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How to Get Glitter Out of Carpet, Tile, Hardwood Floors & Fabric Sofas in Lathrop, CA

Decorating your home for Christmas is a wonderful way to spend some good quality time with your family. Millions of families across the world look forward to getting out their holiday decorations each year. When you finish decorating you may be frustrated when you look around and realize that while you have your winter wonderland all decorated, you also have unwanted glitter ALL over your house! It seems like so many Christmas decorations have glitter on them. Glitter does indeed make Christmas decorations beautiful but having it all over your flooring and furniture is just annoying. So how on earth do you get rid of glitter?

How to Clean Up Glitter from Carpet

If you have glitter on your carpet we recommend that you start out cleaning with your vacuum first. You will want to vacuum very slowly and go over each spot multiple times. If you have an attachment on your vacuum that does not have a brush you will see the best results with that. When you get done vacuuming you may still have glitter on your floor. We have two additional methods for you to try. First get some masking tape. Wrap some tape around your fingers with the sticky side facing out. Pat the glittered area with the tape to get the glitter off of your carpet. If you still have glitter on your floor get a wet paper towel. Dabbing the carpet with a wet paper towel should help get rid of any glitter that is left on your carpet.

How to Get Glitter Off of Tile & Hardwood Floors

Glitter on tile and hardwood flooring sounds like it should be easier to get rid of but you may be surprised that it can be harder than it sounds. Start sweeping up the glitter up with a broom. Do not forget to rinse the broom afterwards. If you leave the glitter on broom you will just transfer it to the next surface that you use the broom on. You can choose to vacuum it up instead of sweeping it if that is easier for you. Next get a wet cloth and wipe up any glitter that is left on your floor. You can also use the tape method mentioned above on your tile and hardwood floors.

How to Remove Glitter from Upholstered Furniture

Not only does glitter get on your flooring, it also gets on your upholstery. There are lots of different options for getting rid of glitter that has found its way onto your upholstery. You will want to start off with your vacuum and an appropriate attachment. An attachment without a brush is recommended. Vacuum up as much as you can from your upholstery. If there is still glitter on your upholstery you can use the tape method that was outlined above for removing glitter from carpet.

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We hope you enjoy your glitter free carpeting and upholstery during the holiday season. After you take down your decorations you will need to repeat these steps to get rid of the glitter that escapes during the Christmas decoration clean-up. It is also a good idea to have your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned. Give Carpet Care 2000 a call to schedule your appointment today!

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