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How Many Years Does Carpet Last on Average & How Often Should it Be Replaced in Tracy, CA?

Your carpets are a costly investment and deciding when to replace them is not a decision that should be taken lightly. While the expense of replacing your carpet should be one of your biggest considerations it’s probably not your only one. You may also be concerned about the upheaval replacing your carpets may have on you and your family members. If your carpet is old and stained or frayed beyond repair, now is the time to replace your carpet and arrange for a regular carpet cleaning service to preserve and maintain the appearance and air quality within your home. Old and stained carpets literally act like a sponge suffocating the air you breathe with allergy causing contaminants.

Signs Your Carpet May Need to Be Replaced

Heavily Soiled Carpets – If your carpet is persistently stained and discolored then it is time to think about getting it replaced. Professional carpet cleaning has a lot of benefits when performed on a regular basis but if your carpet is ten years old or more it needs to be replaced. Tough and persistent stains often don’t respond to professional carpet cleaning no matter what cleaning solutions are used. Stains such as mustard, wine, and tea can be particularly difficult to remove. If you have noticed that your carpet has a lot of stains, ask the advice of your Carpet Care 2000 carpet care professional to determine if the time is right to replace your old carpets with a new installation. Carpeting that needs to be replaced often has a shabby appearance that no amount of professional cleaning can fix.
Smelly Carpets – If your carpet smells especially if it has a strong odor, you should consider replacing it as soon as possible. Persistent carpet odors can be a huge issue for pet owners especially if they have managed to seep down through the carpet padding to the subfloor. Carpet smells are one thing, but even more concerning is the risk of mildew and mold growth which can lead to serious health concerns and respiratory issues.
Carpet Coming Up at Edges or Rippling etc – Your Carpet Care 2000 installation specialist will examine your carpet carefully for any signs of tears, rippling, and wrinkles. Rippling in particular can be particularly dangerous and is a common cause of trips and falls. Replacing your old carpet with new carpet will improve the air quality in your home and keep family members safe from accidental falls.
Carpet Padding Problems – Your carpet padding acts as a cushion for your carpet and if it is damaged it is unable to provide the support that your carpet needs. Carpet padding is also an important component when it comes to boosting insulation and helping to keep noise under control. Signs that your carpet padding is beginning to deteriorate include noises when you walk across your carpet and an uneven surface layer due to wear.
Old carpet has a tendency to attract dirt, and allergy causing agents. These same allergy causing agents encourage allergic reactions and respiratory issues in people who are susceptible. If you or your family members are experiencing sneezing, runny nose or watery eyes there is a good chance that your carpets are the cause. As a general rule, your carpet should be replaced every ten years or so.

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