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How to Clean Face Paint, Pumpkin, Chocolate & Other Halloween Stains from Your Carpet in Banta, CA

As much fun as this spooky holiday of Halloween is, it can leave behind quite the mess when it is finished. From face paint to pumpkin guts, you could be facing a huge mess when the trick or treaters are tucked snug in their beds after a successful night out on the streets. There are different methods to clean up each of these stains and Carpet Care 2000 is here to talk about all of them.

How to Remove Face Paint from Carpet

When it comes to removing face paint from your carpet, it depends on what type of face paint you are using: water or oil based paint. If you can avoid oil based face paint, do it. Your skin and your carpet will be happy. It is much harder to remove from the fibers of your carpet than water based paint. OxiClean is the best thing to use to get rid of oil based face paint from carpet. Water based paint can be removed using a carpet cleaner from the store or vinegar and water to dab away the mess.

How to Get Pumpkin Stains Out of Carpet

This activity is a fan favorite around Halloween time. Carving pumpkins is an age-old tradition that can make quite the mess when the job is done. Pumpkin guts are bound to get on your carpet no matter how careful you are; that is, unless you do the deed outside. If you have pumpkin guts on your carpet, remove the chunks and then use 1 tablespoon of dish detergent mixed with warm water to get rid of it. Blot it away with a wet, white washcloth.

How to Clean Chocolate from Carpet

Chocolate on your carpet is bound to happen as those little trick or treaters dump out their loot on your carpet and start sorting. When you find that there are brown smudges on your carpet fibers, it is time to get to work. Because chocolate has a low melting point, you can get rid of it by putting a damp, white washcloth on the stain and use your clothes iron to lift it off. Put your iron on the lowest, non-steam setting that you can to gently lift it off.

How to Clean Sugar from Carpet

Not only will there be plenty of chocolate, but many of the treats your kids get will be dusted in sugar. This dust is sure to make it onto your carpet when candy is dumped from their bucket. When left there, the sugar will get sticky and attract dirt as well as pests to your carpet. You can mix a teaspoon of detergent with a cup of warm water to make your own cleaner to remove any sugar residue from your carpet.

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If you have Halloween or other stains that aren’t lifting from the fibers of your carpet, call on the experts at Carpet Care 2000 to get rid of them. Call us to schedule your next carpet cleaning today!

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