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How to Get Halloween Black & Color Face Paint, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Bronzer, Liquid Foundation & Powder Make Up Out of Carpet in San Ramon, CA; Cleaning & Stain Removal Tips

Children and adults alike across the country are currently planning their costumes for this Halloween. It’s the one night that you can transform into whatever you want and it is socially acceptable. When this transformation takes place, it usually requires a certain amount of makeup to get the job done. If some of that makeup for some reason gets on your carpet, it can seem impossible to remove it. Carpet Care 2000 is here to talk about how to get that Halloween makeup out of your carpet and upholstery.

Remove Makeup and Test Carpet Before You Get Started

Before you do anything, you need to remove as much of the excess makeup as possible. This should be done gently, so that you don’t push the oil based makeup deeper into the fibers of the carpeting. Once that is done, you should test a small area of your carpeting; somewhere that will be discreet, to make sure the cleaners you are using will cause no discoloration.

Blot or Rub Carpet Stains

When you are trying to remove Halloween makeup from carpeting, it is very important that you blot the stain rather than rub. When you rub that oil based makeup, it will push it deeper into the fibers and will be almost impossible to get out. Isopropyl alcohol is great to remove Halloween makeup. It should be applied to a clean cloth and then used to blot the stain. You should never allow the alcohol to penetrate the carpet fibers too deeply, as this can cause damage to the base of your carpet and it can start to fall apart. Don’t completely saturate the carpet with alcohol.

How to Remove Stubborn Carpet Stains from Carpet

If you still can see the stain in your carpet, you might want to try filling a bucket with warm, clean water and a small amount of detergent. Once you have worked the warm, soapy water into the stain, you should spray clean warm water from a spray bottle on the stain and blot to remove the excess liquid and soap from your carpet. If there is any soapy residue, it will attract dirt and create a new problem.

Homemade Hydrogen Peroxide Carpet Stain Remover

After all of this, if you still can see that stubborn Halloween makeup stain, you might want to try using 3% hydrogen peroxide to remove the rest. It is still imperative that you are blotting the stain rather than rubbing. This can be repeated numerous times until you can no longer see any color left in the fibers of your carpet.

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If after all of these tips, you still have a relentless stain from that Halloween makeup, it is time to call on the professionals. Carpet Care 2000 has experienced carpet cleaning technicians that have the equipment necessary to remove even the toughest stains. Your Halloween makeup doesn’t stand a chance against us! Call us today for an appointment.

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