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How to Clean & Remove Old, Set in Pet Urine & Poop Stains in Carpet in Vernalis, CA

If you are like the millions of Americans that have a dog in their house then you know as much as love they also bring trouble. They are a great addition to a home for protection and companionship for your family. They can be great to play catch with and take on walks but there are some downsides to having a dog. The problems that a dog comes with can be an issue especially for your carpets. The carpets take a lot of damage from standard wear and tear but the dog brings in a whole other level of problems with your carpet. Knowing what the problems are and what you need to do to keep your carpets cleaned can help extend their life.

Carpet Care 2000 Lists Stains & Problems a Dog of Cat Can Bring To Your Carpets

Dog Urine & Feces: When you get a new puppy one of the most damaging problems that people have with them is chewing everything in its path but also accidents. The accidents can be left on the carpet such as urine and feces. The puppy has to learn where they are allowed to go and until they do often time you find their offerings on your carpet. The mess is a problem on two levels. One is that you have a visual stain from the urine of the feces and the second problem is that there is odor that is left behind. The stain should be treated as soon as possible to ensure that it does not have time to set in. You also want to make sure you have a plan to treat the odor that is often left behind. Neutralizing the odor can be done when you have your carpets cleaned professionally.
Pet Hair & Dander: The other issue when you have a dog is that when you leave the house you are sure to find dog hair on your clothes. Almost all dogs will shed hair and with that dander as well. The hair and dander will be all over the house which includes the carpet and couches. You want to use your vacuum to remove as much of the hair and dander as you can. You also want to make sure that you have your carpets cleaned professionally. This will remove the hair and dander that is left deep in the carpet fibers.
Tracked in Dirt: Your carpets will be taking on dirt no matter how careful you are. The dirt is being brought in on your shoes and through open doors and windows. The dog is another way that dirt will be coming into the house. They go out for a bathroom break or to take a walk and when they come back in they can have dirt on their paws. The dirt can start to collect on the carpet leaving them dirty and compacted down.

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