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How to Get Cat Allergens, Dander & Dandruff Out of the Carpet & Upholstery in Your Ulmar, CA House

If you have a cat, you know there is cat dander and hair all over your house. But how do you get rid of it in your house? Maybe you have tried and don’t feel like you are getting anywhere because it is always there. Carpet Care 2000 wants to give you some tips to help you get rid of as much cat dander and hair as you can. This way you don’t feel like you are just living in a house that has hair all over it.

Remove Cat Hair at the Source

A great way to help remove dander is to try and stop it at the source. In other words, you can help get rid of a lot of cat dander by bathing and brushing your cat regularly. You can also include plenty of Omega 3 fatty acids in their diet. This can help with flaky or dry skin on them.

Wipe Down Hard Surfaces

You will want to make sure you wipe down any hard surfaces you have in your home. Now when we are talking about wiping down you want to try to avoid dusting. This just sends dander into the air to land somewhere else for you to breathe in or try to dust away again. What you could do is dip a clean cloth into a mixture of hot water and multipurpose cleaner, and wipe down as many hard surfaces as possible including walls and baseboards. This will help avoid the hair and dander from getting in the air and landing somewhere else.

Lint Brush, Vacuum & Carpet Steam Cleaning

Using a lint brush on your clothes or other fabric can help remove pet hair and dander from those surfaces. You should also try vacuuming; this will help pick up hair and dander. You should also vacuum the surface of carpets and rugs with a HEPA filter vacuum to keep dander from being released back into the air. Another thing you can do is steam clean carpets. This is even more effective than vacuuming because it removes the dander that is trapped deep down in the carpet fibers.

Clean Curtains & Upholstery

You will want to wash your curtains; cat hair and dander can get on the curtains without you even realizing it. Cleaning the curtains can help get rid of the cat hair and dander that has landed on it. The best thing you can do is hire a professional carpet cleaning company like Carpet Care 2000 to steam clean upholstered furniture. This will be a major help to get the dander and hair off your furniture.

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If you own a cat, you know there is cat hair and dander throughout your house. A lot of it you can’t even see. But it is there and can cause allergies to the people that are in your home. Or even just make your home look dirty from the hair. Following these few tips can help with removing that cat dander and hair from your home. If you need help getting the pet dander away give, Carpet Care 2000 a call and we will come and deep clean your carpets and upholstery.

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