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How to Clean Grout on Tile Floors with Baking Soda, Vinegar, Lemon Juice & More in Tracy, CA

There are some areas of the house that you will need to clean with a particular method. The inside of your oven is one and the stains on your carpet are another. You want to make sure that the area you are cleaning is getting clean and not making the problem worse. That is why it is a great idea to have some tricks on the best way to keep them clean. When it comes to flooring there are specific ways to clean each type but tile is a two part process. You need to clean the actual tile. That is the more simple part of the process in general. Many people will use a mop to clean the tile and let it dry out. This is great but it will leave the second area a mess. The grout is the second part of the tile and needs to be cleaned on its own to ensure that it is being cleaned properly. The grout lays lower then the rest of the tile and therefor it will pick up more of the dirt and the debris. Having tips on ways you can get it clean is a great way to tackle this cleaning project.

Carpet Care 2000 Outlines Some Homemade Tile Floor Grout Cleaners

Lemon Juice, Vinegar & Baking Soda Grout Cleaner: You want to treat the grout in a particular way so that it is clean but not damaged. The grout is much more porous than the actual tile and that is why you need to use caution when cleaning it. There are several ways to clean the grout that include making your own cleaning concoction. The first one that you can try is mixing together some lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda and hot water. This can be poured in a spray bottle and used along with a toothbrush. This is a harsher cleaner and that is why you need to scrub as you spray. Spray the area you are cleaning then follow up with a scrub. Then wipe away with a clean cloth after you have scrubbed. If you allow this type of cleaner to sit on the grout it can eat away at the grout and cause cracks and chips.
Cleaning Grout with Baking Soda & Hot Water: If you are worried about using vinegar and lemon juice there is another option you can use. You want to use the same hot water but keep it separate. Have your baking soda and toothbrush ready to go. You want to work in a grid to get each area well. Start by spraying an area with the hot water then pouring some baking soda on the space. Allow it to sit on the grout for several minutes then start scrubbing with the toothbrush. You want to wash it off with a clean cloth after you have washed the area.
Hot Water Grout Scrub: Lastly if you want to keep everything off the tile and grout and they are not too dirty you can use a hot water scrub. This is exactly what it sounds like and that is spray with hot water and follow with a toothbrush. Scrub the grout to get the top layer of dirt off the grout then dry it off. This may be enough to keep it looking good until you have a professional out to do a good deep cleaning.

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