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How to Clean & Remove Old Stains from Office or Other Commercial Carpet in San Ramon, CA

When you are trying to keep an office running and keep it looking nice for your customers and staff, the chores are endless. There are always cleaning that has to be done as well as ordering supplies and other services for the building. One area of a commercial or office building that needs special attention is the carpets. When you have an office that your staff and patrons find messy and stained they may decide that staying there is not in their best interest. You want to be able to do what you can to keep employees and guests coming to your place of work. If they choose to stop coming to your office you can lose out on necessary business and the help of vital employees. The carpets need to be kept clean and in an office or other commercial setting that can be hard.

Carpet Care 2000 Outlines Tips to Keep Office & Commercial Business Carpets Clean & Stain Free

How Do Office Carpets Get Dirty?: There are several ways that office carpets seem to get dirty. The first is that many employees will actually eat at their desk or work station. There is usually a kitchen or break room but many employers will offer food services to keep their employees at their desk so they are able to work more efficiently. The problem is that they are most likely to spill when they eat at their desk or station. The other problem that you have are from your customers that are coming and going. If you have a place that children come, the odds of them spilling their lunch, juice box or dropping their snack can leave a stain on the carpet. You want to be able to have a plan in place to keep the stains off the carpets.
Office Carpet Spill Reporting: When you have employees that are working all day they don’t want to have to stop to alert someone that there has been a spill. It is often easier to leave it there all day while they continue their shift. One way that you can help with this aspect of the carpet staining process is to have a reward system. You know that getting to a stain quick is key and you want to make sure that it does not sit all day. You can offer some kind of incentive program that employees can earn points or prizes when they alert the cleaning company that there has been a spill. When they report a spill, it is a great way to get to the stain as soon as you can so that it will not set in.
Have a Carpet Spot Remover Kit: The other way you can help is to have a cart that is at the ready. The cart should be full of the supplies that are needed to do a spot cleaning when there is a spill. There should be some cleaning solutions as well as white cloths so that you can treat a spill that might occur. Then you need to follow up with a professional cleaning company.

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