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How to Clean & Remove Set In Ink & Permanent Marker Stains from Carpet in Pleasanton, CA

Ink can be challenging to remove from carpets. When you see the stain, it can be downright depressing. Seeing these nasty blemishes can produce undue stress. Because the ink stains are notorious for a reason, it is common to feel defeated. Fortunately, there are usually successful options in removing ink from the carpet and today, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to share them.

How to Get Ink Stains Out of Carpet

1) Blot Ink Stain on Carpet. In order to soak up as much ink as possible, the first step to remove ink stains is blotting the stained area. Be sure to use plain white rags or cloths. Since you don’t want to risk having the inky parts of your rag get your carpet even inkier, you may need to use several rags. Paper towels can also be used.
2) Soak Area of Carpet. With rubbing alcohol, you want to soak the ink. Let it seep in for several minutes after you pour a little bit of this alcohol over the permanent ink stains. Allowing it for 10-15 minutes gives it a chance to break down the ink. It is important you have patients and let it soak in a bit. If rubbing alcohol is unavailable, you use lacquer-based hairspray, but only if it is clear.
3) Ink Stain Removal. After you let the ink break down, begin blotting out the stain. You may have to agitate the area gently using a scrub brush or even a toothbrush. The more you will probably need to scrub will stem from thicker carpeting. Be thorough and patient as you scrub the fibers.
4) Blot Ink Stain to Rinse. You will need to blot again to remove any excess moisture along with alcohol residues. Dampen a cloth in lukewarm water and carefully blot the remaining ink and alcohol off the carpet. This process is likely to require several cloths and repetitive steps to completely remove the ink and alcohol remnants.

How to Remove Old Permanent Marker Stains from Carpet

Permanent marker blemishes can also be removed with a little patience and work. When the permanent marker causes staining, reach for the rubbing alcohol or non-oil-based hairspray. You can apply them directly to the permanent marker or onto a cloth and blot the stain out. Just like with the ink, once the stain is treated, be sure to use a plain clean, lukewarm dampen cloth to rinse away the remaining marker stain as well as any residual alcohol. In many instances, the ink and permanent marker stains have set into the fibers and requires more power to remove. In the event the above steps are futile, and you are left with lightened blemishes, contact the professionals to remove them.

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