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How to Clean & Get Muddy Paw Prints & Dirt Stains Out of Carpet Livermore, CA

When you have carpet in your home you know that there is a lot of potential for a stain or spill to occur. Just someone walking in your home with dirty shoes or a child with sticky candy can end up being a stain that needs to be treated and cleaned. The carpet needs to be cared for on a regular basis to keep them looking their best. That also includes knowing the best way to treat very specific types of spills, stains and spots. There are some spots on your carpet that need a very specialized treatment such as chewed gum and paint! When it comes to pets they bring their own series of problems on your carpet. They leave hair and dander, pet stains that cause odor and the bring dirt and mud in your house. These all need their own treatment when cleaning them from your carpets. The mud on their paws is something that comes in often in the winter months because the weather has more precipitation.

Carpet Care 2000 Lists Steps Needed to Remove Mud from Dirty Pet Prints out of Your Carpets

Let Mud Dry on Carpet: Yes, that is the first step that is needed when you have little muddy footprints on your carpet. The urge to grab some cleaning supplies and get started scrubbing will be strong. The reason is because with all other stains in your carpet you need to get to work as soon as you possibly can. It is the best way to stop the stain from soaking down in the backing and padding. But when it comes to mud the dirt has come together with water and that is not a stain but a spot. The spot means that the item on the carpet will stay on the fibers. It is less likely to get in the backing or the padding. You need to refrain from cleaning it when the mud is still wet. Set up a fan and walk away until the water has dried out of the dirt. This will take some time but the cleaning will be much easier after the moisture is out.
Vacuum Dirt from Carpet: Now that you have allowed the water to dry out the dirt is all that is left. The dirt will need to be agitated in order for it to be removed from the carpet. You need to use a hard object like a spoon to break apart the dirt that has compacted. You want to be sure that you have the vacuum ready with the hose attachment. As it breaks apart use the vacuum to suck up the dirt and dust so that it is not left on the carpets. You may need to stop to run the vacuum and continue with the spoon to break the parts that may still be stuck to the fibers.
Spot Clean Remaining Stain: Now that you have the dirt off the carpet you will often see some discoloration. This can be treated using a water bottle that has a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water. You can treat the spot by spritzing the area and using a clean cloth to dab until it is clean.

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