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How to Clean Your Upholstery & Remove Old Stains in Altamont, CA; Best Couch Cleaners & More

Most people want to keep their house clean and smelling fresh. There are several ways to do that including adding scented candles and oils and cleaning the floors, carpet and changing out the air filters. These are all great ways to keep your house smelling fresh. There is one area of the house that can lead to odors that you may not even realize. The couches, chairs and other upholstery can hold in odors and stains from your family and pets. The pets leave behind pet hair and dander as well as an occasional accident. You want to make sure that you keep the upholstery clean and if you don’t do it right you can cause damage to the upholstery. It is best to know what to avoid and what you need to know about cleaning the upholstery.

Carpet Care 2000 Lists Tips for How to Clean Upholstery

Couch Cleaner Sprays: When you go to clean just about anything there is a right cleaner or solution for the job. You would not use hand soap in your washing machine and you wouldn’t use window cleaner on your clothes. That is why it is important to know what the right solution is and what you want to avoid. One way to do that is to call the manufacturer of the item or look for any tags that indicate what they recommend. The best way to keep your upholstery cleaned and the right cleaning solution used is to have a professional company come out. There are some chemicals that are too harsh to use on many fabrics.
Spot Clean Sofa Stains: When you have found a cleaning solution that you want to use it is a great idea to test it out first. You need to use a spot on the couch that is not seen and test the solution. Allow it some time to work to see if there is a reaction that you do not want to occur. If there is a reaction that is damaging you want to stop using it right away and test another option. This will prevent the couch from being damaged when you attempt to clean it.
Fabric Upholstery Types: Not all upholstery is the same and there are many fabrics that can be used. They can range from suede to microfiber to cotton blend and they each require a method that works best for the particular type. You need to take that into account when you are ready to tackle cleaning your own upholstery.
Don’t Use Too Much Water when Cleaning: The other issue that people come across is how much water to use. You need to be careful about how much water you use because too much moisture can lead to mold and mildew. The fabric is usually covering stuffing that will soak in the water and this is the exact environment that mold and mildew need. Be sure to use the water or any moisture sparingly to prevent this from happening.

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