yourself. To schedule our services, contact Carpet Care 2000 today.

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