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How Often Should You Have Your Carpets Deep Steam Cleaned in Tracy, CA?

The only time that you can really stop and say my carpets are clean are two different times. One is the moment that your carpets were installed and no one has yet walked on them. The other time is after they can have been professionally cleaned. The problem is that once you start every day life and you are using the carpets even with no shoes on they are getting dirty. The days that pass only soil them more and more and they need to be cleaned. To put a bit of perspective on the situation of clean carpets is if you were to use the same pair of socks without washing them for several months, would you assume them to be clean? Of course you would not! What if you only stayed indoors with those same socks? Still not okay, well the same goes for your carpet. If you are waiting for your carpets to actually “look” dirty you are way too late. That means the amount of dirt and debris is pretty substantial. Your carpets don’t actually have to have the appearance of being soiled for them to actually be dirty. The carpet fibers are actually manufactured to stop soil from standing out. Each strand of yarn or textile will actually help to hide the dirt and other debris that is sure to be on the carpets from every day use.

Carpet Care 2000 Lists Reasons That Your Carpets Are Dirty Even Though They Appear to Be Clean

Carpet Hides Soil: When synthetic carpet fibers were first used the problem that was occurring was that they were not able to hide the dirt. The bigger problem was that the carpets used to look dirty even though they were soiled very minimally. The shape that is used now and has been modified to help with endurance of the carpet is able to hide the look of the soil. The biggest issue now is that the carpets hide the soiling so well that people assume they don’t need to have the carpets cleaned. The soiling is not only making the floors dirty but the more dirt there is, the more damage your fibers are suffering from. Worse than a dirty carpet is a carpet that is being damaged irreparably.
Air in Your Home is Dirty: The air that you have in your home flowing through the air conditioning unit is being filtered in most homes. Even if you are sure to remove and replace your filters on a regular basis you will still have dust and other particles in the air. The contaminants that are part of your air can be pollen, dust, fungus, bacteria, skin cells, and even dust mites. These are all hanging in the air but need to stop somewhere. That place happens to be on your carpets. The carpets can be full of these microscopic particles without making too much of a change in the appearance. That is why the rooms in your home that see little to no action still need to have the carpets cleaned.

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