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How to Clean & Remove Black, Sticky Tar Gunk Stains from Carpet in San Ramon, CA

Tar is a common element, primarily used in paving roads, but it has other uses. Though it is not something that happens every day, tar can be tracked in onto the carpet. If you are one of the unlucky people to experience tar stains on the carpet, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to offer a few methods on how you can remove the tar from off of your carpet.

Method #1 – Liquid Dish Soap Mixture to Treat Tar Stains on Carpet

Make certain to remove as much of the stain as you can upon discovering the tar stain. To remove any tar residue, be sure to blot. Get rid of any remaining particles by vacuuming the tar particulates.
1) Combine warm water and ¼ cup of liquid dish soap to create a cleaning solution.
2) Directly to the tar stain, apply this cleaning solution. Moving slowly inward so you don’t spread the stain further onto the carpet, start work from the outside of the tar stain to the center.
3) With cold water and repeat steps 1 through 4 until the stain disappears, rinse the tar stain.
4) You may want to consider professional carpet cleaning, which utilizes specialized stain removal equipment if the stain has not fully disappeared.
5) Place a dry paper towel directly onto the affected area if you’re able to use this method to successfully remove tar from carpet. To soak up any moisture from the carpet, weigh down the paper towels and allow them to absorb the liquids. Let it set overnight.
6) Vacuum the spot after it is fully dried.

Method #2 – Hydrogen Peroxide Carpet Tar Treatment

1) With 3% hydrogen peroxide, moisten the affected area of the carpet,
2) For a minute or 2, let the tar stain sit to breakdown the stain.
3) To absorb any remaining stain, blot with a paper towel.
4) Place a few paper towels directly onto the area with a weight and let it sit overnight.

Method #3 – Rubbing Alcohol and Carpet Tar Stain Remover

1) It’s important to act quickly by scooping up any tar using a knife or spoon as soon as you discover the tar stain.
2) Try testing a small area of your carpet to see the effects it has if you have any store-bought carpet cleaning solutions available sometimes these can help when wondering how to remove tar from carpet.
3) To make sure it doesn’t damage your carpet, you will want to test a small portion.
4) Directly onto the tar stain, pour bit of rubbing alcohol. With a dry, clean cloth, blot.
5) You can also try applying a bit of WD-40 if you can still see any remaining stain on your carpet, and gently working it into the stained area.
6) Before applying it to the stained area, remember to try a bit on a smaller area of your carpet.

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Tar can be challenging to remove. Call in the professionals of Carpet Care 2000 if you are having trouble with your carpeting. We can help keep your carpet clean and spot-free.

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