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How to Get Kids Washable Paint or Marker, Glitter Glue & Other Craft Stains Out of Carpet in San Ramon, CA

During the lockdown, kids and parents are home. Where many kids are busy with school responsibilities and grownups have the benefit (or curse) of working from home, keeping kids busy after home schooling can be challenging, given the limitations. Turning to crafting can help keep them busy for a time, but all too often the clumsy fingers might leave stains on the carpets. Today, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to offer some tips for removing popular crafting substances from the carpet.

Pre-Stain Removal Tips

Always conduct a patch test of any carpet cleaning liquid, homemade or store bought, in an inconspicuous area when treating carpets. Avoid hot water as it can set in a stain and never scrub or rub, only blot. White cloths and paper towels use only so they do not transfer dye or print to the carpet and avoid oversaturation that can lead to mold and water damage.

How to Get Dried Glitter Glue Out of Carpet

1) Immediately remove the bulk with a spoon to scoop it up and place on a paper towel for easy disposal.
2) First, use a water-dampen sponge, to work the exterior toward the interior of the stain.
3) Should the stain persist, dampen a sponge or cotton ball with rubbing alcohol to gently agitate the glue from the carpet.
4) As needed, repeat.
5) To prevent over saturation, rinse with cool water and cloth.
6) Dry by blotting with a clean, dry towel.

How to Remove Washable Paint from Carpet

1) Scoop away the bulk of the paint with a spoon and smear it on paper towels.
2) Blot any the remaining residue with a paper towel, be sure to pat the stain from the outside in and don’t us excessive pressure.
3) If the paint has dried, use a dull edge, like a spatula or butter knife to carefully scrape the top layer much as possible.
4) Combine 1 cup warm water and 1/2 tsp dish soap in a spray bottle or bucket.
5) Spray the solution on the blemish enough to dampen it and gently work out the stain with a clean cloth.
5) Until stain is completely dissolved, repeat as necessary, until stain is completely dissolved.
6) Carefully walk along the area to lift up detergents and remaining stain after placing an old, clean old towel on top of the area.
7) Be sure to blot thoroughly after rinsing the area with cool water in a spray bottle or sponge cool water to the area.
8) Should the spot develop into a brownish color, mix 2 parts water with 1-part white vinegar, and sponge the mixture onto the area, blot, and repeat as necessary. To avoid oversaturation, make sure to blot in between applications.

How to Clean Playdoh from Carpet

1) If the playdoh has dried, vacuum as much of the remnants as possible.
2) Should playdoh remain, us hot water to dampen a cloth and place it on top of the play dough. Let it soak for about an hour to make the playdoh more pliable and easier to remove.
3) With a stiff brush, brush the play dough off the carpet to remove any small bits of play dough stuck to the carpet. Be gentle to make sure you do not damage the carpet.
4) If the playdoh is still moist, use a chunk of playdoh to stick to the bits in the carpet.

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If you are faced with a carpet stain that is not removed with your efforts, call Carpet Care 2000 and let our certified technicians take care of it!

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